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  1. Bengals vs Eagles

    I expect Pollack to play at least 2 quarters. Thurman has been playing a good three quarters it seems, and Pollack needs as much in-game practice as possibly.
  2. Warrick or Washington?

    If Warrick isn't healthy, keep Washington. If Warrick is healthy, cut Washongton as much as it may hurt some. Kevin Walters can do everything Washington can, and has shown to have better hands, and can play special teams.
  3. Plizz do me a favor!!

    Welcome to the Bengalszone Swordsman! Glad to have you here. You're one of the growing number of Euros we have joining us. We had a Torrent going around of the Ravens game. Hey Skyline! You "Torrent" alot of things. Can you help "Frenchy" out here? where is this torrent of the Raven's game???
  4. Bengals 1st 6 games, can we win them all??

    Exactly what I was thinking! Anything less than 4-2 is unacceptable. I say 5-1, we split Jacksonville/Minnesota, and win the rest.
  5. Attention Bengalszone Fantasy League #3 Players

    I may be a few minutes late. I'll be away from a computer from about 6:30 - 7.
  6. 2004 season highlights

    no it seems they don't. Hmm they worked last time I tried them!
  7. 2004 season highlights

    my apologies if these are already posted somewhere: Miami http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp Denver http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp Dallas http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp Washington http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp Cleveland http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp Baltimore http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp Giants http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp Philadelphia http://play.rbn.com/?url=nfl/nfl/open/nflf...k.rm&proto=rtsp
  8. Who's Jersey

    I bought a palmer jersey last month. Wouldn't mind having a pollack one too!
  9. Something good about...

    He will? I see Schoebel continuing to get better. He will go very much under the radar this year with defenses keying on Rudi, CJ, and TJ. I think both Henry and Schoebel will put up some good numbers this year.
  10. Attention Fantasy Footballers!

  11. Where will our losses come from?

    Why do you think we'll lose to Minnesota at home, but beat Indy? Because our defense will still be learning, or is it Indy being out of the dome? Just curious. I think Minnesota is a super bowl contender. They lost Moss, but they still have a pretty good offense. THey've significantly updated their defense. Very dangerous team. I think our defense will still be gelling then. I didn't even really think about the Indy game. Our D will be in good shape by then. And our D will be better than theirs.
  12. Where will our losses come from?

    I"m going to guess At Jacksonville, at pittsburgh, minnesota at home (this could go both ways), and at baltimore. 12-4 ain't bad. These are just guesses. I don't think theres any game that we'll be out of.
  13. Attention Fantasy Footballers!

    do I know you? And no, that call was clear as day. People are just bitter because they were stupid enough to claim we had no business being in the game in the first place. Guess they were wrong.
  14. Attention Fantasy Footballers!

    is it good enough for you yet?
  15. Attention Fantasy Footballers!

    yea it's a yahoo league. There are 3 of us in at the moment. Maybe try again?