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    Bengals, reds, bearcats!

    I live in the ATL also. 20 minutes from downtown
  2. Is Chad a 'Diva'?

    You must agree he's one of the few people who make the game fun.
  3. Is Chad a 'Diva'?

    I agree chad is definitly a team player. He's smart.
  4. Jerk-Free Locker Room

    If it wasnt for Marvin we would still be at 2-14. So if thats what we need.(A jerk) Than fine if it well get us to the playoffs and some respect.
  5. coaches

    We shoud keep him (at least for now) since the reds are doing good with him.
  6. Warrick or Washington?

    Washington he makes plays now and hes healthy! :player:
  7. Bengals vs Eagles

    I cant wait to see how Pollack does.How long will he play?
  8. Cornerbacks

    What about Kim Herring he needs to be out of here once we find a replacement for him
  9. Cornerbacks

    Well do you think Keiwan should replace Delta?
  10. Will the o line make it

    Maybe well see. The past couple years we have needed an extra backup lineman. We might just be seeing the same situation.
  11. Cornerbacks

    ok,Well the question is more to see if you think Ratliff should start over Delta. Or maybe Madeiu could play corner(like earlier in the year) and someone else could play safety. Also just so you know your question is just like mine a DE and 2 DT! Know it all!!!!
  12. Cornerbacks

    WTF??????????whose that
  13. 3rd Pre-Season Game Concerns?

    I want to see how Palmer does also
  14. Will the o line make it

    I dont know if big Willie can just be replaced
  15. Cornerbacks

    You made a good point but Keiwan could take his place this year and we would be fine