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  1. Do You Have Bengals Superstitions ??

    My son was born the Wednesday after the Broncos loss, so every Sunday since, I've sat on the couch and held him during the last 2:00 of the game as they've pulled out the win. Hopefully he won't be needed as the "good luck charm" this week because I'll be at the game...
  2. Bengals vs Cowboys game thread

    And yet, you act like you have the same comprehension of both football AND brain surgery. Here's comes "Defender" out of nowhere, what a coincidence. Can we just talk football? Why do you guys always have to feel compelled to start s**t. Try to post something that isn't such a waste of everyones time. That's rich, you accusing someone else of wasting everyone's time. As far as talking football, what in the world gives you the idea that this team has ANY "sure wins", much less coming against the Jets or the Jaguars, or the Browns and Ravens, WHO BEAT THE BENGALS ALREADY?!?! Considering how this team has played, I'll put the over/under at one victory coming out of those four games. Splitting with the Steelers? I'm not going to touch that one. The Texans beat the Colts by two TDs if they have their starting QB in yesterday, so you can't call that a sure win. And the Chiefs vs. the Bengals comes down to whoever loses that game less than the other team.
  3. Bengals vs Cowboys game thread

    And yet, you act like you have the same comprehension of both football AND brain surgery.
  4. Bengals Sign RB Cedric Benson

    How many people were complaining about not having Rudi Johnson this season? I'm not saying I'm a fan of him or the signing, but Benson should be the bowling ball compliment to Chris Perry's scat-back abilities (Benson and Rudi are the same size, 5'10" or 5"11" and 220-225). Obviously it's all predicated on the O line doing a half-way decent job at run blocking, which will be the make-or-break factor. The Bears never really had a stellar O line for Benson to run behind so this is probably a moot point.
  5. Bengals sign Jamar Fletcher

    Good release!
  6. Official Bengals @ Giants Game Thread.

    Me too, and with Marvin Lewis' brillance at making halftime adjustments, this game is all but sewn up!!!
  7. Official Bengals @ Giants Game Thread.

    I swear Levi is going to be responsible for the involuntary manslaughter of Carson Palmer before the end of the year
  8. What's Mike Brown's mindset

    I've never heard that. I think that gives me more insight into this guys motivations than anything I've heard before. I think he's a guy, who, despite the best intentions, just isn't wired the same way his dad was. What I'm trying to figure out is if he's the diabolical Kenneth Lay-type I keep seeing him portrayed as. I mean, it infuriates me that he's as stubborn as he is, thinks he knows things that no one else knows, and as a result makes one of my favorite teams a punch-line. Is he just a Gomer Pyle, an Ebeneezer Scrooge, or somewhere in the middle?
  9. I'm looking for some serious thoughts about what he might be thinking. Does he think they're thisclose? Does he beleive that it's just coincedence that there's been one winning season since he took over complete control? That it's always the NFL and/or the other clubs trying to screw him and it's everyone else in the world's fault but his? Smartass responses are welcome, but please hold the lame, "Oh, look!! A nickel!" (BTW, best post gets a free Rudi Johnson avatar)
  10. Agreed, Mike Brown will never permit this franchise to progress into a consistent winner. My point was that three yrs ago there was plenty of evidence to show that this ship had turned. Marvin Lewis (or Mike Brown) had us all believing that he was the one who was calling the operational shots. That was before the character issues had reared its ugly head, Marvin hadn't had a losing season, and this was a young team that was progressing and looked like it was on the upswing. To tie it all together, you could blow off preseason because the Bengals gave you reason to believe that they could get it done when it mattered. Since then, everything is the exact opposite. Bad character, as much as injuries, has taken its toll, Marvin obviously hasn't had a winning season, and this team has consistently underachieved each of the last three yrs. Just like taking a gamble on a high-risk character player, the Bengals don't have the luxury of playing as bad in the preseason as they have this year and getting people to believe that good things can happen despite what we've seen the previous three games.
  11. No no, you got it wrong. The score and the wins / losses in preseason are meaningless. How your starters look, how ever, is not... Chad getting injured the way he did is certainly not. Our OLine looking as bad as it has looked in 4-5yrs... That works the other way too.. Our D looks better.. is that meaningless? Simpson, Rivers, Sims and Shirley have shown great potential.. meaningless? Yeah. Oh and hello everyone, this is my first post here. Welcome. Great post out of the gate: I totally agree. The style of play tends to be indicative of how the regular season will turn out. I've seen very little reason to be dismissive of how they've played during the preseason. I just don't know how to get optimistic about how this team will play come September.
  12. Just got Bengalszone.com mentioned on Sirius

    How much they enjoy Hoosier and HoF's lively banter!
  13. IF MARVIN desides to move on after this season?

    I'd say put him on sand-bag duty, but he'd just F that up and start filling them up with leaves because "they're cheaper and you can't really tell a difference."
  14. When Showing Off Goes Wrong.

    The best advice I could ever give you, besides altering your bromance for Chris Henry, is to completely deny that you ever saw that movie.
  15. He is back.

    This move instantly makes me more cynical and pessimistic about this team than ShulaSteakhouse ever could hope to be.