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  1. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    He's a bill,Getting better with subtraction.
  2. Vontaze is going to miss some time XD

    Atleast this time it isn't for what he did on the field XD "Face Palm"
  3. I'll believe it when I see it happen,Linebackers is one weakest spots know defense so why would you trade the face and best one?
  4. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    Bengals seem to have better luck later in the draft and if he can stay healthy we get a good starter so I'd say it's a solid trade.
  5. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Agreed he’s fine by me also Daronte Jones for DB coach and not sure if posted yet but another Lions coach coming to help with the Dline overall Like how the new coaching staff looks...
  6. Potential Coaching Candidates

    PA is a good coach ?He had one great Oline with Levi steinbach bucket Bobbie and Willie? sense thenHe’s had a couple of okay lines only because Whitworth and Zeitler outside of that the guy has done nothing.
  7. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Right? You’d expect them to go with the guys they been thinking about last week but they were like nope Pollack is the guy and made it happen...Again even if it’s led by Marvin still like how our coaching staff is looking ps,Though I do question the DB coach not old enough to drive if that does happen
  8. Potential Coaching Candidates

    What makes it even better talk about Alexander going to the Cowboys XD
  9. Potential Coaching Candidates

    When he had talent with the Lions he did fine,He has a lot more talent here to work with then the lions had
  10. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Think I’ve been calling for it sense days of the Dancing Bear and Roland the swing door.
  11. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Snoop dog picks a new team each year
  12. Holy crap.....

    It’s late but it still makes me happy because now in two years I don’t have to worry about the possibility he will become head coach
  13. Lewis given 2 year contract

    Can Paul Alexander atleast lose his job to give me some hope?
  14. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    We finally have a 100yard rusher in a game only took playing the browns