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  1. Hi all, My friend, whom I usually attend games with is unable to go Monday so he is selling his 2 seats. They are located in the East Club - Section 237 Row 12 and are on the aisle! The face value is $400 ($200 each). My friend is asking for $450 ($225 each). If you are interested, please email me at sjonesy31@fuse.net or simply reply to this thread with your contact info. I have paypal for easy payment and, if you live in the Cincinnati area, I could arrange to meet you and hand deliver the tickets. Thanks and WHO-DEY!
  2. 2nd day CB prospect

    Welcome aboard! I believe Young went to Kent State. I believe I read somewhere that the Bengals are travelling north to take in his personal workout. From what I know of him, there is no way he is available in the 4th round. If the Bengals dont take a CB in Round 1, I would take him in Round 2. WHO-DEY!
  3. 2007 Schedule!!!

    1st half opponents Monday Sept 10 Baltimore 7pm Sun Sept 16 at Clev 1pm Sun Sept 23 at Seattle 4pm Monday Oct 1 New England 8:30 Bye Sun Oct 14 at KC 1pm Sun Oct 21 NY Jets 4:05 Sun Oct 28 Pittsburgh 1pm Sun Nov 4 at Buffalo 1pm 2nd half opponents Sun Nov 11 at Baltimore 4:05 Sun Nov 18 Arizona 1pm Sun Nov 25 Tennessee 1pm Sunday night Dec 2 at Pittsburgh 8:15 Sun Dec 9 St Louis 1pm Saturday night Dec 15 at SF 8:15 Sun Dec 23 Cleveland 1pm Sun Dec 30 at Miami 1pm
  4. ESPN post Strength of Schedules

    Not really. Look at the Ravens, Stealers, and Browns. They are all about the same as the Bengals. Plus, check SOS at the end of 2007
  5. Chris Henry meet your replacement...

    I say a hearty hell no to Mike Williams. I dont think the suspension changes a thing. Tab Perry, Chatman, Holt, and others are going to fill the 3rd WR sopt in some capacity. If there are any trades or signings, it will still be to bolster the defense.
  6. 2007 Road Trips??

    http://www.bengals.com/news/news.asp?story_id=5974 Looks like the 2007 regular season schedule will finally be released Wednesday. What road trips will you make, if any? Depending on the dates, I'm hoping to get to Miami and Buffalo for the tailgaiting. WHO-DEY!
  7. Bengalszone 6 Round Mock Draft

    This is well done! Personally, though, I would take Houston over Revis if he's available.
  8. Cubs @ Reds Series Discussion

    Just getting ready to walk out the door. It's my 7th consecutive Opening Day and it's always one of the best days of the year! I woke up a 6:00 not because I had to, but because I get excited every year for the 1st Reds game. BTW - Lohse is starting Thursday, not Uncle Milty.
  9. Cincinnati Football

    Can't go this Saturday but I'm definately going to at least 2-3 games. WHO-DEY!
  10. Falcons want O'neal?

    You sir, could be shipped straight to hell for that kind of thinking! (j/k) If this is true, there must be some type of plan to fill O'Neal's spot. Personally, a Joseph, Leon Hall CB tandem would suit me just fine. WHO-DEY!
  11. Chris Henry mega-thread............

    http://fox19.com/Global/story.asp?S=6285901 This time he was caught driving under a suspended license. This dude is a restaurant quality f**k up. He'll get at least 4 games for all his crap. WHO-DEY!
  12. 2007 Schedule

    http://www.bengals.com/news/news.asp?story_id=5952 It's f'n official. MNF opener in the Jungle! WHO-DEY!
  13. 2007 Schedule

    http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writ.../26/0326/3.html According to Peter King of SI, the 2007 schedule will be released on ESPN on April 5. Also, he believes (not confirmed) that the Thursday kickoff game on September 6 will be Saints at Colts. He also predicts that Giants-Cowboys will be the Week 1 Sunday night game. I think were good for at least two national games (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday night). WHO-DEY!
  14. Could it be?????

    http://www.buffalonews.com/213/story/39588.html The article does not mention any teams specifically, but we certainly would be in the market for a LB. I personally wouldn't mind seeing TKO back in the orange and black. WHO-DEY
  15. St Paul's Cathedral - here we go again

    The idea that the Bengals screwed the taxpayer is a little dramatic. Mike Brown had a deal in Baltimore then found a better deal in Cincinnati. That's business. Hamilton County negotiated and accepted the deal. If they felt like the deal was one-sided, they shouldn't have signed it. As an individual taxpayer, you pay on average about $10, to fund the Reds and Bengals stadiums under the sales tax increase. The part that states that the Bengals are responsible for the delays in the Banks project is absurd. This project is delayed because Hamilton County, including Portune, have been at odds with City Council over almost every aspect of the potential deal. It was a good read, although I think the author showed a clear bias and misreported certain facts to better clarify the point. WHO-DEY!