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  1. Eagles LB, Stewart Bradley Out For Season

    More than likely it will be the 2nd year Joe Mays and Omar spliting time. It sounds like Mays may edge out Gaither as the starter. It will be close but still not enough to fill the void completely. Losing Dawkins and Bradley is a huge hit to the defense...I hope someone can pick up the playcalling and leadership role on defense.
  2. Fantasy Football very expensive to businesses!

    Anything I try to access at work with fantasty football mentioned somewhere is immediately restricted...and probably sends a red flag to someone somewhere monitoring the bandwidth numbers...ala management. So needless to say, they make it very difficult to plan my draft rankings! But Ox, we do get ESPN...and it is a bad thing! That must be rough not getting that fix...do you have access to other sport news sites? Or is that a negative as well?
  3. Less than 30 minutes before the draft begins. It's picked randomly by Yahoo. Sweet mother of pearl...I better have me s**t together and ready then!
  4. Still need 3 for BengalsZone Select FFL

    I'm recruiting BTG to jump in...hopefully he makes it before it fills!
  5. When are we going to know the draft order? That way I can try to prep my pre-draft accordingly...more to kind of give me an idea who I may end up picking (getting stuck with) in the 1st Rd. I am really having trouble making up my mind this year with my top 5 of each position.
  6. Yahoo Fantasy Football is now OPEN!

    I'm in...but what time is the draft? I don't know if I can do the 4:15 thing...I'll see if I can pull some strings and get out of work early but no promises. I'll set my draft order accordingly. Now I am confused...who's league did I join? Is there going to be another league?
  7. Bengalszone Premier League is now set!

    Rock on...I was afraid I missed it! You boys better watch out this year!!!!
  8. Bengalszone Premier League is now set!

    Am I still able to jump back in this season? I totally forgot about Fantasy football already!
  9. Browns Lose Another Corner

    Hopefully Philly will be able to get something good for Sheppard, if the trade happens. Philly is overloaded with CB talent and limited cap space because of it, they need to get rid of Sheppard. As much as I loved this guy, he is somewhat prone to give up some big plays. Fingers crossed...
  10. My Brother...

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Army.
  11. Is there another Eagles fan on this site other than myself? Also, Philly needs to part ways with Andy Reid. I have never been too thrilled on decisions he has made. Especially, when you choose work over family...that definitely shows there are problems at home.
  12. Official Bengalszone Mock Comments

    Amen Brother...with the time frame of this draft I would think people could have their top three options for the first round and it would be just a matter of logging in periodically to check the status if things. I mean I know people live busy lives but this isn't rocket science we are talking about. IF you can't tell...I am getting a little antsy to make my pick, but knowing my luck someone will steal the person before I can get to them.
  13. Happy B-Day agreen!

    Just wanted to send you an early B-Day!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Kirkendall

    Happy 30th big guy! It is all down hill from here....I'm next in about 30 days!!! Gulp!
  15. First Brady Quinn, Now Leinart...

    Wow looks like there is a new boy band in town... I couldn't see myself having all of my friends dressing in the same outfits, getting drunk and parading out somewhere public where I could have my picture taken like this....even if it was Halloween!!! And I have done some stupid things in my day....