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  1. Bengals to offer Franchise Tender to Jeanty

    Jeanty is a good player. He plays hurt too, does real well on special teams. Since he was a restricted FA, I assumed he'd be back. Vilma would look good beside him, but that is a hookah dream.
  2. Improvement of the team thus far

    Perfectly said. But if you do indeed write the good with the bad then you're not the type of poster I was addressing my question towards. Rather, I'm asking the always negative Mike Brown bleating s**theals why they remain on this message board when new websites have sprouted who are devoted specifically towards their needs? For example, if you insist every Bengal related bit of fluff and news is first passed through a "Mike Brown Sucks" filter, well.....there's a website for that, right? Granted, it's a crappy worthless site that only seems to have 4 or 5 members, but an enterprising young prig could take over a board like that in a week. So why remain here? Or how about those of you who think your negativity is a weapon that will force change on the evil overlord? Why not add your mewling voice to the chorus of a**h***s at WDR? Why remain here? Why would you willingly rub shoulders with so many lemmings? Go. Seek out your own kind. For the record, Imy post are not all negative. I've defended TJ! I defended Chad last year. I defended our improving def. The point of this threat is that other teams have already cleaned house to improve for next season. They've replaced GM's, replaced coaches (some coaches who have gotten their teams to the SB), cut players, eetc. All I'm saying is that we haven't done to much as usual. Last year, we thought that we'd be active during FA and we ddin't do much. This year, we're hoping the same. Time will only tell. The Bengals were at their best in 2005 with a half Dick Lebeau, half(or less) Marvin Lewis team. Its only gotten worse as Marvin puts his finger prints on the team. Improvement starts with him. Brat laid a turd last season and he's still there. Basically rewarding failure, much like our government.
  3. Bengals O-Line

    The Oline that started the pre-season was bad and thru all the injuries stayed bad. There is Collins, Whitworth as long term guys, Williams is getting up in age. Collins at RT could be a near Pro Bowl guy, will he at LT? I don't think so. Whitworth can play lots of spots but is near Pro Bowl at LG. Why not put those guys where they excel and add new guys that have the potential to excel at LT and C? The other factor is Paul Alexander, the guy does know his beefeaters, if I'm MB and Paul is telling me his guy is at #6, I take him.
  4. Chad on the Trading block?

    Trading Chad is tricky for MB since most think he had at least a 1st and change offered to him last year, so how could he settle for less in 2009? Both Marvin and MB would look silly. I expect Chad would want a new contract as well since that is what his pouting was all about last season. Seems large hurdles for a trade to happen.
  5. Chad on the Trading block?

    Well what's the alternative? Should I sit here and listen to you repeat some of the dumbest s**t that's ever been typed? Again, if the Bengals put Chad on the block they'll get as good a trade offer as the one they previously turned down. Whether that happens or not is anyones guess, but you've got to be as dumb as Peter King to think Chad nets only a 3rd or a 4th. Are you that dumb? Or are you sarcastically challenged? Hair, I look forward to typing more of the dumbest sh*t you've ever seen. A guy that gets as excited over posts on this site as you do is nuts. You're an embarrassing yourself.
  6. Chad on the Trading block?

    And as result I sarcastically called your idea idiotic. More sarcasm or just an empty guess? Because I'm reminded last years trade offer was made after the Bengals spent months openly rejecting any and all trade overtures. I'm betting if they change their tactics and openly work to facilitate a trade...they'll get comparable OR superior trade offers. What's yet to be determined is if the Bengals have truly changed their collective minds about trading Chad. Well, who looks like a fool if the Bengals do indeed get a comparable offer? It'll be you, right? Little case of distemper Hair? Out of your sedative prescription? You go dream on Hair that Chad will fetch 2 1st round picks or a 1st and 2ed round or a 1st and 3rd round.
  7. Chad on the Trading block?

    No its not hard to visualize it. I see nothing wrong with TJ walking, it was time. As for Chad he didn't give much last season so losing him now is a good move. Whether they can get the right trade is the question. Between, Caldwell, Henry, Utecht, and the scrum of wanna be WR's on the roster at least one will turn out to be Carson's favorite. You give Carson time, he'll hit someone. Get a good running game behind a new, vastly improved Oline and Carson can be Carson again, with or without Chad and TJ. Fix that Oline and TJ can be pleasant memories. Chad not so much either way.
  8. Chad on the Trading block?

