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  1. Ndukwe turns heads

    Don't worry, soon you'll have hours of sleepless a.m. time in which to do a draft site! Anyhow, congrats! She's 14 weeks this week, still pretty early. She should be showin' soon though. Thanks for the congrats!
  2. Ndukwe turns heads

    I may not have been right about a whole lot on my draft site (which I've stopped, g/f is preggo!), but if any of the press is right about Chinedum, I at least got that one right. http://forums.bengalszone.com/index.php?showtopic=14796 "Round 5: Chinedum Ndukwe - SS - Notre Dame BDG is very high on Ndukwe and thinks he might be on the Bengals radar. Another player who with a little work could develop very nicely. Will thrive as a SS in the NFL."
  3. Two wasted draft picks

  4. Two wasted draft picks

    Joseph >>>>> Hall anyday! I really just don't think they needed one as bad as everyone thinks. Improved tackling will and would have helped a lot more than Leon Hall is going to. They talk about how great of a technician Leon is, how smart he is, yet he gets beat by a WR that can basically just run real fast in a straight line and barely knows how any other run routes???? Leon runs a 4.39 while Jarrett runs a 4.6, yet who got the best of who? (I also got to watch Leon give up a TD to Rhema McKnight on some ND highlights)
  5. Two wasted draft picks

    All corners struggle when their d-line struggles; that's a football truism. That the Bengals seem hell-bent on building from the back forward instead of the other way around isn't Hall's fault. As for bad games against Ginn and Jarret, how many top-caliber NFL corners have had bad games against Chad Johnson or Randy Moss? That's why elite receivers get paid the big bucks. Hall will be fine. Um, playing in the zone they usually use...why? Well, let's see, how about he's a 30 year old corner who has struggled with injury and whose hallmark on the field is wild inconsistency? Yeah, that'd be it. Hall would get toasted by Randy Moss. Zone? They really have seemed to go for guys who hold down their own in man coverage in the past. Deltha, JJ, Madieu...I don't really know the answer but it seemed the Bengals played a lot more zone type coverage in 2006 than they normally do. The Bengals have always just seemed to put emphasis on guys who are shut-down type players more than zone type players. Why would they take a zone player if they like cover guys? Why would they target cover guys when then play mainly zone? Again, I may be wrong but Marvin has always seemed to prefer the guys who he can trust on an island. Wildly inconsistant? He got in the doghouse with Shanny in Denver, so that dosen't even count in my mind. The Broncos are a loony bunch...Maurice Clarett. He's had some injury issues, but he's produced on the field when he's been on it, whats not consistant about that? He simply had a chaotic year where he was injured before the season even started, got arrested for DUI and the rumor is that he got himself in some deep do-do with his family life, I can see how he would become distracted. Are we going to sit here and bash on Deltha for the 04 season? The season he spent getting acclimated to the Bengals D, only to have a pro-bowl season the next? God, the media has just pounded and pounded this "Deltha is no longer any good" crap to death, it's old and it sucks to see that everyone just eats it up. If could see the sense in the argument, I would agree, but I see no sense in any of it. I mean, why didn't the Bengals jump all over Brady Quinn in case something happens to Palmer, he slacked off in 2006 compared to his 2005!!!!! And Palmer has an injury history as well.... Deltha: 04: Learing new system 05: Good numbers! 06: Not as good as 05 Birth year: 1977 Carson: 04: 1st starting season 05: Good numbers! 05: Not as good as 05 Birth year: 1979 You all probably think that'd be pretty dumb and make no sense, well thats how I see this Hall/O'neal situation.
  6. Two wasted draft picks

