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  1. What DRAFT prospects tickle your fancy?

    If Tuerk (USC) and Kelly are gone. UCLA's tackle Caleb Benenoch has the physical ability to play the position. He's played all 5 positions and has the feet and strength to start all over.
  2. What DRAFT prospects tickle your fancy?

    Guys I'm high on are #1. Robert Nkemdiche. - I love the idea of him and Geno playing together. The kid has greatness in him. And Cincy is the perfect place for a "Bad News Bears" type of player. He reaches his full potential, we're talking about a defensive line similiar to Deacon Jones, Morlen Olsen etc..etc.. #2. Roger Lewis Wr Bowling Green. His tape is awesome. He has everything. Speed. Hands. Route running. He's "The Guy" when he's on the field. He is under scouted. Think of him as our new T.J. Houshmanzadeh. #3. Trae Elston Fs Ole Miss. He is everywhere the ball is on every snap. Hands are average. But if there's one safety that could come in and become another Reggie Nelson for us, its him. #4. Demarcus Robinson Wr Florida. He has an attitude problem no doubt. But he's more athletic than any wr in this draft. #5. Cyrus Jones cb Alabama - Solid corner with great return skills. #6. Kevin Peterson cb Oklahoma St. - Solid cover skills needs some weight. #7. Jon Bullard Dt/De Florida - Better pass rusher than his stats show. #8. Brian Poole cb - Florida - poor mans Jason Verrett.
  3. Okay, Season's Over, Let's Speculate....

    Marvin Jones. Reggie Nelson. Adam Jones. Vinny Rey??? Should be our ppriorities. Andre was a screen door at right tackle and he's always fighting some injury lately. Sanu can be replaced. We need a weapon in the slot with speed. I wouldn't be surprised is Hue Jackson is back. His choices are Cleveland and San Francisco. Cleveland has terrible upper management. And staying in the division doesn't sound like him. San Francisco is a complete rebuild and it's on the west coast. If he goes there, we gotta hire from within because the reason why we're successful is because of the continuity. Urban. Zampese. Have been on the staff the longest. They deserve their shot. If Guenther leaves, Vance Joseph needs to know he's got the job. @24 we gotta go corner. Defensive tackle or wide receiver. I think Linebacker in round 2 cuz we could steal a Jaylon Smith from Notre Dame cuz of his knee injury. Corner has to be a priority cuz our best is Pac man. Leon Hall will be back cheap but he's 31 with declining skills. Kirkpatrick can't get picks & Dennard looks average. Thompson nor Sims showed much and both could be replaced by Hardison and Baby Geno.
  4. Signing LJ is so dumb.

    This is a great signing! Over the next 3 weeks, ( After Oakland ) The offense will be able to run the ball 40 times a game with two different bruisers! A fresh Benson, Andre Smith activated soon, and the running game gives us the push to make the playoff run this team deserves.
  5. Raiders Sound Like 90's Bengals

    Just think of the 1988 seasons' trip to the Coliseum. I think the rout was 45-10 Bengals. Maurice Purify gets his first touchdown.
  6. Larry johnson

    Am I prophetic or something?? Didn't I suggest this a week ago?? Now If I could do this with the Mega Millions numbers, all would be truly good. I like this addition. We needed another back that could carry the load, and really we shouldn't have entered the season without another. Larry Johnson will run hard and I predict that Jerome Simpson will see the practice squad soon!
  7. Cedric Bensons Carries

    Ok, just saw that Larry Johnson is going to be released by the Chiefs. Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard are decent players, but Benson is on pace for 396 carries and we all know what happens to runningbacks the years after they carry for more than 375!! No one's gonna' pay Larry Johnsons' salary, and he'll become a free agent, but SOMEBODY has to start getting more carries and effective carries or Bensons' going to be running on tired legs in December when we play 3 games of the four on the road! The offense has looked far better, but Bensons' carries are too high, so a change of offensive philosophy has to happen to make a playoff run. We have 4 guaranteed wins coming up. Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland, Chiefs, that's 10 wins with another win out of the games against Vikings, Jets, Squeelers, and Chargers 11 Wins gets us into the playoffs and maybe the division. * Either way, Benson is here for 2 years, and hard to see Mikey and company paying a 28 year old running back top dollar, so better start thinking about the backs in the '2010 draft.
  8. Cedric Bensons Carries

