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  1. Shayn-o-matic

    yeh the man
  2. i think its gonna be broncos and panthers
  3. Whos gonna be in the Superbowl?

    the least chosen option won
  4. Bengals have a loyal fan base

    If Indy missed the playoffs for 15 years, they wouldnt have a fan base.
  5. Come One, Come All and Ask the OX

    Dear Ox, Boxers or Briefs and Why?
  6. Join The Worldwide Bengalszone Members Locator

    i just joined... i forgot to make a quote or whatever ... but im on there right next the the N O.
  7. The Draft, 1st Round

    Get Bing if he's available ...
  8. Wow. What a year! I'm exhausted.

    yeah thats a great way to think about it ... but i dunno about the lions thing :-\

  10. When do you think Vince Young will go in the draft?
  11. Nickname Discussion Thread

    i think we should make more nicknames for the steelers ... here are some i saw here... big ben - pig pen hines ward - hiney cowher - chowder if u got anymore post..
  12. for the next week im a broncos fan

    go broncos vs pittsburgh

    i have a sig request pleeeease edit : something with my name in my current sig ... if ur bored ... please
  14. Marvin Must Go!

    that boy is 27-21 in 3 seasons
  15. Lovie Smith Coach of the Year

    defense wins championships
  16. my early nod for Madden cover

    its gonna be shaun alexander
  17. Who do you pull for now?

    Im rooting for DA bears because of the amazin D