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  1. Revised Prognostications

    I know big Dre got some hate last time he was on the team but I'm so glad he's back he's the only good linemen we have atm.
  2. Tyler Boyd

    It's dumb but it's a couple of pens XD
  3. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Could have been better with a raven loss but I'll take it
  4. Zimmer or Jackson

    Well with the Vikings and Browns having seasons on par with us both very well could be available just wondering who people would prefer out of the two.... PS my vote is for Paul Alexander
  5. Revised Prognostications

    9-7 miss playoffs and watch Marvin get three more years XD...Just kidding looks like Hue and Maybe zimmer could be available after this season XD
  6. Is Andy Next?

    Dalton is making mistakes he has his faults but let's be real how many offensive teams won the super bowl if flacco can win a Super Bowl Dalton can he is not the problem it is our offensive line hands down as TJ would say give me a linemen bengals gave them two fairly early and they both failed Paul Alexander has not had a successful Oline sense 2006 besides whitworth and crew and how short lived was that
  7. Is Andy Next?

    Yeah that Oline may have had nothing to do with his bad throws but do you think Brady or Carson or manning would be making those throws behind this Oline
  8. Zampese just got fired

    If they release hill miss out on that 7th rnd comp pick
  9. Zampese just got fired

    All part of his master plan to become Head Coach because in His own eyes and Mike browns he's still a genius for the offensive line we had in 2006
  10. Zampese just got fired

    Have they though Paul is still here and it's still the worst Oline in football with our highly drafted tackles being complete shit with our lowely drafted interior
  11. Zampese just got fired

    Paul Alexander must have nude pictures of Katie or something to still have a job after so many years of being crap if ken gets fired after season and two games...
  12. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    I work in the kitchen at a sports bar I'm glad I'm to busy to follow the games...I saw the Geno sack AJs big catch and few of eriksons plays but outside of that just seemed like Dalton running for his life
  13. 15 seasons and no playoff wins.

    Well I'm unhappy with Marvin and believe depending how this season goes may be time for change I'm just amaZed how Paul Alexander still has a job
  14. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Can't wait until Paul Alexander is our head coach
  15. Was more looking for hoodies Lids seems pretty decent when it comes to hats