    Nah, he was dressed. But only Brian Leonard got carries. He's a plodder, not really a threat, I'd like to see Scott get more carries, but in 2010, I'm thinking Dwyer or Charles Scott will be there at the bottom of round 1. " I'm not saying, I'm just Saying"
  9. Cowboys cut Ellis per rotoworld

    WOW, a Jim Skow reference, what's it been 20 years...?
  10. This is fricken priceless !!!! Give these guys a Guinness and a lap dance....!!! DAMN IT'S NICE TO HAVE SOMETHING TO ARGUE ABOUT OTHER THAN POOR DRAFTS, BAD COACHING, and PISS POOR FOOTBALL !! Don Ho' ..... Tiny Bubbles..... On the Water.....
  11. Roy Williams Signed per .com

    All of this recent activity has me stupified for what this season could turn out to be.... but I know that with these short term contracts, Runningback, and Safety could very well be the top needs come next year's draft.
  12. At one time in the 2007 season Leonard was a candidate for rookie of the year. Having gone through a rotator cuff surgery myself, I know he'll never be completely healed. The only thing I can see in this signing is maybe the transition to having more than 4 running backs on the roster with a fullback. 20 years ago, the dominance of our offensive line came from having talent to start, and quality backups to spell them without missing a beat. Not sure if we have that yet, because we haven't seen what a healthy Cedric Benson could do with a full year as a starter .... here!! So maybe we keep 5 runningbacks ??? Dare I say we keep 6 and really make the commitment to running the ball like Marvin and Co. say they want ???
  13. Rod Hood is visiting

    Oh brother. A single announcement that Hood is going to visit the Bengals and the inevitable riposte from a stalwart Bengals fan whinging about how he likes some other player better. No, YOU are the pride of Bengaldom! No, you got that burgerking crown all nice and shiny..........You keep it.
  14. Rod Hood is visiting

    Come on man, you really don't think Hood is any better than David Jones? Don't get me wrong, I respect Jones for working his way into the field as a small school guy, but Hood immeadiately upgrades the nickel back spot. That's my point exactly!! After Leon Hall, and Johnathan Joseph, probably the only decent guy we have is Jamar Fletcher. I'm not even sure he's still with the team, but after our starters, there's nothing on the roster that makes me happy. And I don't see anything in Rod Hood's career so far, that makes me think he's an upgrade. At least Dre' Bly is proven. He may not have the deep speed to stay outside, but with our safeties and linebackers, having him play the slot, would give him ( a natural ball hawk ) ample opportunities to get picks.
  15. How much Is Carson Palmer being overlooked??

    It's not that Palmer gets overlooked, it's the entire city. The era of "Bungles" has never left. NO matter how much success could be had by our team on the football field, there will still be the expectation of everyone in the NFL and it's fan base that something terrible happen to thwart us. For 41 years the only people that have ever expected us to win are the Bengal fans. That's it. NO ONE ELSE !! No one even gives us props for NOT being "fair weather fans" and sticking to our guns for our beloved team. But the facts remain, While teams that finally got to a SuperBowl and Finally won it, i.e. ( Tampa Bay ) we're still the bottom rung of the ladder of professional franchises. As a matter of fact, just a couple of years ago, The Bengals statistically were the WORST, WOOOORRRRRRRSSSSSSTTTT, professional team in any sport. OF ALL SPORTS !! Now it's true that during Marvin Lewis' 6 years, we've become more competitive, but the reality is, We don't win! No team is afraid of us. We remain the laughing stock to the point that when we finally draft the way, WE'RE SUPPOSED TOOOO!!!!, Even the Bengals fans are so surprised, we go all apes**t!! Including Yours truly!! We have excepted mediocrity at it's worst level. We have excepted the possibility of success meaning, "JUST DON'T BE AS BAD AS LAST YEAR". We have taken upon the mentality of Losers, quitters, and the kids that will always get the s**t beat out of them afterschool, because they expect it. Without it, we'd lose our existence. Our determined function in the Universe. To make a long story short................. We have to WIN. Most of the world is expecting some type of catastrophic, end of the world events by 2012, What better sign of the Apocalypse, than The Cincinnati Bengals winning the Superbowl. Most of us have already sold our souls at the expense of this team already, Maybe the 2003 selection of Carson Palmer, and the 2009 draft are finally the collateral needed to put all Bengal fans on the " Greased Lightning Bus to Hell " .......... After we hold up the Vince Lombardi trophy first !! WHO DEY MUTHERf**kERS !!!!!
  16. Rod Hood is visiting

