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  1. Round 6: QB/WR Reggie McNeil - merged

    I say 2 TD passes, with one happening in each of the Steelers games.
  2. Defense

    Realalisticly the reds are 2 or 3 years away from contending for the division title and doing anything in the playoffs. By that time some of the pitching from the minors will be ready for the majors (Homer Bailey for one) and hopefully that can sign Dunn to a long term deal. Aurilia will not be around in three years and Edwin will so let him play and develop for the future.
  3. Reds starting pitching

    Right now the bullpen is horrible and the only way that they hold a lead is if the offense keeps scoring runs at the end of the game. I think that they should trade some of their infielders that they keep acquiring just like the player that they got from Cleveland.
  4. NFLDraftCountdown

    This would be the an ideal draft for the Bengals because it addresses three areas of weakness with a solid player. I just hope that the Bengals are able to get a draft that is close to this one.
  5. Bengals mock draft

    6.17 = RB Anthony Davis (change of pace back to complement Johnson; fast; may be a steal if he can stay healthy) What happened to Perry?
  6. UC Bball

    Huggins is one of those coaches that you let coach your team as long as he wants to coach unless he gets into major trouble ... example Bobby Knight, but Knight is doing fine now at Texas Tech. Huggins gets the everything his players are willing to give him and goes and gets even more out them. Players respect him and will always play there hardest for him every night and that can not be said for every coach in the NCAA. When teams play Cincinnati they know they are in for a fight of there lifes. You have to respect that and let Huggins coach as long as he wants.
  7. Taylor is going to be the best saftey in the league for years to come. He will be better than Ed Reed, Roy Williams and Madieu. He is that good.
  8. Larkin Retires

    Barry Larkin officially retired and is now joining the Nationals front office. I think this is a good move for Larkin. If he could not play for the Reds, he might as well have joined Bowden on the Nationals. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=1990846
  9. This guy is unbelievable!

    What about picking him up at a reasonable price and having him be a backup third baseman and an insurance policy if someone else gets hurt.
  10. Reds Sign Rich Aurilia

    Other than the fact that they did not sign Larkin this is a great sign that gives the team a reliable feilder up the middle and a average hitter, which is an upgrade for the position. This has been a great offseason for the Reds upgrading the pitching staff and on this.
  11. Dunn the K King

    Adam Dunn now holds the record for having the most strikeouts in a season with 191 and counting.
  12. Palmer is great on this drive
  13. who thinks jimmy haynes needs to go?

    How is Claussen doing in the minors because every time Haynes pitches it is going to be a loss unless the teams scores 10 runs for the game. I would rather have Claussen go through the growing pains than see Haynes pitch one more game.
  14. if the reds...

    Wow 9-0 to a 10-9 loss.
  15. kearns

    Hope that he is not out long. This sucks. We just got Larson back I think and now Kearns is out. What luck.