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  1. Carson rehab/Kimotherapy/Career (Not)Over Freakout

    Is he doing the therapy at the PBS facilities? I heard that they have the necessary equipment (underwater treadmills...)
  2. What's up with Bengals.com board?

    Yeah, I got suspended until Jan.1 2006 because of my nick 'Spain in the A$$'. Some guy named Bengal_Buddy imformed me that it was using $$ signs for SS's is inappropriate because of minors visiting the site. Funny thing is that I can't even log on to re-register until Jan. 1. I've been using that nick for months now with no problems and I have never broken the forum rules. No worries, this is the best board yet. If y'all see the nick Bengal_Bum_Buddy that'll be my new more appropriate one. Peace
  3. The game plans out on us

    Yo dude, lay off of Spain. As you can see he is a Hall of Famer with his number of posts and I like having him around.
  4. Honest feelings about Sunday's win

    Errrrr.... What did I say??? Don't mind Spain. He's our resident mostly drunk, mostly unintelligable, always giving mostly unneeded advice diehard bengal fan from across the pond. Besides the patio plant incident with his wife he's also still reeling from when someone slipped something into his brother's drink at a bar while he (Spain) ran home to steal money from his wife's purse because they ran out and instead of taking his brother to the hospital he logged on to Bengalszone to get our expert medical opinions while his brother was convulsing and foaming at the mouth.
  5. Tim Couch

    Just read this http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/stor..._len&id=2250307 Looks like they are being proactive just in case Kitna leaves.
  6. I heard (on another board) that there was an off-field incident and that Marvin was going to hold a press conference. Not sure how much truth there is to the rumour but if anyone hears anything please do share.
  7. What just happened to me

    I hope that your bro is OK dude. Gotta be more careful and take heed of what P2J said about prioritizing. Hospital first, Bengalszone second.
  8. What will you be doing this sunday during this BYE

    unfortunately I'll be at the office. I'd like to shoot the guy that invented time zones. /lives in the land of the rising sun //Mondays are not the most productive day
  9. Filling our needs for next year?

    best thread I've seen in a while. lots of good comments and insight
  10. The "Official Don't Trade Rudi And Keep Schobel" thread

    Why don't they start Brad St. Louis? He's a tight end isn't he? Maybe he can catch.
  11. Ben wilkerson

    yeah, unintelligable as always Spain dude
  12. schobel didn't fumble

    You're right, he didn't fumble. It was his evil twin! BwaHahaHahaHaha!!
  13. Chad Johnson quotes on Palmer needed

    Didn't Chad say something like "He (Carson) is the most expensive equipment manager in the NFL." back in his first year while he was sidelined and Jon was QBing.
  14. Just came across this article by Dr. Z who happens to be one of the 'selectors' for the HOF. It can be found here: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/writ...down/index.html It's a long article so I pasted the important (Bengal) bits below: Quarterbacks There are eight of them. I have checked off three; Troy Aikman, Ken Anderson and Warren Moon... ...Anderson was underrated. He had all the skills, including great courage... ...The other five (Jim Hart, Jim Plunkett, Phil Simms, Ken Stabler and Joe Theismann) were all fine players, but historically, I feel, , just a notch below the three I've named. Defensive backs "I also added checkmarks to a pair of really fine and underrated (that always scores heavily with me) Bengal corners, the Rattler, Ken Riley, and Lemar Parrish." I hope that Kenny (my all-time favourite Bengal QB) finally gets his due.
  15. Carrucci's being generous I think

    Well, Dr. Z brought us up five notches to #10 (up from #15 last week). I think #3 is a little high, I would say #7 or 8 (for now...).