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  1. What About the Defense ??

    I think the 2 CB's are upgrades against the run and lateral moves in the passing game, so upgrade. Reader is going to unless Atkins, or vice versa. upgrade. Bell is the best tackling Safety we have had for a long while, upgrade. Like Army stated earlier, upgrade a all three levels on defense. That should help the offense out, when the defense can finally get the ball back to the offense on third down.
  2. Stealers looking for PK

    Stealers lost their PK in the HOF game last night. Is Shane Graham available?
  3. Round Eight: UDFAs

    I am starting to really like the Mitchell Wilcox TE USF UDFA pickup. He looks like an athletic, multiple use TE. He can line up inside/outside and is an average/willing blocker. Many talking heads had him going mid rounds and comparisions to Travis Kelce coming out. I'm thinking he sticks on the team this season. In 2 years he may be our #1 TE. Much better college career than Moss had.
  4. Bengals UDFA signings

    As reported by Bengalswire: Stanley Morgan WR Nebraska - Good character/hard worker depth guy that could become a solid WR3 or 4 Jake Dolegala QB Conn St. - I liked him as a late rd pick for backup QB till Finley selection, great to have more competition at backup/PS QB Keaton Suhterland OG Texas A&M - OL coach knows everything about him, has the versatility to play RG, LG and RT if needed possible swing OL or PS player Sterling Sheffield LB Maine - small school standout. at pro day his 3 cone would have been top 5, broad jump top 10, mean edge player that tackles well Charles Holland WR Tiffin - not much to find on this guy, 4.5 40 speed and good size Tyree Kinnel DB (S) TTUN - Short and sometimes takes himself out of plays with the wrong angle of attack, he was graded as a late round prospect I like most of these so far, they all have a chance at sticking, what else can you ask for in a UDFA.
  5. Can't find 53 NFL Players on this roster

    Which guard, Montoya and Kozerski are just as good
  6. Farewell Andy Dalton

    How can a guy that has been called the average limit for NFL QB's by the talking heads be over-rated, when he set so many franchise records? I think you are being a bit harsh. Sure he wasn't perfect, but he was a very good QB most of the time. He did throw out some stinkers during big/prime time games.
  7. Farewell Andy Dalton

    I will add that if this happens I hope the Bengals pull out a 4th quarter winning drive in this game. To honor him being the franchise all-tome leader in 4th quarter winning drives
  8. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I second this, can we at least wait to throw shade at this revamped line until they play a game together
  9. Farewell Andy Dalton

    I hope he gets a chance to start somewhere, he deserves it. Great person, above average QB, that provided some great memories. Good Luck Andy!
  10. Fourth Round Pick: Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, App. State

    Let us know how it goes for you
  11. 2020 Bengals Draft Grade

    Bailey if healthy could be the best LB we drafted
  12. Second Round Pick: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

    watching his highlights, im glad that we got Burrow this year, instead of Lawrence next year Some of those throws were bad and he still brings them in
  13. Second Round Pick: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

    hope he can put up Pickens numbers or better
  14. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    This needs read again
  15. All Decade Team

    I remember bad coaching and lots of drops by a TE that I don't care to mention
  16. Round Eight: UDFAs

    Wilcox, Washington and Spears look interesting to me
  17. Third Round Pick: Logan Wilson, LB, Wyoming

    I like this pick and along with the other LB's, there should be a big jump in defense this year
  18. Sixth Round Pick: Hakeem Adeniji, G Kansas

    Better late than never I guess
  19. Fifth Round Pick: Khalid Kareem, Edge, Notre Dame

    OL shots in the dark would make me feel better
  20. Fifth Round Pick: Khalid Kareem, Edge, Notre Dame

    Don’t like this pick, a DE with no explosion off the line not something that you want in the NFL
  21. Second Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Baun is not a great cover LB and that is what we need, take OT or WR and wait till 3rd for a cover LB
  22. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Better tackling, with younger legs
  23. Bengals' [other] Needs

    I would say BPA, but if pressed I went with IOL. but I switched to WR twice before deciding. TE would be next after IOL and WR.
  24. Second Round Pre-Pick Thread

    The draft is wide open after the first pick, due to some unbelievable FA moves. It is weird to say that about the Bengals. BPA all the way for round 2
  25. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    you missed that ? Surprised me also