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  1. Bengals resign Chris Crocker

    Ifeanyi Ohalete...see free steaming pile of goose poop in my yard
  2. Looking Better

    Yeah...well I'm pretty much a full-blown infidel...I'm a drama teacher now for an American high school over there...And I love...BTW gas is 40 cents a gallon...I know, bastards
  3. Looking Better

    Thanks...been living in Saudi, but I'm home for the summer...how u been, ya dirty dog?
  4. Looking Better

    If we win more than 8 games then Zimmer is Moses leading our kitties (I was gonna say pu**ies but I knew I'd lose half od ye derelicts). While we definately have enough talent on offense (and I sometimes wonder what things would look like with Zampese at the horn instead of Brat-I sometimes feel he holds us back a little)...but there is little reason why this young group should compete at a high level. I believe secretly they(coaches) are hoping for an exciting resurgence with some promise like Marvin's first year and begin our real push in '09.
  5. Interesting Bengals-Cardinals points

    Back to stay, I hope...good to see you as a 5-0 hoosier
  6. Interesting Bengals-Cardinals points

    ox, you still marred? I think the over under for that was 8.2 months
  7. Carson's at it again...

    Thank you army bengal...i'm sitting here trying to think of a good reason to tell my wife that i should be drinking rumm, while already drinking rumm, which makes the thinking funny...to stay on topic...go bengals?
  8. Carson's at it again...

    The reason I think Carson is a great leader is becase in public he puts everything on himself. He accurately sees no benefit to calling out teamates to the media. Astonishingly Peyton did, a great leader in his own right, but a miscalculation none the less. However, it is impossible for Carson to hide the strength of his true leadership, which is the ability to be disapointed with others, (almost as much as he is in himself) while on the field, on the sideline, and in the locker room. I truly believe and have heard aluded to how he lets players know they let him down and the team down. I saw it this last game. After mohawk boy had fumbled, and then he threw a ball to him which hit him in the hands and he dropped it, there was clear frustration on his face. I had to backup the Tivo and then freeze it on his expression but it was there. For that face Chad was not looking forward to huddling up...he was going to have to face that disappointment. That's a great leader...he makes those around him better, through humility to others, accountability with his teamates. I truly believe there isn't a single player on either side of the ball which he wouldn't be afraid to show that disapointment to. It's his leadership which is such a great compliment to Marvin's inspiration which give Odell and Chris a fighting chance to turn things around. Either that or I'm just hung over.
  9. A source familiar with his plans said that LaVar Arrington is talking seriously with other teams and has no plans to revisit the Giants.' It is believed that the Cincinnati Bengals have become the front-runner for his services, and he's expected to visit there in the coming days. -- New York Daily News ...bring him on...I'm tired of seeing the Browns, Redskins, and Dolphins get all of the goodies...
  10. DT --> Position of NEED

    This draft is way too deep in DT's for a guy like Marvin to take one in the first round. We are drafting for the future and will get a punch you in the mouth safety or DE, maybe even LB. I think there is zero chance we take a DT in the first...probably not until the 3rd, but the 2nd wouldn't be all that surprising. The same is true for TE's. Marvin has been waiting for a draft like this one...deep in 2-3 of the positions we need the most.
  11. Is Simmons on his way out?

    Simmons doesn't have a leadership bone in his body...nor does anyone on defense. Odell can fire guys up, but that isn't really leadership. Leadership brings out the best in people...Marvin has leadership...Zampese has leadership...Carson's got leadership, but not as much as Kitna (yet). Currently Pollack is the guy with the most leadership potential on D. Last year he could do nothing but try to catch up and switch between positions. If he could stay at DE it would do more for the defense than positional clarification and excellence. The Browns just got a great leader in Willie McGinnest...Obviously the Ravens have a great leader in Ray Lewis...Porter seems to be the standard-bearer in Pittsburgh, but I don't think he was/is very good at it. Marvin has tried desperately to bring in veterans he thought could provide some of that...James, Webster, Deltha, Herring, and Hardy. None of them have worked out. If Pollack can move into that leadership role, we will be a force...of course some power and hitting (Adams, Arrington, and Jackson) can't hurt.
  12. Lavar Arrington: The Saga Continues

    Thanks for the kind words, it's nice to see that most of you bastards are still hanging around. God bless.
  13. If You were coach who would not be on team??

