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  1. Whats our record this year??

    I would like to think 13-3 is doable but I realize it's a little bit bold. I would be happy with 11-5. I think thats good enough for a division title
  2. Favorite Guitarists

    "Space" Ace Frehley - KISS Slash - G-n-R Dimebag Darrell - PANTERA Kirk Hammett - METALLICA Mick Mars - MOTLEY CRUE Kerry King - SLAYER
  3. Pick'em

    I dont know about spain, but for second place last year I was able to purchase 2 Bengal Shirts from the NFL shop with the winnings. And for third place last year, I got a new Bengals watch
  4. Pick'em

    Lets get this s**t started!! I'm pissed about third place last year.
  5. Smart move changing name to Ocho-Cinco

    The wife and I was talking about that too.
  6. Which Brand do u prefer?

    I agree with RBB and Billy, WII kicks ass!! I can't believe that it wasnt a choice.
  7. chad chats on espn.

    Damn straight!! Preach on brother.
  8. Once a NFL player, now broke!

    HA HA HA What a dipsh*t. Serves him right, fu*k him.
  9. HAPPY 4th OF JULY !!!

    Happy 4th to all and thanks to our military past and present for our freedom's. My wife and I had a cookout with her family, played corn hole, lit some fire works and had a good day with the fam. Also on the way home we sang happy birthday to America with our 4 yr old then said the pledge of alligence. A good ending to a great day of independence.
  10. Tattoo Help.

    I've spent quite a few hours under the needle myself but have never had a real problem with the bleeding. It could be the tattooist went a little too deep with the needle. I know some people bleed more than others not sure I'd worry to much about it.
  11. Offseason Fun

    YUMMM. I could go for a Skyline chili dog about now
  12. The Happening

    Got to be one of the worst movies ever made. Horrible acting, horrible story line, horrible dialog. Just a bad movie all around. I would say why but for those who want to waste your money and 1 1/2 hours of your life I wont.
  13. The Strangers

    Yea I heard it's pretty graphic, should be good.
  14. The Strangers

    Just got back from this movie and wow is it fu**ed up. My wife usually don't care for gorry movies but this one had the perfect balance for the both of us cause I love the slasher/bloodfests and she likes the scary suspense movies. Highly reccomended flick!
  15. I'd LOVE to give this a go!

    Both those videos are frickin funny!