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  1. Tank Johnson visits Bengals

    If we can get tank for the right price then it would be a good move to bring him in. He has had some trouble in the past so thats definitely a concern, but its not like this is a pacman situation were he continues to get in trouble.
  2. Women in NFL?

    What about a female coach?
  3. FIRE MARVIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    like who? Marty Schottenheimer
  4. Perry & Chad Practicing Right Now

    That bubble is the difference between a 2-6 and 6-2 record.
  5. Calais Campbell sounds good to me.

    Hell they will be lucky to even win one more game. This team has quit maybe they get lucky against the Rams, 49ers, and Dolphins. Maybe they show some life and get 2 out of 3 with those games and finish at 4-12
  6. Mike Brown speaks/No GM

    I wouldn't believe anything an owner said. They are so full of s**t that anything they say in an interview shouldn't be taken serious. How many times has an owner or GM gave the coach the "vote of confidence" only for them to be fired in the offseason.
  7. Young Washed Up Dude Alert

    I agree with that. The guy was an absolute beast in College. What harm could it do to give this guy a tryout? It's not like we don't need help in the red zone. Alot of guys were "beast's" in college and aren't worth a damn in the pro's. The Raiders have junk at WR and if he is not good enough to hang on there for his former college coach he is done. Moss looked like trash with the Raiders but at least he started. This guy was buried way down on the depth chart, and I can only assume for a good reason.
  8. Ahmad Brooks

    The curse of the s**tty ass defense.
  9. Losman to Start vs. Bengals

    Damn good week to have Marshawn Lynch on your fanasty team.
  10. Losman to Start vs. Bengals

    Thank god Antonio Chatman is back this offense is about to turn around.
  11. The Bubble Talk Is Back

    Wow...thats sad.
  12. Have you lost your trust in Marvin Lewis

    When the Browns hung 51 on us is the day I lost "trust".
  13. Losman to Start vs. Bengals

    Edwards looked pretty bad. Losman is better but thats not saying a lot.
  14. Young Washed Up Dude Alert

    This guy is trash I'd pass.