    I didn't say last year was strong either. Hill was the first CB taken and Cromartie and Jospeh lasted that long because they were largely unproven, even in the college ranks. Cromartie had never even started more than one game and was coming off an ACL injury. Joseph was a JUCO transfer to SC in 2004 and he ended up missing that season with a broken foot. The only D1 level competition he saw was in 2005. I really don't know what you're tying to get at. Known for having lazy fat d lineman that no one will touch early in the 1st round. Go look up Michigan's rankings in run D, pass rush D for 2006. Regardless of how far Alan Branch fell, it still does not negate the fact that Michigan had a very strong D in 2006 or that they usally field a very solid defense with importance on the Dline. Ya think? If Akili Smith played like Joe Montana I GUARANTEE that NO ONE would've been yacking about the Bengals needing a new QB in the 2003 draft. But Akili sucked, so they upgraded. Deltha was a big let-down last year, so they upgraded. Leon Hall will be a great competition/replacement for Deltha O'Neal. Picking, choosing and being extremely selective is not...mature. Leaving out the last line makes your comment seem more valid, but once you add in the last one, not so much. Deltha has talent and has proven it, Smith always sucked and never showed anything. Leon Hall IS NOT an upgrade over Deltha. If/When Leon ever does take over, JOSEPH will be the one taking over Deltha's spot, not Leon. Hall will become the 2nd coming of Tory and the #2 CB.
  7. Two wasted draft picks

    Why I don't like Leon Hall: 1. His entire career, he's had dominating defensive lines in front him making his job a whole lot easier. Michigan is well known for the dlines, but why did he say "lines"? Well, there is the matter of the Senior Bowl where once again, Leon had a dominating dline in front of him. Go back and read some reports from this year, see how much the North dline is talked about...(Carriker and Okoye [and Mebane] were on that dline) Leon has stuggled badly when his Dline has struggled badly...OSU(Ginn)...USC(Jarrett) and now he's a Bengal?..... He's had dlines (front 7) that can create pressure and shut down the run, the Bengals respectivly rank well below average in each category. 2. The Bengals have even admitted that he's a not a stand alone CB. What the HELL is he doing on this team then? Would you trust Hall on an island like you would Jospeh? Would you trust Hall on an island like you would with Deltha? And they want him to be pushing for a staring role by the mid-point of the season? 3. DELTHA IS FINE and can be a productive player for at least another 2, probably 3 seasons. Why does no one ever say a positive word about this guy now? IT'S ALL "what if...insert negative comment regarding Deltha." If Deltha had had a decent 2006 season, I GUARANTEE that NO ONE would have been yacking about the Bengals needing a CB this year. Guy had a "down" year and everyone thinks he'll now turn into Tory James, he won't. If I was Deltha I'd be pissed, the Bengals have given him the finger, I wouldn't be surprised if he gave it back. (In all actuality, Deltha's 2006 season was A LOT like his 2004 season. Same # of games played (12), same # of TTs, 3 more Ints (1/06, 4/04), but was only 3 PBUs off his 2004 total of 11. He only went on to have a pro-bowl year the following season.) The Bengals would have been better off taking a safety day 1 (Sabby Piscitelli, who...is filling Dexter Jackson's starting role down in Tampa, hmmm...he can hit people as well.) and drafting a 4th round CB who was a "gem." That gem would have provided the same fire, he would have provided the same depth and he would have been a HELL of a lot cheaper. (They really should have traded with the Browns so the Browns could have taken Quinn at 18. The Bengals still could have gotten Irons in such a deal.) Hell, they could have just drafted Griffin in the 1st, Irons in the 2nd, a CB in the 4th and the rest of the draft as it was. At least they wouldn't have gotten ripped off in the 1st round. Rumor had Griffin as the Bengals #3 man behind the 2 CBs. 4. Am I really supposed to be impressed by the "Leon was the #1/2 CB in this class" stuff? This class was HORRIBLE. Go back and look at the year Pacman Jones was drafted. That year, 3 CBs all went before the 10th pick, thats a good class. Then you look at this year when the "#1 CB" in the class "fell" to 14th and then the #2 fell to 18?????? Wha????...you start to get a picture of how bad this class really was. When there are lock down guys, they don't last, especially to 18. The game of what if is dumb but...what if Cromartie and Jospeh has stayed in school, which would have put them in this draft and Marcus McCauley didn't have his head up his ass his senior season? Suddenly, Revis and Hall are STRUGGLING to be ranked in the top 5.
  8. Two wasted draft picks

