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  1. Predict the Score

    Bengals 33 Seahawks 30 Rudi 2 TDs.
  2. Ravens@Bengals Game Thread

    Great win Bengals,definately edge of the seat stuff and it was good to see our spirit and aggression in defence.
  3. Defense sucks again!

    The poor state of our D puts extra pressure on our O to put up big numbers to take a win.Hopefully , somehow we can get the Defense to step it up as the season gets underway.
  4. Draft Time

    Tigersharks are going to draft the champion team,you read it here first;)
  5. Proposed Rule Changes

    TigerSharks will go with the majority decide, will still pick the winning team.
  6. Larry Johnson

    LJ has gone down my list of RBs but i still got him in the top 6.
  7. More important to the Bengals success?

    Yeah if Brooks has a good season,then the D will improve and give us an edge in close call games.
  8. TigerSharks are in and looking forward to the battles ahead.
  9. How lazy is Rudi?

    Ther are lots of nfl teams that would love a "lazy" RB with the talent of Rudi.but we will keep him even if he is last on the bus.
  10. Would love to bring the title of 2007 champ back to Oz, have pm,d DD hope there is a spot for me.
  11. Who was tonight's goat?

    The coaching was not good and gave the Colts a helping hand.
  12. Brian Urlacher

    Yeh Urlacher is the business,he is the best at what he does.
  13. Who let the team down the most

    The D needs to step up more,we need to be winning games even if the O puts up 20 points.
  14. Chicago/Seattle

    Rex Grossman is making a big difference to the Bears O,and coupled with their D they will be a tough game for anyone.
  15. Perry has a role in this team but mainly as a 3rd down option and not at the expense of RUDI,S carries.