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  1. Salary Cap Update

    And I continue to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Same BS, different calendar.
  2. Is Dalton's Arm Strength an Issue?

    And even if he was? Chad Pennington wasn't a half bad QB when his shoulder wasn't in a sling.
  3. Dept of Obvious, Blinding Glimpse Of

    Certainly let's hope for the best...but S has got to be the weakest position on the team by far, and that's with everybody at full strength.
  4. Dept of Obvious, Blinding Glimpse Of

    Of course, since the second string safeties probably couldn't start for Alabama, this ain't saying much. I wouldn't be surprised to see another waiver wire starter come September. Shades of Ohalete.
  5. UDFA Signings

    Why in hell would you waste time on a UDFA facing charges? Why would a UDFA be worth the inevitable "Same old Bungles!"
  6. Dissapointing BenGal tryout...

    Clearly the best of a rough lot, though I think she's benefiting from the tight-bra-squeeze-boob effect, always helps. I'm just impressed you got past slide 15 on the way through, that was some scary stuff. Perhaps Mikey's strategy is to simply use the Ben-gals to frighten the other team, ensuring a home field advantage. Or perhaps Katie wanted to guarantee she was the most attractive woman employed by the Bengals now that Ochocinco has left. Either way, we deserve better.
  7. Dissapointing BenGal tryout...

    Another banner year for Team Butterface. Yeee-ikes. Seriously, is it impossible to get even remotely attractive women? All they have to do is hit some of the local clubs and find 20 women who are actually attractive, can sort of dance, and (as Sea Ray says) have an even number of X chromosomes. Also, titties. I have to give a warning on slide 9. That's the worst case of mooseknuckle I've ever seen. At least I hope....
  8. He's Got the Moobs Like Jagger

    Or, even more relevant...Stacy Andrews. Or any other half-assed OT, since they always get second and third looks because the number of guys who can do the job capably is so small, while the importance of the position is so high. I'm with you - he will get a lot of money if he plays even halfway decent. I don't envy Mikey this decision, because he's trapped between two options that are each stupid on face. Either he lets a young improving OT go with a no-bid...or he commits long-term to a player with maturity issues, work ethic challenges, problems staying on weight, and a history of stress fractures (which tend to re-occur with alarming frequency). With each choice pretty much sucking in its own way, I suggest that Mike and Katie settle it via a game of Rochambeau...Katie gets first kick. What's more likely, though, is that the Bengals will half-heartedly low-ball, and he'll get a better offer elsewhere.
  9. He's Got the Moobs Like Jagger

    Agreed. The only question is, given his history of (shall we say) motivational challenges, does he still work hard after he gets that guaranteed $25M (or whatever)?
  10. UDFA Signings

    Again, so what? The point is he cared enough to listen. In other words, he's coachable. If he washes out, fine. If not, no complaints. Reading a script prepared by your agent when he dials the phone for you isn't the same as taking ownership for your own mistakes. I'm not seeing a not-so-spontaneous cold-call as evidence that he's coachable, since his on-field experience from ASU indicates otherwise. Regarding the 'if he washes out, fine' mentality, I don't want the team to reach critical @sshole density again with the resulting core meltdown that inevitably results. Not a guy I want in the locker room, methinks. Especially with such a young team - maybe an experienced team with a lot of vets could handle him. Me, I don't take the risk. I'm not so sure he was that good anyway. His Sportscenter hits seem to be balanced by broken plays. I just wish that it wasn't always the Bengals who get this sort of guy, with the sort of regularity that I could bet my 401(k) on it an not break a sweat.
  11. UDFA Signings

    Assuming that wasn't an agent with his hand up Burfict's @ss making his lips move, which would be my guess. You may get the award for being the first to use the words 'Burfict' and 'wits' in the same sentence. Besides, after taking on Odell, Pacman, Henry, Benson, Tank, and all the others, Lewis was the obvious target.
  12. Camp Battles:

    Not only wouldn't I sign Edwards - I'd get a restraining order to keep him at least 1 mile from Green at all times. Signing him would be exactly the wrong decision - but would totally fit with the Bengals' (presumably Brown's) obsession with former top-10 picks. I'd handicap it at 2-1 and dropping of getting signed, and 3-1 of him getting signed AND making the final cut.
  13. Our Roster!!

    I was OK with Jones last year, didn't play great, but did decently. He had to take on a role he really wasn't good enough for, but held it down OK. They need the capable veteran depth. And somebody to make it rain.
  14. Best pick from draft?

    I'll go for the WR who was recruited to play S in college. Gotta be Sanu for me. Honestly, I can't wait to see him support the running game.
  15. Our Roster!!

    More constructive than stuffing it under the mattress? This is one of those moves that is just about money. They're thin at CB, especially pending a real-world evaluation of Hall, so if they cut Clements, it had *better* be because they have more constructive plans for that money. Otherwise, even if he's a bit overpaid, who cares? But as you said with pay-as-you-go financing - they don't seem to have a larger plan beyond a near-term, cost-accounting view of the world. Except when something like 2014 can be used as a bogeyman to justify all sorts of nonsense. It would be a shame if a budding core of young players is wasted because the Brown family can't see the strategic for the tactical.