    Taking Leon Hall was the only "waste" of a pick. I like all the other picks, ESPECIALLY Chinedum Ndukwe. With Chinny - first off, the guy played out of position for 2 years in the ND secondary. Chinny is a SS, not a FS. ND had him lined up as a FS. The Bengals have moved him to SS, a position he could potentially thrive in. 2nd - He's still new to the position, only been playing S for 2/3 years. 3rd - he is not as bad in coverage as everyone wants to believe he is. Point Blank, you don't get 6 PBUs if you suck in coverage and Chinny has produced 6 PBUs in each of his 2 starting seasons at S, thats 12 PBUs in 2 seasons for a player who's not in his natual spot. (A lot of PBUs is a good thing, Ints can be tipped, batted, etc. PBUs...the player needs to break the pass up when the ball gets to the player. Just look to Joseph with his 19 PBUs in 2006.) 4th - With #3, the Bengals simply would not take a S if they thought he couldn't cover. Coverage ability for the Bengals safeties is #1, if they can't cover, no use. If the Bengals took Chinny, then they must think he can hold up in coverage. Give Chinny some time, let the NFL coaches work with him. He's an NFL caliber athlete and thats the one thing that can't be taught. All his other problems are fixable. The Bengals have high hopes even for their 7th round players, you don't think they took Chinny and expect nothing from him? Yes, Chinny even has starter potential as a SS after a season of learning.
  9. [Another] Bengals Only 7 rounder

    Just my opinions
  10. BDGs Latest Mock!

    Excuse the rudeness... Greg "sucks", yet you have Chris Houston in your avatar/sig. It tells me all I need to know. Chris Houston sucks... (really, I'm not being an ass, Houston does not support the run at all, he likes to watch other people do the dirty work. Houston, for all the press he gets about "shutting down" a few WRs, he was also eaten alive versus Syvelle Newton, Sidney Rice and the rest of the South Carolina Crew. (10 passes caught against him). Houston was flagged 8 times for PI in 2006. He has terrible hands...) At least I offered a little of my opinion on why I think Chris is a bad player, unlike you, who stated that Greg sucked without trying to prove your case, just..Greg sucks...care to explain? ^ I really, REALLY hate that kind of crap. If you've got an opinion, explain why you stand where you do. Offer some debatable information, open it up to discussion. I certainly won't take you seriously if all you say is "Greg sucks" without trying to backup your claim.
  11. ...................................
  12. Greg Olsen

    And a lot of lines....*snort snort* Olsen, for as much as people hate it, is a very "sense making" pick. The bengals were HORRID on 3rd down last year and without the 2 Chris' (Henry and Perry), they are hurting even more and need to find a solution to that problem, Greg would be a great solution.
  13. I am now part of a special contribution to NFLdraftguys.com. I have submitted my take on who and the Bengals should select and why in the 1st round of the 2007 draft. BDG on NFLDG: http://www.nfldraftguys.com/features/OTC_C..._Mock_Draft.php BDG.com http://www.bengalsdraftguru.com Check them both out!!!!!!!!!
  14. Kiper's New Mock...

    Actually, that should read B.A.D.P. - Best Available DEFENSIVE Player You're both wrong. BPA alone is a JOKE. BPDA is getting closer, but still not quite there.. BPA at a Position of Need....now there ya' go. (That "need" stuff is where all the debate lies, I for one see the the needs of this team becoming very clear and on Day 1, I would be expecting SS/DT/TE in no particular order. There are a number of scenarios that would work out to where the Bengals get good players at those positions.)
  15. BDGs Latest Mock!

    Surprised anyone other than me knows his name honestly. He'll definitely fall after running a 4.95/40 at the combine, Ran 2 4.88/40s at Georgia Pro day.