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  1. THE CHANGES THREAD...Marvin to return

    I think Harbaugh is going to end up in Michigan.
  2. Shut out of the Pro Bowl

    Agreed. IMHO Dunlap deserves to without question, but Gresham doesn't. In fact, it can be argued that Gresham has been no better than the 4th or 5th best rookie TE. He and Shipley are among the rookie leaders in receptions but his fumble in Indy and a few dunder-headed penalties hurt this team much like Whit did when things were still meaningful. All rookies make mistakes. That's what they do. But even if the mistakes are overlooked I have to reluctantly admit that I'm underwhelmed by Greshams production numbers. Granted, his total catches stand out but his yardage totals are modest. In fact, Gresham's average gain per catch is pathetic, and he hasn't come close to being the red zone threat most expected. And not only has he been outproduced by two Patriot rookies who share snaps, Gronkowski and Hernandez, but his numbers are only marginally better, and sometimes worse, than several other rookie TE's who have played far less. Those include the Chief's Tony Moeaki, the Saint's Jimmy Graham, and the Ram's Michael Hoonomoonapunafanoonah....whose last name I never bother spelling correctly. And then there's blocking to consider. Gresham has been as advertised...which translates to mostly hit or miss. Meanwhile, Gronkowski already ranks amongst the best blocking TE's in the NFL and with the exception of total catches his recieving numbers are far superior, including averaging more than 3 yards more per catch. More than twice as many TD's as well. And again, he's managed that while sharing the ball with another rookie TE with better numbers than Gresham. Add it all up and I'm guessing Gresham would finish no higher than 4th best in the AFC for rookie TE honors. Don't forget the Patriots also know how to make user of their talent. The same cannot be said for Brat. Gresham has made the most of the opportunities he's been given. Most of his routes of been short outs, curls, or screens. Gronkowski and Hernanadez actually get to run routes down the field.
  3. Daddy Gets Some Love!

    To be perfectly honest, unless the whole family dies with him in some freak accident, things will probably get worse when Mikey dies. Katie is waiting in the wings, and that's a scary thought. On that note, you have to give him a little bit of credit for the "success" of the last few years. For the most part, he's let Marvin do his thing and that has resulted in two division championships. You can't blame him for the losing and not give him credit for the winning. That's a double standard.
  4. Whats your best bad old day memory?

    Wow, how can you go with that game and not say the left handed interception thrown by Frerotte? That was more embarrassing than a winded 300lb lineman, IMO. It wasn't just Oliver Gibson. That whole winded beat down defense summed up everything bad about the organization. Coaches, facilities, training. All horrible. Do you remember Willie Anderson bragging about the new towels during training camp? They didn't have a conditioning program back then. That's why we always sucked during the first half of the year and picked it up in the second. No I don't remember him bragging about towels. My mind must have put a block on that ridiculous memory.
  5. Whats your best bad old day memory?

    Wow, how can you go with that game and not say the left handed interception thrown by Frerotte? That was more embarrassing than a winded 300lb lineman, IMO.
  6. New Angle - What is the Bengals weakness?

    The thing is, Brat didn't just suddenly become predictable last year when he didn't have much to work with. He's been that way for at least the last three years. I know Brat isn't the worst OC in the league, but it seems like there's never anything new. There was one play last year against the Vikings where Chad faked and end-around and ended up catching a screen and scoring a TD. How come we don't see more things like that? It's like he's been using the same plays since 2003 and hasn't added anything to it. Carson kind of confirmed that when he said this is the biggest change to the playbook since he's been here. The playbook should probably change from year to year based on your personnel. Instead of playing to the strengths of the people he has, he keeps trying to get people to fit his playbook. You can't do that. You have to adapt. He's never been able to adapt to anything. Ugh. Rant over. I hope we see a much better offense this year, but I will not be sad when Brat is no longer here.
  7. It Is What It Is

    Or is it....the other way around? There is nothing more pathetic than a grown man (or whatever you are) hanging on another man's jock. He did tank the freaking season. He said it AND wrote it. Read his book if you don't believe us. If you need help with comprehension, let us know. We'll help. Hell, we could make you another Hooked on Phonics success story.
  8. John Clayton has a nice wrap up on Mini Camp

    Jones may look slow, but he's 6'6" and has a long stride. I'll wait til the preseason to see him play before I make any judgments on him.
  9. Rod Woodson in a Bengals Cap

    As would I. His experience would be a tremendous asset to this team. Rod was also part of many championship teams, or at least, Superbowl teams. He knows what it takes to get there.
  10. Rumor - 2nd Round pick for Haynesworth

    Haynesworth is showing himself to be more undependable than LocoOcho. I really don't know whether trading for him or keeping Ocho is the bigger gamble. I think we should just hang on to Chad and go into the season the way things are. Besides, according to Mike Shanahan, Haynesworth had until April 1 to find a team to trade with. It seems they're gonna play hard ball with him like the Bengals did with Chad.
  11. Hey Joe, me love you long long time?

    Haha, me too.
  12. Happy Birthday Ron Mexico!

    Thanks, guys. It was a pretty good day.
  13. It Is What It Is

    Stop with this Marvin endorsed it bulls**t. Marvin's not OK with it. He's smart enough to know he doesn't have Chad contractually obligated to show up, so he wisely keeps his mouth shut. But when his team leader starts complaining in the press, I'd guess Marvin smiles. Accountability to the team, as dictated by the team leader. Just about how good teams are run. So Marvin said it was OK because he didn't have a choice? Carson is the Boss? What does Coach do? Carson complaining to the press is weak. What does it accomplish? PFT, ESPN articles. Bungle comments. Second hand communication with Chad. Chad wasn't showing up regardless so Marvin decided to go the route of least resistance? Or does any of us know what the outcome would have been if Marvin said No? Are we disputing whether or not Chad asked permission? Im done with talking about Chad. Ill remove myself from Chad topics. Taking lead from TJ - I dont want new readers thinking that this forum is unnecessarily negative in a relatively good time in Bengals history. I repeat myself about Marvin because if an issue is perceived then Marvin, Carson, Chad should take care of it. But the first inkling of anything going wrong its automatically Chads fault. Marvin and Carson infallible? I dont think so, but everyone here is only prepared to go the easy route and blame Chad. Maybe this makes it easier - The whole Ravens team missed the last week of OTAs. All 90 of their players. Go USA!!! Who Dey Carson didn't run to the press and complain. He was asked a question and answered it honestly. Did you expect him to go all "next question" like Drew Rosenwhore? Marvin hasn't said anything because he can't force Chad to be there. That doesn't equal approval. You say everyone is taking the easy way blaming Chad. Is it someone else's fault he's not here? He is the one making the decision to not be here and learn the changes in the playbook. I really don't think it's a big deal he's not here. The other receivers could use the extra work and I think Chad will be able to pick up everything fine before the season starts. That being said, your logic for defending Chad he is pathetic.
  14. Happy Birthday Skyline!

    I agree. Good thread. The only thing left is for a complete melt down and pissing war between the Chad lovers and Chad haters....
  15. Chad has lost the hunger

    Sure, discussions involving Chad surely bring more than football to the table. He does have THAT going for him...