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  1. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    This was the most of a game i was able catch this season, Glad it was competitive just wish it mattered.
  2. Current 2019 Draft Position

    Okay with a loss to the Raiders but will still root to beat the steelers no matter how it effects draft position...
  3. Austin Canned

    Simmons is the assistant head coach right?
  4. Austin Canned

    He probably wants to practice for when he returns to being a coordinator XD all in all I'm happy with the move time for Marvin to Sink or Swim...
  5. Week 10- Saints Talk

    Never trust the heart how does austin still have a job fire him and lwt marvin run defense rest of the year...HELL hue would pribably be a better DC
  6. Week 10- Saints Talk

    My brain says we will get destroyed my heart says theres a chance...Ill stick with thr heart how ever small chance it is
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Noticed talking heads calling him soft that the new oline already has dallas playing more physical
  8. Week 9 - Bye Week Talk

    Well Marvin use to love to Draft Linebackers but they wearnt really panning out either...Maybe try free agenecy someone besides a one year bargin deal.
  9. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    So we drafted cedric because how he uses katchup....
  10. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    2-2-1 steelers should not be takeb lightly...AFCN gonna be a tough division this year.
  11. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    Cant wait to have burfict back,Though we need to give the guy a leather helmet with how The refs are this year.
  12. Week 4 - Falcons talk

    Most of a game i got to watch this season and it was only second half big win.sucks losing more players to injurys sense we were just about to get abunch of guys back.
  13. A few things from last night

    1. -To be fair people always complain if we play conservative with the lead,but ya at the time doesn't make much sense. 2. -Yup may need resign him soon or he's gonna walk like rest of greens 2#'s 3. -Few flags but yea overall looking good,Still have to get better in the rune game. 4. Yup both were stud's wondering what the heck has happened to Lawson this season. 5. Yup need both of those guys back defiantly sems like the weakest group on the team. 6. XD And lastly 7. Yea Shaun surprised me that game made a few awesome plays. from what I was able to catch of the game.
  14. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck okay maybe not so bad thank God