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  1. I can't believe we have another hold out

    I present to you, MrTJJackson, exhibit A: 2005 1st-round draft pick David Pollack, anyone? How'd that turn out? I bet he's real, REAL glad he got the best deal he could.....
  2. This Has Been the Best Off-season Since...

    You know, I'm inclined to agree with membengal on this matter. In previous seasons past, including the off-season, a lot of us would be holding our breath, waiting to see what kind of trouble our beloved Bengals would manage to get into. So for that alone, reason number 5 is good enough. And with FA signings, I don't think the Bengals brass can win in the eyes of some fans. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. A lot of fans will rip Mike Brown for being 'cheap' and 'not going after players in the off-season because of cost prohibitiveness', but when they DO finally land an impact FA signing, the response is "Oh, they overpaid". We won't know obviously until the season ends, but it's better than having Justin Smith at this juncture, I'm sorry. I want to see some new faces at that position. And finally, a lot of draftniks had Sims pegged as a first-rounder, much like Jason Shirley, but due to a number of circumstances, he, much like Shirley, fell in the draft. What do you want? The dude played in the SEC, has great size, a quick first step, and has the potential to be really, really good if he focuses and gets his head in the game. I don't know what some of you Bengals fans want sometimes.....sheesh. It's like you enjoy complaining....(not necessarily aimed at DC BEngals fan or anyone in particular)
  3. Look who changed his mind

    Yeah, don't get me wrong, Palmer has made some huge plays. You can call them clutch if you like, but I'm talking about the game winning drives, when it really matters. We've yet to see Palmer give us a Brett Favre or Tom Brady or Peyton Manning - like drive to win the game. All I'm saying is that it's not one mans fault for the Bengals choking since 2005. I'm not trying to knock Palmer or any other Bengal. He did it in Denver....threw that bomb to Henry.....anyone ELSE remember that? Then it got called back cuz Chad was offsides or something.....
  4. LB's

    pssh....tell that to Marshawn Lynch.
  5. Jeremi Johnson out?

    I dunno about cutting that man, but trading him would be interesting....
  6. Look who changed his mind

    GQ doesn't stoop to tats. Tell that to Pharrell Williams.
  7. I think there may be trouble signing Rivers

    Why do you think the Bengals will offer a 20% raise over lastyear, when everyone as you say, is going 40%?? Personally, I think MB has always paid his draft picks inline with everyone else.... I don't know what %, I'm just saying that if team A goes 40% higher than last year, the Bengals won't do that. I see, it was just an example... Rivers seems like a guy that loves to play and we shall see... yeah, so was Pollack I thought.....
  8. Who Dey Getting Owned by Hairy Purple Cow

    well, I voted.....(and for the record, it was for Who-Dey, and not Billy)
  9. My Brother...

    Terribly sorry to hear the news. From your Bengalszone brethren, Hang in there, buddy.
  10. Thurman to be released? Merged

    Dude your sick... Odell's a monster, he'll get another oppurtunity. I'd love to see him go to another AFC North team and smack our franchise QB in the mouth. ....and you've got the audacity to call THIS guy sick. I mean, seriously, do you even attempt to consider what you type sometimes?
  11. I met a friend of Jerome Simpson's tonight

    And now, I'm just completing my redundancy trifecta.
  12. I met a friend of Jerome Simpson's tonight

    Man, that BengalsPimp guy sure is clever. That was freaking hilarious.
  13. I met a friend of Jerome Simpson's tonight

    Geez, DID YOU REALLY have to make three seperate posts about the same thing? We get it; we get what you're saying too. Talk about redundant. Talk about redundant. See where I'm going with this?
  14. TJ's Hard to Get Act?

    you trippin'.
  15. 6th Round #2: Matt Sherry

    You mean you didn't like the pick? WOW, WHAT A SUPRISE.