    Heavens knows I'm not a stickler on spelling, but if we mispell Thornton one more time in this thread it will break a record which dates all the way back since we drafted Madieu...not to mention the most schizophrentic captilization since the invention of the "caps lock" key.
  14. Lavar Arrington: The Saga Continues

    I want Arrington, I want Adams, I want that Chatman boy...I don't want to ever have to look at our bench and see a primate impersonator named Oha-anything and say, yeah, he's the best we got, put in the turd. Merry Christmas Iffy, enjoy selling shoes.
  15. Lavar Arrington: The Saga Continues

    I just realized this was posted on the other thread...my bad...I'd delete it, but I can't figure out why or how
  16. DE and DT left

    Here is the sheet on Sam Adams... I think the guy can still play a couple of years Pro Career 2004: Named to his third Pro Bowl in five years in 2004 after finishing the season with 40 tackles and five sacks…Adams' dominance on the defense line transcended individual statistics, as he played a huge role in the Bills' No. 2 overall defensive ranking in '04, including ranking 7th against the run. 2003: Was second on the Bills with 5.0 sacks. Registered two tackles, one sack, one quarterback pressure, and one interception that he returned 37 yards for a touchdown to become only the fourth Bills defensive lineman to score a touchdown on an interception versus New England (9/7). 2002: Joined the Raiders as a free agent signing on August 18 and played in 15 regular season games and made 14 starts at DT. Adams had two sacks to bring his career total to 29.0. 2001: Appeared in 14 games with 14 starts at defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Also started both of the Ravens postseason contests. Adams Recorded two sacks to bring his career total to 27.0. He also was selected to his second straight Pro Bowl and earned All Pro honors from Pro Football Weekly, Football News, and College & Pro Football Weekly. 2000: Signed with Baltimore as a free agent on April 17, 2000 and went on to start all 16 regular season games at defensive tackle for eventual Super Bowl Champion Ravens. Adams earned his first career Pro Bowl selection and was chosen as a starter on the AFC squad. He was a key contributor to the Ravens Super Bowl champion squad that also boasted the NFL's top-ranked defense. Adams finished with 69 tackles, five forced fumbles (tied for team-lead), one fumble recovery and two sacks. 1999: Started 13 games for the Seahawks and finished with 38 tackles (31 solo), 2 sacks, a fumble recovery and 2 passes defensed 1998: Adams finished his fifth season with the Seahawks with 31 tackles (28 solo), 2 sacks and a 25-yard INT for a TD. He also was named the Seahawks 1998 Man of the Year for his community involvement. 1997: Adams played 16 games and made 15 starts at defensive tackle for the Seahawks and was selected as a Pro Bowl alternate at DT. He set single-season highs for the second consecutive season in tackles with 52 and sacks (7). 1996: Adams played 16 games for Seattle and made 14 starts at left tackle. He finished the season with 41 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 11 tackles for loss, three passes defensed, three forced fumbles and one fumble recovery - all career highs. 1995: In his second NFL season with Seattle, Adams appeared in 16 games (5 starts) registering 26 tackles (15 solo), 3 sacks and 4 passes defensed. He scored the first points of his career when he sacked Mark Brunnell for a safety in Game 10 at Jax (11/12). 1994: As a rookie with the Seahawks, Adams played the last 12 games and made 7 starts - six at left end and one at left tackle. He missed the first four games due to a knee sprain suffered in the preseason finale at SF (8/26). Adams was credited with 27 tackles (20 solo), 4 sacks, 6.0 tackles for loss, and 4 passes defensed on the year. He ended the season tied for the team lead in sacks. College Career Three-year starter. Consensus first-team All-America in 1993 by Associated Press, Kodak, United Press International, and the Walter Camp Foundation. First-team All-Southwest Conference pick in 1993 by Associated Press, Football News, Austin American-Statesman, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Houston Chronicle, Houston Post, and Waco Tribune-Herald. Led team in big plays (51.5), tackles for loss (13), sacks (10.5), quarterback pressures (16), assisted tackles (33), forced fumbles (5), and fumble recoveries (3), while collecting 78 tackles. First-team All-SWC in 1992 after collecting 56 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, and 4.5 sacks. Conference Newcomer of the Year as a freshman in 1991 and first-team freshman All-America choice by Football News. Finished his career with 169 total tackles, 23 tackles for loss, and 20.5 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries, and 2 interceptions. Also was a member of the track team throwing the shot and discus. Agricultural Economics major. Personal Bio Prep Southwest Defensive Player of the Year and state 5A high school shot put champion at Cypress Creek High School in Houston, Texas. Rated the second best shot putter in the nation while in high school. His father, Sam, Sr., played guard at Prairie View A&M and for the New England Patriots (1972-80) and New Orleans Saints (1981). Works with Junior Achievement. Hosts an annual charity billiards tournament. Hosts underprivileged children at all home games in a special section called the “Epicenter.” Lives in Redmond with his wife, Erika, and their son, Terin (2/26/97), and daughter, Tea Alexis (5/10/99).
  17. Mock Draft Database

