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    can anyone make me an ahmad brooks sig?
  2. McNair is a Raven

    In no way does McNair make the ravens a "waaaay better team." McNair does not have what it takes anymore and will fail in the ravens offense. I have no idea how you can think it makes them a lot better team.
  3. Playstation 3

    hahahaha, can't you feel the love for ps3
  4. Playstation 3

    ps3 will be good, but i will not buy it they have made some very bad moves on their part, ps3 is crashing hard and it is not even on store shelves yet sony is not in a good place with this system
  5. Round 7: (#1) DB Ethan Kilmer

    in marvin we trust..... all we can do is follow blindly now because some of the draft picks this year are i am sure he knows what he is doing and has a plan
  6. The "Official" NFL Draft thread

    The bills get the award for the strangest pics in the draft.
  7. The "Official" NFL Draft thread

    Santonio Holmes is now on my hate list. off with his head
  8. Anheuser-Busch plans to make a special beer just for Ohio, but the question is, which one? You can vote for it here at this website: http://www.originalbeers.com/
  9. My Cornhole Website

    I have re worked my cornhole site with a whole new design. It used to be just a sub-domain at cornhole.d-rok.com now you can find it at www.cornholeparty.com
  10. Cowboys | Vanderjagt contract details Thu, 23 Mar 2006 14:06:36 -0800 Len Pasquarelli, of ESPN.com, reports the contract signed by Dallas Cowboys PK Mike Vanderjagt is a three-year deal that can be worth a little more than $6 million. The deal includes a signing bonus of $2.5 million and base salaries of $810,000 each for 2006-2007 and $1 million for 2008. Vanderjagt can receive workout bonuses of $90,000 each in 2006-2007 and of $100,000 for 2008, with a roster bonus of $100,000 due in the spring of 2008. He can earn also an annual bonus of $200,000 based on field goal percentage. Jerry is tryin to throw together a one and done team for next year
  11. Carson Palmer Press Conference

    hahahaha carson was "pissed" steelers won
  12. Carson Palmer Press Conference

    so much for the ahead of schedule everyone was talking about
  13. My Cornhole Website

    I just put this website together last night. It is not visually appealing at this time. I am waiting to start getting more content from people. I am looking to make it a portal for everything cornhole: places to play, tournaments, rule variations etc. If you like cornhole check it out and maybe contribute to it and pass it around. Here is the site: Cornhole