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  1. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    If that happens someone will need to order me one of those fancy pig heart transplants.
  2. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    I needed this.
  3. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    I still cannot watch that. The pain is too deep. “It’s always a good day when a Pissburgh team loses” are words to live by. The opposite extreme is any day that the Bengals lose, trumped only by if the team they lose to is that team. Maybe someday I’ll watch it again, but I just cannot think about it. Not today … definitely not on why not us eve.
  4. General AFC North thread

    Been a decade now, so you've shown your age, Stripes! I'm gettin' older, but life is good, and all the better now that we get set to watch a post-season game for the good guys on Saturday. Can't wait!
  5. General AFC North thread

    not more than me
  6. Big time congrats to the little guy!! If Army Jr. dropping his first load in the toilet leads us to our long awaited Bengal victory tonight then I will personally ensure the young man receives a celebration gift. It's time.
  7. Doing great and grower older in Central KY. The kids have loved the move and seem to now have a newfound positive outlook for our Bengals. Their Dad seems to more and more wonder when they will pull out the big game again. Thank God for youth to keep us hoping and anticipating.
  8. If the Bengals pull this out ... they will have killed off all sorts of demons ... and there is no doubt it will be the single greatest victory for me as a fan that I can recall. It will be that big. It's Time.
  9. I felt that the Bengals were good enough to pull off the victory in Pgh earlier this year. I also had a horrible feeling about the December game in Cincy. Everything (and everyone) is pointing to a Bengal loss in the Wildcard round. I think the Bengals will pull this out. Not sure how, but I think they come through. Maybe it's a "McCarron Miracle". 28-17 good guys. It's time.
  10. 12-4

    I'm as discouraged as the next guy with the thought of McCarron facing the Steelers next week. That said, just pause for a moment and imagine how many monkeys can be thrown from the back to the ground should the Bengals turn such an event into an opportunity to do so. The Steelers are far from perfect, and I do believe our secondary (if healthy) can be the one secondary in this league to match their receivers. And the Steeler secondary itself is nothing special to say the least. QB position aside, I believe our team matches up well. The biggest obstacle is between the ears when it comes to playing them. Just imagine they pull off the win. It would turn an otherwise discouraging end to the regular season to something everyone will be quite thrilled about.
  11. (quoting not working correctly, so this is in reply to Kazkal) I believe the Steelers were something like 11 or 12 point favorites today. And BTW, I remain confused how Roethlisberger deserves to be selected to Pro Bowl this year. Hey, we all know his accomplishments and I'm not questioning that. But this year? He nearly has as many INTs as TDs.
  12. The only good that could come out of a third matchup w them this season is the opportunity to kill the past. I believe they could do it w a healthy Dalton, Eifert and secondary. I'm not sure any would be the case unfortunately. That said, it seems almost a lock the matchup is destined to occur so here's hoping they embrace it and react a lot better in January than they did in December.
  13. Clinching Scenarios

    So my memory combined the '04 and '05 seasons. Now I see. Roethlisberger came in early in '04 and led a very good team to one game shy of Super Bowl. I do sense McCarron finds himself in a similar situation, albeit with far few games to learn from before playoffs. It's a monumental challenge for sure, yet I am also very intrigued to see what this young man is made of. Right now he is saying all the right things ... and doing all the right things (read he has requested extra film time with receivers, etc.). In some odd way, I may be more excited to see what this Sunday holds than any previous game this season. Bring it.
  14. Clinching Scenarios

    Apparently my aging memory fails me! Oh well. I will still take the AFC Championship Game and deal with the details from there.
  15. Clinching Scenarios

    I realize the danger with comparisons, and the fact that McCarron is as unproven as they come. But I am reminded of a situation in 2005 in Pittsburgh when starting quarterback Tommy Maddox was hurt and a very good Steeler team was forced to bring in a quarterback that had yet to throw a pass in the NFL. Veteran offensive lineman Alan Faneca was quoted as saying something like: "Exciting? No, it's not exciting. Do you want to go work with some little young kid who's just out of college?" OK, I'm not suggesting McCarron is the next Roethlisberger who led his team through the season, playoffs and a Super Bowl victory. We all know what happened in the playoffs that season as well. Pittsburgh lost the division to Cincinnati via a tie-breaker (both teams were 11-5). Pittsburgh then came to Cincinnati and Palmer was quickly injured. Other interesting parallels to that season are that the Patriots won the East, the Colts won the South and the Broncos won the West. The wildcards were the Steelers and Jaguars. All teams that could easily be in the playoffs 10 years later. Here's hoping this time around it's the Bengals with "some little young kid who's just out of college" that jumps behind center on a very solid team and leads them through the playoffs and into the Super Bowl. Just saying it's happened before and was largely aided by the supporting cast around him. Color me optimistic and one who is very interested to see what he looks like Sunday in San Francisco. BTW, in his first game he threw only 11 passes and then 21 in his second (both victories). A solid running attack will be critical for McCarron of course.