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  1. What was and what could have been

    Throw in what lebeau did with Fulcher and that defense in what became the zone blitz in Pittsburgh and you'll feel even worse
  2. UDFAs

    I'm not thinking he's the next starting TE, but I just thought it was cool him coming from my little D3 school. They aren't exactly known to be some powerhouse, but he's one big boy at 6'8. I like seeing a bit of fresh blood coming in and mixing it up - competition keeps everyone on their toes. Now if only we can see the same thing happening elsewhere ...NT and a returner spring to mind There's gotta be some kind of betting line on Brandon Tate making this roster. He's been a dead man walking for the last three years and always survived. I am hoping Alford is finally the one that can move him out.
  3. Greshams departure imminent

    Did he ever end up having surgery on his back?
  4. First Round #21: OT Cedric Ogbuehi

    We'll see how quickly the damage control kicks in. I'm sure Marvin will downplay it. Even though they talked about it I'm pretty sure they didn't expect to draft two tackles at 1 and 2. And honestly the team got burned when Levi and Willie declined at the same time. They have an obligation to look towards the future too. It's just the reality of the business now. They've gotten themselves to the point where they're not drafting out of desperation anymore.
  5. Fifth Round #157: TE CJ Uzomah

    Which is a joke. They've has such good talent, all flushed. Poor Eifert with his hinkey elbow. Please please heal correct. I think about the waste of the pick and potential with Orson Charles. He was a really good TE, but Hayes couldn't get it to work, so let's make him a FB... sso stupid. I read a stat this weekend that OCharles still holds the combine record for reps by a tight end. I think it was around 32 or 35. Another weigh room warrior that was lacking in other areas. Quit drafting the projects (Hunt, Stacy Andrews, Charles, Uzomah) and go for the sure things.
  6. Third Round #85: TE Tyler Kroft

    True. They are both third rounders for a reason. I'm sure the staff liked Hicks since he was here two weeks ago with the other local players. They had a chance to see him up close.
  7. Third Round #85: TE Tyler Kroft

    The Bengals were going to take LB Jordan Hicks with this pick but Philly grabbed him at No. 84. If we had made the trade with Arizona in the 1st maybe we would have had something to move up with in the 3rd to get Hicks. Oh well, Dawson will have to do I guess. http://www.bleedingg...5-texas-bengals
  8. First Round #21: OT Cedric Ogbuehi

    I think he's a little better than that. But he might not even be good depth this year because of injury. Given who else was on the board it's very hard to justify this. Message tonight is to Whitworth. He may think he can play a few more years. The Bengals don't. Speculation that he goes on PUP to start the year.
  9. First Round #21: OT Cedric Ogbuehi

    Can he run block on the tackle eligible plays? Bet they make him wear No. 74.
  10. First Round #21: OT Cedric Ogbuehi

    I haven't felt this sick to my stomach since they took Chris Perry over Steven Jackson.
  11. First Round #21: OT Cedric Ogbuehi

    Very disappointed. Too many other guys including Bud Dupree that could start this year. I don't like that he's coming off an injury.
  12. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    Remember though that Mr. Ghee is back too, lol.
  13. 2015 Schedule

    And Chritmas is in between. So it's not like you can stay on the West Coast during that second week.
  14. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    Has anyone watched the Draft Academy show on ESPN? Good stuff. Similar to Hard Knocks. I started watching it last night and couldn't turn it off.
  15. 2015 Schedule

    I have a friend over here who's a Browns fan so I had a wee peek at their schedule - gruesome run in Nov of 4 consecutive divisional games. That could be their season right there. Very true but they open with three games against 4-12 teams.
  16. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    I can't say there is much on that list that really peaks much interest, but whatever. I've heard about Mancz being mentioned and a guy like LeFeld late or UDFA wouldn't surprise. This morning Chick Ludwig was projecting either Jordan Hicks or Jeff Luc as a fourth round pick for the Bengals.
  17. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    Kiper is a lunatic. This morning on Mike and Mike he argued that the Titans taking Mariota with the 2nd pick was a win-win. If Mariota beats out Mettenberger in camp, then they've found their quarterback of the future and "win". If Mettenberger beats out Mariota, then they've found their future quarterback and they "win". Excuse me? Drafting a QB No. 2 overall, only to find out he's not your guy is a win? That 6th round QB that was already on your roster is actually the guy and you've wasted the 2nd overall pick? That's a WIN? Sheesh... A few weeks back I heard a guy on the Paul Feinstein show saying that Tennessee was going to take Amari Cooper with their pick then trade with the Bengals for AJ McCarron. Before that I heard that the Titans were going to make a move to get Phillip Rivers from SD. So who really knows. But the win/win thing they proposed doesn't make much sense.
  18. Smith, Burfict, Eifert Out for May Practices

    My concern with Eifert is that there are no other front line TE's on the team right now. But I would rather have him 100% healthy in August than aggravate or re-injure himself in May.
  19. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

  20. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    Thank you sir!
  21. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    LT - Whitworth - is 33 and RT -- Smith - is 28 I think it would make sense to address LT first (meaning this draft). Leave it 12 months and you have a situation where a 34 year old Whitworth who may (and admittedly may not) be seeing a decline in play, leading you to get a LT to make an "immediate impact" ?? Either that player would be through FA (Bengals mantra is to pay their own rather than attract starters via FA) or draft a decent prospect which could (and again could not depending on the draft pick) mean trading up. We would hope for a late pick which means the Bengals have had a good season. Whilst all the above is pure conjecture/speculation, I believe it would be sound judgement to look at drafting a LT this year with a view to sitting in behind Whit and learning from him. This years draft is a great opportunity to get the bases covered for next years raft of expiring contracts. I agree. Remember how quickly the wheels fell off at the same time for Levi Jones and Willie Anderson.
  22. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    Hopefully they will expand on it a little. I know it's usually for guys that played football in high school in the area. I am interested to see who is on the list.
  23. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    This may be somewhere else upstream but Wednesday is the Bengals local pro day. Is there a listing of guys that will be attending? I have looked around but can't find anything.
  24. Greshams departure imminent

    http://www.bengals.c...84-afc34642182e I'm not sure if I like that idea or not. I believe he is an incredible head case. Lap alluded to this on several occasions. But he is a known entity so I guess it could be worse. My biggest complaints have been his ball carrying skills and the pre-snap penalties. I heard he has lost 11 fumbles, not to mention the ones that have been recovered. That's a lot for a guy with less than 300 catches in his career. I'm not sure if this team can overcome a fumble from him two or three times a year plus the penalties.
  25. Draft/FA Rumor Mill

    What were ya thinking Chase?! Whatcha doin' Chase?! Come on Chase?!