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  1. Bengals at Ravens Game Thread 10/11/09

    If by "end" you mean contract extension. Thanks a lot Mike Brown for the Brad St. Louis highlight reel CBS is showing.
  2. ESPN post Strength of Schedules

    Week 8 - 10/21 - Steelers at Bengals 1pm Week 13 - 12/2 - Bengals at Steelers 8:15pm (NBC) http://www.postgazette.com/pg/07101/776974-66.stm
  3. ESPN post Strength of Schedules

    Dolphins schedule was obtained by a local paper. Sun-Sentinel Article Week 17 (12/30/07) Bengals @ Fins
  4. Chris Henry mega-thread............

    i'm rethinking my earlier post. let's forget for a minute that henry lost his license due to DUI and other violations. let's pretend that he got 6 or 8 or 10 points (or whatever it takes) as a result of speeding in a school zone, running a red light, and not wearing a seat belt. no matter how many moving violations a player gets, the league is never going to get involved because these are not misdemeanors or felonies - - if you wouldn't have to report it on a job app then it really can't be that significant, right? so going with this logic, let's assume that he lost his license for the above reasons and then got hit with driving under a suspended license yesterday. i would be shocked if the league felt it was a player conduct issue worthy of a fine or suspension. so maybe this isn't a big deal after all. the problem is that he's meeting with goodell next week so the timing is unfortunate. so to amend my earlier remark, i think henry is out for at least 4 games with a chance (20%?) of seeing it go longer as a result of the citation (not arrest) for driving under a suspended license.
  5. Chris Henry mega-thread............

    an arrest is an arrest. doesn't matter whether we deem the crime to be serious or not. and under the new nfl rules whereby the commish can dole out punishment prior to court proceedings, mr. henry is going to pay for this sooner rather than later. i too see the suspension going from 4 games to 8 games as a result of this arrest.
  6. Playoff Possiblities and Scenarios

    It's much more likely that we make the playoffs than miss them at this point. And considering that a few weeks ago just about everyone thought we'd have to win out just to have a shot... that's saying a lot. We even have a little margin for error now - and with the way we're playing, we might not need it. (It's still nice to have though). I do want that #5 seed though. It would delay a game with San Diego - the only team that I think would beat Cincy if both teams were on their game. Even if we're the 5 seed, the Bengals will be playing at #1 in the second round unless the other wild card wins also. In the NFL it's always lowest remaining seed at highest seed in the second round.
  7. Next week, Do we want a Balt loss...

    I'm rooting for Baltimore. The only way the Bengals have a shot at taking the division is if Balt loses to both KC and Pittsburgh and if the Bengals win all four remaining games. That would make both teams 11-5 and the Bengals would own the division tiebreaker. Too many ifs for me. Let's just get rid of KC from the conversation by having them lose to BALT and SD over the next two weeks.
  8. Weather Forecast for Steelers Game

    i think duus mentioned there is a college game at heinz today. once that's over the field will more than likely be covered until pre-game warmups around 11am ET tomorrow. that should mitigate most of the rain exposure.
  9. Sunday Night Football

    According to the NY Post's Sports columnist, the Bengals-Steelers game has already been earmarked by NBC which I think means that CBS can't protect it. See the link for the full story on which games have been earmarked for each week. http://www.nypost.com/seven/08132006/sport...il_mushnick.htm
  10. Bengals Vs Colts thread

    The only players that can be placed on the PUP list are ones who did not practice or play in the preseason (Fanene, Perry, Kieft). They will be ineligible to participate in team drills until Week 6. Players like Dede and Brazell will have to make either the 53-man roster or the practice squad.
  11. Place to watch the game live?

    I setup a Slingbox at my parents' house in Cincinnati last weekend so now I can watch all season from Wisconsin. The Slingbox is one of the greatest inventions!
  12. What a moron

    For anyone who's interested in letting Dr. Friday know just how underdeveloped our brains truly are, feel free to call or send an email. Dr. Paul J. Friday, PhD Shadyside Medical Building 5200 Centre Avenue, Suite 514 Pittsburgh, PA 15232 Phone: 412-683-7396 Email: fridaypj@upmc.edu
  13. Round 3: DE Frostee Rucker

    Obviously we aren't the only team passing on Simpson and Watson. EXACTLY! I can remember two years ago when everyone was upset that the Bengals passed on Brett Romberg (Miami-FL) in the 2nd, then the 3rd, then the 4th, then the 5th, etc... Let's think about how that turned out: Madieu Williams Landon Johnson Robert Geathers I can remember one year ago when everyone was upset that the Bengals passed on Ben Wilkerson and Ernest Shazor in the 2nd, then the 3rd, then the 4th, then the 5th, etc... Those guys both wound up going undrafted while the Bengals took guys who made contributions (Tab and Fanene), but because we never disussed their names the picks were an "embarassment". Get over it. Watson and "Ko" are not on our draft board. It appears they're not on anyone else's either at this point. I can't wait to see Whitworth and Rucker in mini-camp so we can enjoy the players that Marvin chose to put us back in the playoffs in 06.
  14. The Squirrel re-signs

    As reported by ESPN.com: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?section=nfl&id=2427286 Kelley Washington signed his one-year RFA tender. Chris Perry had his knee scoped and was using crutches in the locker room today. The Bengals had no comment.
  15. KW on the way out?

    The Bengals had to tender him or else they wouldn't get a draft pick compensation in return. For now he's costing us some money against the cap (not sure of the amount, but probably around $1.2mil) and we can always cut him after the draft. I believe the deadline for RFAs to sign tenders with another team is 4/21 (tomorrow). So basically we're using up a bit of cap room as an option on getting a 3rd round pick if another team wants to sign him.