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  1. Site Issues

    I am working on the issues the site is experiencing right now. There are still minor issues with the main site. The forums remain down.I will update this post as I get more info on the problem.Sorry for the inconvenience.UPDATE: It appears that this is a server issue. I will have to wait for Bengalszone’s [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1086
  2. The Cincinnati Bengals didn’t wait long to become a member of the blamed in the death of wide receiver Chris Henry. Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com, shortly after aiming his sites at Jay Feely’s Twitter account, named the Bengals a co-conspirator in the tragic end of the wide receiver – sort of. “Henry’s case is sad and [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1082
  3. Pray for Chris

    As everyone probably knows, Chris Henry is in serious condition after falling out of the back of a pick-up truck. Chris is in my prayers along with prayers for his family and friends. Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1079
  4. Palmer, Benson Up for FedEx Awards

    Carson Palmer and Cedric Benson are up for the FedEx Air and Ground NFL Players of the Week. Voting can be done by clicking this link. Palmer is up against Phillip Rivers whose San Diego Chargers dismantled a bad Kansas City Chief team 37-7. Tony Romo is also up for the Air Award after beating the Atlanta [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1077
  5. Granted, Cincinnati Bengals fans have suffered through hard seasons, but big wins aren’t totally non-existent. Sunday’s 45-10 rout of the Chicago Bears, a team with a marquee quarterback and a 4-2 record coming in, is one for the books. Carson Palmer’s 20-for-24 performance and five touchdowns will go down as a career highlight, as will [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1074
  6. It’s been six years, but Marvin Lewis has finally built the Cincinnati Bengals into a team after his own image. This is why a team that was known for choking down the stretch has played magnificently late in games. That is why a team which relied on the pass for all can finally do more besides [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1068
  7. Call it luck, call it whatever, the Cincinnati Bengals didn’t deserve to win today – Brandon Stokley or not. An offense that, on paper, overmatched the hapless Broncos was scoreless the first 59 minutes of the game. A veteran long-snapper blows a crucial field goal and the Pro Bowl quarterback left his decision making next to [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1066
  8. The Bengals have signed the following players to their practice squad: S Corey Lynch FB Chris Pressley RB James Johnson DT Clinton McDonald G Jason Shirley WR Maurice Purify TE Darius Hill LB Dan Skuta Former Bengal safety Marvin White, who was cut yesterday by the team, was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys. Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1064
  9. Alvin Keels, the agent for rookie offensive tackle Andre Smith, twittered his meeting with the Bengals today regarding the contract of his player. Not good news. Leaving Cinci. Not any closer on a deal for Andre Smith. Mike Brown says “the ship has sailed on the slotting system”. With the current tackle not looking up [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1057
  10. The biggest news coming out of last nights game at the New England Patriots is the extra point made by Chad Ochocinco. The kick may have been the most replayed preseason PAT in the history of the NFL. Chad also kicked-off to start the 2nd half in Bengals 7-6 win over the Patriots. Kicker Shayne Graham [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1054
  11. Caught a bit of the heralded HBO preseason look at the Bengals. Unless you are having NFL withdraw or addicted to the dulcet tones of Mike Brown addressing the troops, I don’t expect most mainstream sports fans to be sitting idly on the edges of their couches in anticipation for each episode. For Bengal fans [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1046
  12. I would use some crazy title like, “Top things I think I think,” but no responsible journalist would ever combine such utter platitude with bad word usage. Some predictions to celebrate the start of training camp and another hard six months of life as football fans. 1. Chris Wells will have a monster year. Beanie is [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=859
  13. Why are the Bengals receivers losing their minds? Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/article.php?sid=611
  14. Takeo Spikes

    A veteran does wonders for a defense, especially one who knows the pain Bengal fans have been through. Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/article.php?sid=610
  15. Sometimes you have to vent.....but come on, put some positive thinking in your diet as well. Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/article.php?sid=609