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  1. Hiya Billybroome!

    So you want me to irritate? I'd be disappointed if you didn't! BTW Congrats on your teams win yesterday. If the Bengals could ever learn how to stop the run like the Jags did, we might win one of these dang things! Thanks Billy, I can't wait for the next match up. I promise to come and "irritate" before and after the game next time. lol I've just been really busy with the move. I have enjoyed the boards here and will continue to drop by from time to time.
  2. Introduction and help needed

    Hiya Keller...I can't help you out to much, but I have been to Cinci a few times and I have found tailgaiting very easy to get involved in. The fans are wonderful and they really do enjoy a great tailgaiting party. The only games I have been to were Steeler/Bengal matchups and there were always lots of tailgaiting "mix match ups" (for lack of a better word) going on. I had a wonderful time and have always enjoyed visiting there. Win or lose! The beer was cold and flowing and the food was wonderful! So if nobody hooks you up with a place or time to meet. Just do it anyway. You will enjoy yourself and you will find people that will make you feel welcome and you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy your trip to the game.
  3. Hiya Billybroome!

    So you want me to irritate?
  4. Hiya Billybroome!

    I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the invite over to Bengalszone! Btw...congrats to you on the FFL win! It won't happen again! Anyway, let me introduce myself before I make any other post...lol. I am of course a lifelong Steeler fan and I am really looking forward to Sundays game. The last game I went to in Cinci was in '01 and you guys won it. It was cold as hell that day, damn beer kept freezing up before I could drink it. I had a lot of fun at that game, although I think there may have been more Steeler fans there then Bengal fans. I was dating a Bengal fan at the time. We had a blast at the tailgating parties. Everyone made us feel welcome! I'm sure things will be different this Sunday. Should be more Bengal fans this time but I wish I could be there, should be lots of fun! I am not here to wish you guys any luck...lol although I am surprised at how well the Bengals are doing. For all of you die hard Bengal fans that take all your losses (and over the years, that has been many) you guys deserve a good year,(2nd place in the division is going to be good for you!) and to all the damn bandwagon Bengal fans that have recently come out of their damn s**t holes........well.......I'm not sure if I can tell you what I'd really like for you to do. My bad for not reading the damn posting rules. Anyway, thanks again to my favorite Bengal fan........Billy.......for inviting me into your house, and just for you I will work on my smack talk. Your so damn picky!