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  1. Iloka Released

    I read he leads with his head to much looking for the big hit and the Bengals wanted to move on vs fixing that.
  2. Bengals Pass Rush

    Love the fact that they brought in Chuck Smith to help. My fav video of Chuck Smith, chop, rip, coming under. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkKRLDkjwDU
  3. Iloka Released

    Ian Rapoport says it's financial
  4. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    Walton and the secondary.
  5. A Football Life

    Didn't Palmer get his yard trashed and it pissed off his wife?
  6. Training Camp - 2018

    This from Cody Glenn: “For most guys in the league to be good you have to have two dominant traits. He’s got three. He’s strong, fast and his motor is, ‘I have to get a sack.’ Great motor.” Let him rush the passer and eat.
  7. The Rush Offense

    Looking at the videos on Bengals.com it looked like they were super vanilla, no pulling, no stunts, no traps. Look at last year Elliot highlights Pollacks line ran counter trays, traps, etc. Your not going to see much this early they're just firing out. What I did see was Price getting after LBs.
  8. 2018 season

    I heard Jordan Evans say he's over 240 pounds. Jordan Willis started last years training camp at 255 but gained some weight as the year went on, started camp this year at 280.
  9. The Rush Offense

    Lapham mentioned the Bengals ran for 90 yards a game and gave up 120 a game and that the goal is to get that more even.
  10. The Rush Offense

    First with the Bengals dumping Alexander and his zone blocking and going with Pollack's charge forward scheme I think the Run game will do a complete turn around. I looked at Elliott highlights to just get a feel of what may be the new Bengals running game where Elliott doesn't hesitate and just blasts through the line. I also read on Bengals.com the RB coach say: “The tracks are defined 100 percent. The reads are defined 100 percent,” Caskey said. “It’s not based on flow of defenses or defensive structure. They have a rule that goes across the board so it’s the same way in any version of any run we have.” https://www.bengals.com/news/gio-run-game-start-out-tall If they can get a tab close to what the Cowboy's running game looks like I will be pleasantly surprised.
  11. Training Camp - 2018

    Hopefully the Bengals can get something from Ross.
  12. Since the season's about over what grade do you give the Bengals 2013 draft? Benard had ROY consideration and Eifert was under used IMO but you could see he had big play capability. Overall I grade the draft a C-.
  13. 2 Weeks of Richard Sherman

    It was that wrestling BS. I can't watch 2 weeks of that stuff, I'll bust up my TV
  14. He'll be on every outlet showing how ignorant he is. I'd rather watch an endless loop of Dr. Oz.
  15. From Joe Reedy's twitter: Guenther on if he's talked to Zimmer: "We've talked briefly. He's kind of mad at me right now, so you've got to understand that."