    I'd rather have Dre' Bly. At least I've seen him cover and make plays before. Not sure Rod Hood is anything better than David Jones, and that's not really something I'm looking for.
  17. Roy Williams Signed per .com

    Yeah I agree. I just told my friend ( also named Roy ) that the Bengals signed him, and he asked, " Good or bad "??? I told him he's very good against the run, and can make plays in the short zone, but if he's left alone deep, he's a liability. Just curious here, But it appears Marvin White just got shown the door..... or he's headed to another year on Injured reserve ?? Starting Safeties, ... Chris Crocker and Roy Williams, Backups...... Chinedum Ndukwe, Corey Lynch and Kyries Hebert ?? I know we're not keeping 6 safeties!! 5 safeties is a little high if you ask me... I'd rather have the extra corners, cause none of these guys can double at corner.
  18. Bengals Free Agency Needs

    There's only one free agent out there that interests me and that's Dre' Bly. I always thought it was a mistake not to draft him back in the '99 draft, but then again, How many mistakes did we make in that draft anyways ?? Huh ?? HUH ?? But with his declining speed, he still has very good coverage skills if he's kicked inside to the slot, he could prove very valuable because of his ability to play the ball. Plus with Johnathan Josephs' sooner or later injury, he'd be a decent starter fill in until he returns.
  19. Anyone have hopes for J. Simpson?

    They only drafted him because athletically he's very similiar to Carl Pickens. I hope he and Caldwell have excellent careers here in Cincy', but I'm always very leery about Michigan runningbacks, Penn State Runningbacks, Quarterbacks from the SEC, and Wide Receivers from the University of Florida!(Caldwell). Let's just hope the Bengals offensive line keep Palmer upright and healthy so he can throw to whoever!!
  20. Brown Turds may cut Steinbach

    I moved away from Cincinnati in 1992, and one thing is still happening at the Bengals games!!! WLWT is still INSISTING on interviewing Bengal Fans after they've been liquored up!! That first video was HILARIOUS!! "They should ummm blitz the defensive line"
  21. Graham signs franchise sheet

    If there was a GM in place, we wouldn't have to Franchis the Kicker!!! Yes, I know the Patriots did it a few years back, but they also sent him packing 2 years later despite his success rate, because they found a college free agent kicker that could do Vinatieris' job, just as well. You guys made the stink about not getting any competition for Huber, where's Shayne Grahams' competition...??
  22. Smith Starts at LT

