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  1. Steelers' fan here..on Chris Henry--

    When things like this happen.....ours eyes open and our hearts open, too. We realize what matters most, and that is to live and be healthy and all the hate in the world is just wasted time. Thank you to all of the NFL fans for their condolences. Your words expressed mean very much to this board and Bengals fans.
  2. Bengals fans

    He....ahem......She looks like a tranny to me. I saw this, too. Actually it is womens head attire, more commonly known as an orange dyed fox fur head band. http://www.furhatworld.com/orange-fox-fur-...band-p-732.html I was going to buy one once........but my better judgement prevailed.
  3. Bengals v. Houston Game Thread

    This is all I got to contribute...
  4. Former Bengal

    Yeah...I was sad to see him go. My mom loved the guy. But it was a numbers game. We just had too many good receivers at that time. He seemed to be very solid running routes and had good hand eye coordination. It's good to see him doing well.
  5. The Very Real Chance to go 0-16

    b0ng.......Spain......is that you? Just kidding.......BZ inside joke. Carry on...
  6. ***This Weekends Get Together***

    Hey! It was a toss up between my Palmer Jersey and Ocho Psycho......figured I'd go with the one who actually got to step on the field that day...... Glad I never splurged on the "No Carry" Perry jersey.
  7. ***This Weekends Get Together***

    Awe.....Thanks Ox..........I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now.........Yeah! could have felt a lot more warm and fuzzy if more of you guys would have come down! Maybe next year!
  8. ***This Weekends Get Together***

    Geez guys......I know the suspense has been killing you, but I had a few internet issues being here in Cincinnati at my parents and had been jumping on someone elses wifi here in their neighborhood........so finally.......wallah........I'm on. So it was just me and Ox. We threw back a few beers and ate and watched a sorryass game. No big crazy day....but we did see a lady pass out at the bar. LOL Just want to say that Ox is one cool dude and I'm glad we met. I wish him the best. So here are the few pics I took........ Genius of Water
  9. ***This Weekends Get Together***

    Oh for craps sake people! come on! if you live within 60 miles of downtown.......you better get your ass down there! Ox...you are coming, right? if not.......I'll be the lady in the corner rocking and singing gordon lightfoot songs to myself.
  10. ***This Weekends Get Together***

    Fountain Square has free Lilypad wifi....if Rockbottom doesn't have it personally.....we can probably tap into the lilypad. I'll bring my laptop. Anyone else want to bring theirs would be cool, too.
  11. ***This Weekends Get Together***

    here's a pic of me at the reds/cubs game last month: (I'm on the right)
  12. ***This Weekends Get Together***

    I am flying in today.........I am hoping to make it down there. I've got an interview in Cincinnati on Tues......We are seriously thinking on moving back to Ohio......so I'm checking out my options. How will I know, who is who?
  13. Have you noticed?

    Well, crap, if he's got a 500 Gig external hard drive full of boobies, like Ria suggested, I'm surprised he ever has time to post on here. I don't know........I'm just sayin'.
  14. Have you noticed?

    Um speak for yourself. I think the basis for the women wearing bra's is........Natori, Victoria's Secret and others are paying themovie companies for product placement thus easing the production costs by having their product in the movie. Looks alot better on the chick versus on the floor. I don't know...I'm just joking. Sorry you aren't getting the boob action on screen that you once were seeing. Hit up BZBilly......I'm sure he's got a 500 gig external hard drive full of that stuff for ya. Ta Ta's for now, Ria