    Perhaps a comparable offer to the one the Redskins made last year. Perhaps more. Ridiculous. Idiotic. Stupid. Nope. Paying Housh 9.8 million for a single season never made a great deal of sense, but the decision to use the tag on Graham rather than Benson is an unmistakable signal to Benson saying..."Shop yourself around. We'll take our chances." Perhaps this is the year Perry finally breaks through. The 3rd or 4th was sarcasm Hair. We all know MB had a real nice offer last year which won't magically re-appear this year. MB will look like a fool if he gets anything less and I'm betting that the offers will all be low ball and not to his liking.
  9. Chad on the Trading block?

    I think Simpson is that guy. I like Henry, Chad and Simpson. Does this throw Crabtree into our possible targets? Man I hope not, but wouldn't mind having him. I totally agree, Simpson is that guy. He will easily quadruple his output from last season. That means a 400% improvement. Still might be a little short of Pro Bowl consideration: 4 passes caught for 8 yards and 32 yards kick off return. Enough to re-negotiate his contract I'm thinking. I'm not so sure about Chad not being shopped. Is there any reason to believe his stats for this season will be better than last? Any reason to believe he'll show up in shape and ready for training camp? He was benched a couple times last season and has been in and out of Marvin's dog house for years. Guys like that get traded/released at the first whiff of declining production.
  10. Chad on the Trading block?

    Probably didn't deserve another chad thread but found interesting that apparently he is on trading block? TJ has been on target with his observations so its probably true about Chad. What would make the Bengals bite? A 3rd, a 4th? With him leaving, Benson gets into a stronger position with the Bengals. Imagine their plight if he doesn't return. Then who would their 100 million QB hand off too?
  11. FA Predictions

    TJ, allow me to show you the way to the door, it's right over here. Oh yeah, thanks and good luck !!! The reason why I really don't wanna just let TJ walk for nothing is people expect to get a comp pick right? well if we sign Jason Brown or any player to a fairly large contract it pretty much nullifys our chance of getting 3rd or 4th round comp the following year...So Signing Jason Brown would be superb Signing Jason Brown and getting a 2nd or 3rd for TJ would be even better... wpuld you trade TJ for Jason Brown? I would too. Thats pretty much what would be happening under your scenario. Works for me. What can Brown do for you??? Carson stands a better chance at being healthy for an entire season. Our running game will improve. Our passing game will improve. We don't have to spend a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a Center. Eases the transition to Nate Livings at LG and Whit at RT, thus eliminating the need to draft an OT in the 1st round. Eliminates the need to sign a veteran C or RT. We acquire one of the best young Centers in the NFL that is only 26 years old. Livings and Bobbie Williams' play should improve, playing next to a legitimate Center. We add another veteran leader to the offense. We instantly become more physical at the point of attack, which has been lacking since Rich Braham retired. More than enough reasons to trade T.J. and a 3rd or 4th round pick for Brown, under that scenario. I am going to smoke a Cuban if we get Jason Brown!!! Well its a good deal if you can get it. C has got to be a priority in FA as does offensive linemen in general. Problem is will we have to overpay a FA to come here?
  12. Graham Tagged

    Don't the Bengals have enough holes to fill? Shayne is just one more we don't need right now. His franchise cost is low and its evident there was no one else they considered tagging. Bengals are funny though with last year's tag of a guy who had never been the starter and this years to a kicker. Paul Brown continues to spin faster and faster wherever he's at.
  13. I don't understand that debate either. I also don't understand how the Oline can be improved by shuffling existing players around and bottom fishing later in the draft, but I don't coach and I don't own a franchise. Maybe there are enough quality NFL tackles to go into round 2 or 3, I doubt it, but I don't know. What I do know is that line needs major infusion of talent now. Its quite likely Monroe, Smith or Smith will be available at 6 and all will likely be gone by 10. So here you have an awful Oline playing with practice squad guys at the end of 2008, having at least one really good LT available at #6 and they whiff? That I don't understand.
  14. Things is, 2008 was one of the worst Oline performances in Bengal history. That is a very low bar to clear and this current Oline lowered it with ease. Now the Bengals must find 2 starters on the Oline from the draft or FA. That is a fact. Imagine this for 2009: Monroe, Whit, Unger/Mack, Williams, Collins. That line can win games with the defense we have now. It also has backup coverage which we went deep into last season. If the Bengals think Whit can play tackle, along with Collins and beat the speed rushers, then sure go for defense in round 1 as in Raji for instance. But you better take a center in round 2 and hope a starting LG in round 3 is available or the Bengals are hosed in 2009. You also better hope you can find a LT backup somewhere in the draft too unless you think Levi will last the season.
  15. 47% of us, not me, wanted Maualuga at nbr 6, now lets discuss trading down to get him. Where to number 12? 15? Yet lots wanted him at number 6. Me, I'd rather stay at #6, we earned it, then go get a stud LT, DT, a guy that can anchor a line for 5-6 years. Then use a compensatory pick to get a Dhani replacement.