    Marvin wants that pass rushing OLB because that's what he did so successfully in Baltimore. Most people think that D was build around Ray Lewis, but it was really built around Boulware (who was a DE that converted to LB in the pros). He took two big nose tackles in Sam Adams and Goose to tie up all three interior O-linemen, this gave the ends one-on-one matchups with the OTs and allowed Ray Lewis to roam free, and, most importantly, with four D-linemen occupying all five O-linemen, it let Peter Boulware go up against tightends and fullbacks when he attacked the line of scrimmage. I remember the Ravens 4-3 back then. Don't forget they also had McCrary another very good defensive end on the other side. But that's my point. Marvin has not drafted nor recruited through free agency the mammoth nose tackles that the Ravens had. As a matter of fact, I don't even think he's trying to build here what he had in Baltimore, simply based on who they've drafted over and over again. Neither Sims nor Peko are Adams and Siragusa. They're quality, just not the caliber of what Goose and Adams offered. The key to this defense will be whether Peko, Sims, and Johnson can keep whoever plays middle linebacker free to make plays. But Michael Johnson was considered an elite talent. The film of him dominating offensive tackles including getting a sack against the Ravens' Michael Oher; Let's just get him up to par of what an NFL Defensive End is capable of doing, then worry about adding more to his plate. Most scouts liken him to Jason Taylor. Taylor also went in the 3rd round of the '97 draft. Look at the combine film of Johnsons' workout. He's got a very good punch and leverage. Really Good extension. We might have just drafted a guy that can be a serious menace to opposing teams defenses, like a Jason Taylor or a Michael Strahan. Let's get him stronger, Playing with proper technique, and then tell him that the Quarteback of the opposing team is the kid that STOLE HIS FRENCH FRIES WHEN HE WAS 7!!!
  23. Graham signs franchise sheet

    I like Shayne Graham. He's a decent kicker. But he's not clutch. I can think of more big kicks that he's missed than big ones' he's made.
  24. Smith Starts at LT

    What I want to know is, why does Marvin and Jay Hayes smoke crack from the same pipe as Mike Brown ?? What's with this consistent thing about taking good college defensive ends and turning them into outside linebackers ?? Isn't that how we ruined David Pollack??? Now we want to turn another high talented player at defensive end, and push him outside too...??? If it ain't broke, stop trying to fix the damn thing!! Seriously this is pissing me off!!! Why do they feel the need to put him at outside linebacker ??? If we're going to run a 3-4 defense, then dammit draft the players to do that. Make the change. Stop trying to have it both ways. Get one thing working right, and then experiment. We've never landed the mammoth nose tackle it takes to run it, and we've drafted terribly at linebacker until the last 2 seasons, and it cost us high draft picks to do it. So Mike Brown, because I know you read this stuff, because you're just the type of pompass ass so narcacistic to need the fricken attention in the first place, tell Marvin and company to stop f**king up good football players by playing them out of their natural position. David Pollack was a Defensive End. Short arms or not, he DOMINATED the SEC year in an year out. Then we moved him to outside linebacker, he couldn't stay healthy, and ultimately got his neck broke. If I'm Michael Johnson..... refuse to sign your contract, before Marvin and company ruin your promising career!!
  25. Roster and Depth Chart predictions

    QB. Carson Palmer, J.T.O'Sullivan, Who Cares?? RB. Cedric Benson, Kenny Watson, Marlon Lucky, Bernard Scott FB. Jeremi Johnson, Dan Coats WR. Chad Ocho Cinco, Laverneaus Coles, Andre Caldwell, Chris Henry, Jerome Simpson, Quan Cosby TE. Reggie Kelly, Chase Coffman, Ben Utecht OT. Anthony Collins, Andre Smith, Scott Kooistra, Dennis Roland OG. Andrew Whitworth, Nate Livings, Bobbie Williams OC. Kyle Cook, Jonathan Luigs DE. Robert Geathers, Antwan Odom, Michael Johnson, Jonathan Fanene DT. Domata Peko, Pat Sims, Tank Johnson, Jason Shirley OLB. Keith Rivers, Rashad Jeanty, Corey Mays, Brandon Johnson ILB. Rey Maualuga, Dhani Jones, Jim Maxwell CB. Leon Hall, Johnathan Joseph, David Jones, Jamar Fletcher, Simeon Castille, Morgan Trent SS. Chinedum Ndukwe, Corey Lynch FS. Chris Crocker, Marvin White K. Shayne Graham P. Kevin Huber That's 54, two guys gotta go, one to make room for Brad St. Louis, One of the runningbacks is headed to the practice squad, and we'll probably lose'em. I know Levi Jones is hobbled a bit, but if he's healthy, I'd still rather have him over Roland.