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  1. Sam Adams

    I agree in general. However, it could be different this year. It will be a buyer's market. There will be a lot of players released due to the salary cap and fewer teams that have room to sign FAs. The Bengals should be one of the more competitive teams that is under the cap enough to sign a players I think if we look around carefully we can get a really valuable defensive player for about what he is worth (he might still be expensive but it won't require OVERpaying).
  2. Chris Hope FA - Merged Threads

    I'd a lot rather draft a safety and sign a free agent d-lineman. I think d-lineman is the hardest position to evaluate in college because the willingness to get pounded all game is harder to judge when the guy is used to hitting the smaller players that he mostly will encounter in college. I'd rather have someone who's already proven he has a motor and loves to hit people just for the fun of it (rather than to impress scouts to sign a big contract as a first round draft pick).
  3. Offseason Duties

    I think the future of Simmons will depend on the continued development of Landon Johnson and, even more important, whether Nate Webster returns at 100% - Marvin really loved him.
  4. A little about Marvin

    The defense could stop the run. What they couldn't stop was the pass (particularly the short pass to tight ends)
  5. Wow. What a year! I'm exhausted.

    Actually, that was the reason I was pretty sure the Bengals would not make it this year - no 49ers!
  6. ProFootballTalk.com - THE REAL STORY

    And one long snapper and holder ruining a chance to score right after halftime.
  7. Marvin Must Go!

    This is pretty clearly not the case. You have only to look at how they played the first half of the game. The Bengals might end up as the only team to even have the lead against Pittsburgh at any time during the playoffs (and that was with Kitna at QB).
  8. The Game Thread - Pitt v. Cinci

    I hope the Bengals lose the toss, take the ball away from Pittsburgh on their first series, and give our offense the confidence of knowing they don't have to score every time the Bengals have the ball. I forgot what a horrible sick feeling it is when your team plays in a really big game. The amount of pain there is after a loss is greater than the amount of joy after a win. You just hope you can keep the positive in mind if your team happens to lose.
  9. How did Palmer do against Iowa?

    Both ND and Iowa were ranked in the top five defenses at the time USC played them. Both of them beat my Wolverines that year and held them to very few points. I was astounded watching Carson just pick their defenses apart. It was like there wasn't even an opposing team on the field with USC. I knew while watching the Rose Bowl that the Bengals had the number one draft pick and just hoped beyond hope that they wouldn't screw up and pick Leftwich or someone like that (or trade the pick like a lot of fans wanted). Thank goodness! It's a lot easier to fill in needs on the defense than to find a franchise QB like Palmer. The Bengals will just improve. I don't expect them to win today, but I will expect it by the end of next season!
  10. Pro Bowl

    I do think Roethlisburger should be first alternate instead of Jake the Snake (or whoever it was). Also, Hines Ward WAS first alternate (he could have been selected but you can't really complain about who was chosen instead at WR). I don't think the Squealers did that badly.
  11. Best Praise Chad will ever have

    As long as Palmer stays healthy.
  12. Five questions for Marvin Lewis

    [quote name='TDB' date='Dec 21 2005, 02:59 AM' post='11684 Where did you get the slogan 'Expand Your Role'? " I haven't heard any examples of Marvin using this slogan, but wouldn't it be a direct contradiction to "Do your job"?
  13. Squealers fans still Squealing

    Well, to be honest, Tommy Maddux lost two of the five. He's not considered a real Steeler. However, it is a good example of why it's so important to keep Kitna on our team. You never know when your QB can suffer an injury
  14. Bengal Records / Milestones Continue To Fall

    Even 15-3 sounds good (in case we get the first round bye)
  15. BigDaddy wanting to be a bengal again?

    That's because (with Katy's help), Mikey recognized that Marvin was someone he could rely on to run the franchise. In other words, Mikey is the leader of the "In Marvin We Trust" club.