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  1. Chad Johnson is the face of the Bengals, and because of that I believe mangement should do everything in its power to resign CJ to a high salary extension. Chad has incredible value off and on the field, the Bengals need to realize this, and pay him accordingly. If we decide to let Chad go, I can only imagine the reaction of the fans....
  2. more tidibits off lances website

    I like this renewed focus on the running game. If we can run the ball well on a constant basis, we may be able to keep the ball away from the opposition a bit longer. This could help prevent astronomical shoot-outs like the Colts game last year. I would be delighted to see LaVar in the orange and black next season. I can think of several different package and substitute possiblilties as previously mentioned. Marvin and the staff would have a field day creating shifts, blitzes, ect. I didn't think it could get much more exciting, but imagine last year's defense with another playmaking LB.... As far as Chad bulking up, I think it is a great thing. I felt that Chad did have tendancy to shy away from contact at times last year, or at least try to run horizontally away from it. Hopefully with this new weight, Chad will be able to run through some arm tackles, and just flat out run over some of the weaker DBs in the league. One more broken tackle on a play with his speed could lead to even more points, which of course means more dancing . Speaking of dancing, CJ is already a dominant force in most jump ball type situations, but with more strength he maybe be able to wrestle a few more balls away from defenders in the endzone. Good to hear Carson is progressing quickly, can't wait to have him back. Go ahead and give Krenzel the reigns, I've had faith in whatever that man does since 2002.
  3. New Kid In Town

    Hey All, I just found this site, and I am looking foward to talking Bengals with you all. A little bit about me... I am still in High School, I am on the Springboro Panthers. I cannot play football due to a medical condition called Cerebral Palsy, so I kind of help coach the team (hence the name). I would like to become a coach after I attend college at THE Ohio State University. Anyways, enough of me rambling on.... I hope to have a fantastic stay at this board.