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  1. Missed the game...

    stilldiesel? Is that you bro? damn, its a long way over here from Stillers.com, huh? KZsteelers here.
  2. Missed the game...

    Stupid as in.... constant ineffective blitzing? Prevent defense? lots of cushion on the WR's?
  3. Lets start the "Hire Cowher" chants!

    Hire Cowher? Thats all well and good, until playoffs. Come on, you all have watched the games that I used to agonize though. The Cowher game plan is pretty simple when it comes to the post season. "Run the ball, and play not to lose". The bengals would play great in the regular season, and then suck in the playoffs. I've seen it happen year in and year out.
  4. Missed the game...

    Hey, guys. I'm not here to gloat about the Steelers, or troll about Cleveland winning. I was at the Steelers game today, and I didnt get a chance to see the Cinci/Cleveland game. What happened to the Bengals? I thought Cinci had a better defense than that....45 points? Not to gloat, but what was the problem?
  5. What should we expect from the Steelers?

    Agreed on your point. However, the Bengals put up 38 points to the Steelers 31 points. It was a big offense game. Bengals got a gift wrapped INT as I recall. Troy was definitley not the same guy with his bum shoulder. Hopefully he will get better. Chris Henry's coverage will be interesting. I would hope that they would put Bryant McFadden on him, but the chances are better of it being Ricardo Colclough (advantage = Bengals, Colclough sucks). Ben may be a bit gunshy this year, I cant necessarily say that I blame him. A car is totaled because of his body. Also, Ben lost weight in the off season....that will happen when your jaw is broken. We'll see how Ben reacts when he's at home. That was the first full game he has played since SBXL, and he has to re-adjust to full speed football, not that pre-season s**t.
  6. What should we expect from the Steelers?

    Hey there guys, remember me? Its good to see you all are still here. Let me apologise for my lack of attendance from the board. Lets get a few things straight, in case people may have forgotten me 1) I'm a Steelers fan, through and through, been that way since birth 2) I enjoy what the Bengals bring to the table of the NFL, AFC-N in general. 3) I respect the Bengals, but not necessarily like them 4) I come here for intelligent intra-team discussion. Good luck to the Cinci boys when they roll into the Iron City on Sunday. I suspect the team that you saw on Monday night and the team that Cinci will see on Sunday will be 2 different teams. I think the key matchups to look for in this game are 1) Sam Adams v. Alan Faneca/Kendall Simmons Adams is a beast and will eat Simmons up, Kendall Simmons cant block s**t. 2) Chad Johnson v. Ike Taylor Ike has had success in cover Chad in the past. These two are a great matchup and are about even as far as ability goes, in my opinion. 3) TJ Houshmanzadeh (sp?) v. Deshea Townsend I'm just speculating that these two will be paired up, could be interesting. In my opinion, when going against the Steelers, TJ is more of a threat. 4) Deltha O'Neal v. Hines Ward Could be a good matchup. In my thoughts, I'm looking forward to this game. I'm not going to lie and say I hope the Bengals dont lose, but sorry, some things you just cant fight. I hope this is as good as the hype will be.
  7. Sincerest wishes for Carson. From a STEELER fan!

    You should listen to The Next Big Thing. You are a troll. Open your eyes, poor baby ben cries? no, Ben didnt cry. He said something to the effect that he thought it was a dirty hit. Kimo's hit, dirty yes, intentional, no. Same with Odell. You tell me when "Cheap show Cowher" has been seen? Apparently you lack in intelligence to see that 1)its football, if it were a game pu**ies could play, you could be a starter. 2)Kitna wasnt the only reason they lost.
  8. Sincerest wishes for Carson. From a STEELER fan!

    Get over it. Palmer getting hurt wasnt the only reason the Steelers won. Pissed off Bandwagon fan? Maybe its time to find the next sporting crew to jump on....
  9. Sincerest wishes for Carson. From a STEELER fan!

    Jesus, calm down man. He was simply giving respect to the Bengals and their fans. Either take the respect and be a classy kind of fan, or be like a Cleveland fan. I dont care what you do, if you want to make yourself look like an ass, go for it.
  10. Well done Bengals

    Amen Steelers Brother. I would have liked to see the game played out with Carson in rather than Jon. That way we would know, 100% that the Steelers deserve to move on to the next round. Kitna gave it his all though, good job to him. Next year fellas, next year. The rivalry is going to heat up, Pittsburgh/Baltimore rivalry aint got s**t on the rivalry that Steelers/Bengals is shaping up to be. If Baltimore comes back to what they were, AFCN is going to be a feared division.
  11. couldn't agree with you anymore I dont understand something. It was all well and great well O'dell went into Ben. Kimo accidentaly goes into Carson and its the end of the world. Carson being out wasnt the only reason that Cinci lost. The effort by the defense was simply not the standard Bengal level of play. The QB wasnt the only reason Cinci lost.
  12. Here's a Tip for Steelers Fans/Good Game

    JRR, don't even bother with this guy. Not the brightest bulb in the batch. To the rest of the Bengals fans on here feeling pain, I feel for you. All I can say is it hurts less and less as the week goes on. I know, I've been there many, many times. And Carson's injury isn't as bad as originally thought, supposedly a clean tear. I, for one, am looking forward to many, many Roethlisberger/Palmer battles in the years to come. Ditto. Losing playoff games at home is familliar territory to us. It will go away, and you will look to next year. dont argue this point against a Steeler fan. Nice to see the Steelers fans pulling together on this one. I also look forward to the Palmer/Roethlisberger battles, they will be good ones.
  13. Here's a Tip for Steelers Fans/Good Game

    Good Idea, complain and moan about it. Carson will be back by training camp, incase you cannot read. The tears were clean, they will heal quicker and major surgery is not required. This is a huge blow? how do you figure? its not like Kitna will have to play next week for the Bengals. So Carson cant do much in the offseason until training camp. Anybody with half a brain would realize that Jon Kitna was not the only reason that the Bengals lost. Let it go, Carson will heal. When you wake up in the morning, say that to yourself in the mirror, say "Carson will heal". He will be back next year.
  14. Thank the Steelers for 1 thing

    Thats fine, you can hate any member of the Steelers you want. I like watching the Bengals, but that doesnt change the fact that I hate TJ Houshmanzadeh. In defense of Hines and Antwaan, think of the adrenaline buzz that they would have had going by that point. Thats all I will say. Why do you hate TJ? Hate may not be the appropriate word, how about have less respect for him then I do the rest of the team. I just thought the whole polishing his cleats with a terrible towell thing was a pretty low maneuver. I understand the rivalry, but the towell is what we as steeler fans have. We dont have an actual mascot to cheer at, we dont have cheerleaders to cheer at, so the towell is what we have. The Terrible Towell is like the American Flag to us. I just disapprove of TJ's actions.
  15. Here's a Tip for Steelers Fans/Good Game

    He was being blocked and was shoved in that direction. Are you looking at the clip to try and see only what you want to see? Kimo is a big guy, he could have moved. Kimo wrapped up Carsons leg on the way down to try and get the sack, or at least hold him in one spot until somebody else could have gotten him down. Its football. If it was a game where there was no risk, then alot more people would play it. Does it matter at this point? Carson will heal, he will be back. Let it go.