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  1. If it's distance they want, they should've taken a page from one of the greatest sports movies of all time...
  2. As far as 1st round WR picks go, I'm very happy with Ross. I think he WILL be an elite talent right out of the gate (providing his shoulder heals up). I was disappointed we couldn't trade back or deal McCarron with all the talent still available. It sure would've been nice to have 2 first rounders - heck, picks 31 and 32 (Foster and Ramczyk) would've been fantastic. But Ross will be great. He is a stud. There's no doubt in my mind he has the football ability to back up the elite speed. EDIT: oops - meant to write this in the Ross thread. my bad, folks...
  3. Here he is against Miles Garrett and Texas A&M. To me, he seems to do quite well overall.
  4. No more Pacman, time for a new nickname: Cockroach
  5. ...you're not the only ones with Smith on the brain... http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/solomon-thomas?id=2558018
  6. I've been a Thomas guy because I think he'd make our D-line elite again, but I'm beginning to come around on Foster because I'm wary of Burfict's ability to play a full season. He's one man-tantrum away from an indefinite vacation. That is a massive weakness we can't ignore. Now, Foster alone can't replace him. There probably is no player in this draft class that could have the same impact. What we need is elite-ness - which brings me back to Thomas.
  7. I would've gone with "Valentine, you knock me out!"
  8. Wouldn't it actually be a 2019 comp pick? Regardless, I'll take 2017 2nd and 4th round picks over one year of clipboard holding and a 2019 3rd rounder. He's going to get a shot as a starter but it won't be here.
  9. But, but -- you should see him in practice!
  10. ... or is it the formations? Hill ran well behind a FB in college; the Bengals signed a talented young FB last offseason but don't give him snaps. Oh, Bengals...
  11. Since they seem to like their RBs in the 2nd, how about Christian McCaffrey of Stanford? Fournette looks great, but guys who are so physical at RB, already with some injuries... thanks, I'll pass!
  12. They're sort of equal parts Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd - labels these Southern boys wear proudly.
  13. I've been listening to the latest from Drive-By Truckers - American Band Here's "Surrender Under Protest"
  14. I have more or less backed Marvin for a long time (although I thought he should have resigned when Mike Brown undermined him and took #15 back). But that's ancient history and I have appreciated the steady consistency, even if it hasn't translated into post season success. That said, stick a fork in em. Dump Marvin and find someone younger that can inject some fresh ideas and energy into a stodgy franchise. NOT COUGHLIN!
  15. Mithril padding?