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  1. Bengals/Steelers Game Thread

    stay in watever position u were in for that play...BUTTERFLY EFFECT PEOPLE!!
  2. Secondary Tackling

    I found it hilarious that 2 guys wiffed on the same play with the same "technique". Somebody wrap him up or dive above the waist!
  3. We beat the Ravens this week.

    we SHOULD beat the ravens cuz this time, chris perry isnt in there to spot them 7. Is it just me or does he get no acceleration while returning the kick? Holt looked pretty good (compared to perry)
  4. Weekly Prayers...

  5. CP Press Conference

    the 2nd half of the chargers game looked awfully familiar...any1 remember the 2nd Ravens game last year? they were catching up but there wasn't enough time for them to beat us. I guess this time it bit us in the ass. The deal is that we're still in it but if we lose one more game, we got .01% chance of making the playoffs. WAIT! make that .02%
  6. Marvin included Braham when mentioning players that are close to returning so i'm assuming that richie was never ruled out for this season. i'm just hoping its not too late when he returns.
  7. Odell Arrested/1 year suspension official

    The REAL problem is that they somehow keep getting caught! For SOME reason, the cops are always there when a Bengal is doin something against the law...
  8. ::harry carey's voice:: HEY! why dont they put Kimo on the cover?
  9. Is This Super Bowl Year

    IIRC, yes. Yes it is.
  10. Vote for Bengalszone

    To quote Dave Chappelle, vote's in b*atch!
  11. Vote for Bengals-Bills Game

    Here's our chance to FINALLY c the game so go to NFL.com and vote!!
  12. Bengal Cartoon

    wonder when they'll send me my emergency signal bracelet....
  13. Mountains out of Mole hills

    doug gottlieb on ESPN today slipped in a "bungle" when referring to us which was f'ing stupid...u think they'd realize that there's only about 5 players doin this s*** and NOT the whole team! we can survive 4 games with pollack, simmons, and landon as our LBs and we can survive without henry with our deep receiving core. cant wait for our actions on the field to shut these talking-heads the f***up! WHO-DEY B*ATCH!!!
  14. I just wanna know what Marvin found hilarious before they had him on!!! Anyone else smile when Marvin's having a laugh with the media? Maaaann, Marvin's laughter is damn contagious.