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  1. Bengals next DE ?

    Elvis is sick but keep in mind this was playing against U of K. Not exactly USC...
  2. New to the board

    Thank you, thank you. I'm hoping to make this a lifelong home.
  3. New to the board

    Thanks! Your avatar scares the s**t out of me.
  4. New to the board

    Haha, thanks Touchdown Bengals! I dont want to seem fairweathered or anything so the Bengals have my support forever now.
  5. New to the board

    Thank you, derekshank. Where do you hail from?
  6. New to the board

    Just wanted to say hey. I'm pretty young (20 years old) and I've never really had a "favorite" team or anything. I grew up in Virginia but never really took to kindly to the Redskins and now that I go to school in Louisville I figure I will follow the Bengals. I love the NFL and it feels good to have a team to finally follow. So, hello.