    This is the best and most often updated database I've seen. http://www.hailredskins.com/MockDraft.htm By the way, can anybody remember a game (like todays) that you wish would break a record for most NFL injuries in 60 minutes...God, I hate both teams I guess I'm rooting for the Steelers since I like more of their players...I like Kimo (regardless), Polly, and Bettis (kind of), Cowher (kind of)...but it's almost trumped by my intense hate of Ward and Benji, and all LB's. I do like Lynch as a person but he is dirty and gets away with it with all of "who me" looks. And Shanny makes me want to drink a quart of bile. They are kinda of similar since people can't stop their running game very well...Steelers with brutality and Broncos with scheme.
  18. I say offend the entire division...Pullout a terrible rag with brown stains on it and wrap up a dead raven...then do some kind of tiger stomp on it and give it to Bettis as a retirement gift. Actually I'll take all of that for an exchange of another Big Ben howling a "NOOO!!!!" after his second (or was it his 3rd) pick...some fresh Hines tears...or a half dozen Cowher scowls.
  19. Bengal Quiz

    Take a guess at the following... hint, they are mostly in alphabetical order (except for the 1st one since it has 3 answers) answers at the bottom Who (3) doesn’t go by his first name? Who plays the trumpet? Who is into riding motorcycles? Who doesn’t have a middle name? Who’s middle name is Kuta? Who is the guardian of 2 college-aged cousins? Who has built 3 houses in Honduras? Who was student body president? Who speaks at church youth groups? Who enjoys skeet shooting? Who won state in wrestling? Who is fluent in German? Get 1 right...above average 2 right...kind of a rabid fan 3 right...stalker in the making 4 right...you're scaring me 5 right...you have absolutely no life 6 right...probably collect spare pubes from public restrooms 7 right...consider this your intervention 8 right...welcome to our planet 9 right...back away from the site, dude 10 right...cheater (and this doesn't even count) 11 right...your last name is Hobson 12 right...you created Hobson (Michael)Graham… (Raymond)C. Perry…and James (Washington), Levi, Duane, TJ, Reggie, Jon, Caleb, Deltha, Pollack, Schobel, St. Louis, Stewart
  20. In my opinion our 5 most crucial guys getting injured would have been as follows... 1. Carson 2. Levi 3. Deltha 4. Chad 5. Madieu I can't even imagine what our team would have been with him...I know everybody has injuries and that's a part of the NFL...but one can dream can't he. I would also have to take Shayne into consideration, along with Willie and maybe Odell. But everybody that saw Madieu last year was saying probowl this year. He really improved KK's work too which is another sign of a great player, making those around him better.
  21. Game of the Week on NFL Network

    In the spirit of the Bengals winning it's first divisional title in a couple of years I am offering free DVD's (courtesy of Big O piracy Inc.) of the Game of the Week to anyone wanting one. Even if you saw the game, this is truly a treasure and perhaps the best possible activity during family gatherings on Christ's birthday(He would be proud). All you need to do is PM me your name and address and I'll send these out next week (first 50 only).
  22. Marvin Lewis LOVES "Golden Showers"

    Carl Powell
  23. 1st Round Bye/Playoffs/Final Weekend Scenario

    Doing a little bracketology I think it goes like this... Scenario 1 1) Ind – bye 2) Cin – bye 3) Den vs. 6) SD 4) NE vs 5) Jax Denver beats SD NE beats Jax Cin beats Den Indy beats NE Cin beats Indy Cin plays Carolina??? Chad is crowned Nostrodamous Scenario 2 1) Ind – bye 2) Den – bye 3) Cin vs. 6) SD 4) NE vs 5) Jax Cin beats SD NE beats Jax Cin beats Den Indy beats NE Indy beats Cin Indy plays Carolina??? Chad spends a month in the desert trying to figure out how he read the tea leaves wrong. I think if we don't get a bye we have little chance beating (if even playing) Indy WIN OUT!!!
  24. Stillers.com picks

    But not these guys...there still dumber than a bag of hammers http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/story/NFL_SC-PRED
  25. Stillers.com picks

    At least these guys have an excuse...everybody knows they are homers and they never claimed to not be morons...what's funny is the so-called experts... http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/preview05/ne...tory?id=2152292 At least these "experts" seem to have learned there lesson http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/pickem;_ylt=An...0CuKLRt3WVDubYF check out the public vote so have these guys... http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/picks.htm Even Peter King is sending us his props http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/writ...k.14/index.html