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  1. Second Round Pick: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

    So much for Tate getting more of a role xD Ross well he just can't stay healthy anyways.
  2. Third Round Pick: Logan Wilson, LB, Wyoming

    Love it now gimme linemen in rnd 4 unless maybe if moss is available xD
  3. Third Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Linebacker I would hope unless they can find a vet via trade.
  4. Second Round Pick: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

    Wonder what this means for AJ?One more year and gone?4year deal? Trade for LB or Oline? XD
  5. Second Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Damn Steelers last year,Damn Ravens this year....
  6. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    21 of 58 targets would be happy with a sammwhich
  7. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    I figured after the Tom Brady mask on that jy was going to go about deflated balls.
  8. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Whelp saints expected block the Bengals Bring hue back as a DC? xD
  9. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Sounds like hos deal was improved 1.8 million. And runs to 2022
  10. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Well at this rate we may have to dip in to the highschool ranks again.
  11. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    They guy knew how to shake a ketchup bottle like no other.
  12. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    What Coaches are still employed by us just simmons or?
  13. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Is that so? thought I had read somewhere could agree to terms,On the brightside Dolphins have to wait as well...Downside more and more chance we risk not getting the coaches he wants. " wonder if his dad Bill would join the staff as O-line coach. " I thought his dad was in play as well,Doesn't seem likely we'd get him as a O-line Coach where there is talk the Redskins verywell block us for OC.
  14. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Because only one owner left who voted agaonst goddell
  15. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Well least there is some fresh excitement...abit worried only one a successful team this year though.