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  1. Peter King's Mock

    At the risk of annoying all the Andy supporters, I point out that in King's mock, Blake Bortles is available at 24! I never thought he could last that long. I think he might be the best in this draft and should be considered by Houston. If he is still available, RUN TO THE PODIUM! Get BORTLES!
  2. Despite the last 3 games...

    Have you been reading Hobson too much?
  3. Despite the last 3 games...

    This team is awesome in meaningless games. I was very optimistic 3 years ago because is seemed like Mikeyboy was gonna shut is hole and let ML act as a GM. Well this year has made it clear that Mikeyboy is as stupid as ever. Mikeyboy decisions that ruined this year: 1. Put up with Ocho Psycho during his mini camp tantrum. 2. Did not trade Ocho Psycho to Redskins. 3. Released Big Willie. 4. Threw ML under the bus by resigning Cheech. 5. Gave Franchise tag to unproven OLineman. 6. Never found a replacement for Girlcheck. 7. Put up with Jeremi Johnson's fat ass. 8. HAS STILL NEVER FOUND A DOUBLE DIGIT PASS RUSHER. 9. Wasted solid draft picks on WRs(again) Leadership doesnt guarantee success in the NFL but you cant win without it. We have no leadership and Im wasting my time worrying about it.
  4. Ten reasons the Bengals are 1-8

    I TOTALLY agreee with chick on the antics of chad. Very distracting and tells the team that he is more important than making the playoffs. Ditto on Cheech Henry. I would rank this one as the number one reason. Mikey boy DESTROYED the team with this "control freak" decision. I would rather lose than watch Henry have success. Mikey...you continue to ruin this team. GO AWAY!
  5. Not Depressed Enough? Watch This:

    Great video and addresses many issues. But it doesnt talk about all the botched later round picks!! That is where teams like the Patriots really separate themselves. Later round picks that CONTRIBUTE but dont cost alot. Our later round picks never are active on game day.
  6. Mikey & Katie asleep at the wheel....again

    You dont buy rings this way...with punky, childish WRs like roy and ocho stincho. You earn rings the NE patriots way. Whats really frustrating is that small market teams like the bengals could win the Patriots way. Unfortunatly, history shows that the owner/management of our bengals are unable to do much right.
  7. MikeyBoy has to go

    ML cannot coach without the respect of the players... and the players dont respect him because they know he is not in charge. The single most damaging thing to happen to this team was ML coming out in SI to say that he was in no way interested in Cheech Henry. Then 1 week later MikeyBoy puts him back on the team anyway! ML was not here for all the other losing seasons. MikeyBoy was though. This team will continue to suck because the owner is a disfunctional, arrogant, knowitall, medling @$$.
  8. The Bengals suck again because Mikeyboy is the owner again. Everyone knows his leadership is the reason. If Mikeyboy provided NO leadership, it would be better than his NEGATIVE leadership. Collinsworth and Boomer know Mikeyboy is the reason and there nuthin anyone can do about it. I have no problem with analyst pointing it out. I just wish they would point the finger more directly at the idiot in charge and not the players and coaches.
  9. New Coaching

    I'm not. The OL isn't giving them time to run their routes. Without an effective o-line.....they can't really do much. Who would want to block for these two self-serving, me-first, off-season skipping morons? Thanks Mikeyboy, you suck.
  10. Boomer's Take on Bengals

    I agree with this. Nothing changes until Mikeyboy is gone. He let Big Willie go. Kept Chad and Cheech. The mess is a result of Mikeyboy. Not Marvin.
  11. Everyone keeps criticizing ML. Only thing he's done wrong is to continue to work for a disfunctional owner. He should have quit to protect his reputation. We will never compete with the Squeelers, Pats,etc until we get rid of Ocho Psycho, Cheech and anyone else who put themselves before the team. We is more important than me.(Listen up mikeyboy and Chad) This team will never win until the owner allows the creation of the right climate. I dont care if tickets go way below face value. Im not goin!!! (and i really would like to go again)
  12. Willie to sign with Baltimore

    Willie vs. Cheech....says all you need to know about this franchise. To cut a man like Willie and bring back Cheech(who got no NFL phone calls while he was on the street) is crazy. Mikey boy...you suck. This franchise will never win with you in control. I feel sorry for Marvin and Carson. They want to win but Mikey boy wont let them. I predict disaster this season. Sorry but im tired of being optimistic.
  13. Olympic 4x100 relay teams

    There is a serious leadership issue in USA Track and Field. Totally unprepared, unprofessional, uncaring, and obviously not practicing. Relay teams have to have practice together... more than one time... more than a week. Heads should roll.
  14. Bengals season prediction

    CP is the only reason for optimism. OLine is inconsistant. Cannot create a dominant running game. Backfield is fragile physically. WRs are fragile mentally. Dline will be thankful to ave 1 sack per game. LB corp with Dhani Jones starting? Come on. Our safeties would not start for most teams. CBs will produce if given a chance. NO way we go better than .500 Sad to say it but i say 7 wins.
  15. 2008-2009 Bengals Roster

    Oh for the love of Mikey Boy...please dont subject us to another year of Girl-check. Scan waver wire, or make a trade!