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  1. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    Well, the lolling has a lot more to do with the fact that so many were angry that MB didn't spend $4+ million/year on a guy who couldn't stay healthy while he was in Cincy. Fanene's current injury is just more of the same... which shows why he wasn't worth that much money. So it didn't require a crystal ball. By that logic, it didn't require a crystal ball to foresee Ghee getting hurt again. (Or, for that matter, Pacman.) And what about letting the oft-injured Joseph walk while retaining the durable Hall? Oops. Again, I await the commencement of loling @ Mike Brown. Brandon Ghee is still on his rookie contract... so what's the complaint? The Joseph/Hall example doesn't hurt my point. This is football, and injuries happen. But it's not good practice to spend lots of money on guys who routinely can't play. But you win Hoosier. You and your comrades can bash Mike Brown unhindered by me. I don't want to do this anymore. This thread is the exemplification of an ethos that I have grown tired of. It's not fun anymore. I've asked Skyline to delete my account. Enjoy the season everyone.
  2. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    Well, the lolling has a lot more to do with the fact that so many were angry that MB didn't spend $4+ million/year on a guy who couldn't stay healthy while he was in Cincy. Fanene's current injury is just more of the same... which shows why he wasn't worth that much money. So it didn't require a crystal ball. That's why MB was vindicated... which has nothing to do with an injured rookie who was drafted in the 5th round or an inexpensive free agent guard who had been pretty durable. It's not the same thing at all.
  3. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    If the above statements represent your stance, then you have no reason to blame him when the team isn't successful. Either he's a hands-on owner and deserves credit, or he's a hands-off owner and simply signs the checks. When things go well, you can say he has nothing to do with it... but you cannot then blame him when things go poorly. Yet that is the way many (yourself included) continue to operate. It is inconsistent and disingenuous.
  4. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    Fine. You believe Mike Brown has given power to Marvin Lewis (whether that's true or not is anyone's guess). For the sake of argument, let's say it's true. If Mike Brown is now uninvolved with all of the good things that go into building a winner, then he can't be your scapegoat for every roster decision you don't like. That sword cuts both ways. If you want to blame Mike Brown for the loss of Fanene/Rucker, you have to credit him for all the good players that are on the roster. You can't have it both ways. That was entirely due to the Palmer theft trade Entirely? Do you think he would have received such praise if the Bengals had gone 0-16 like so many experts predicted? Mike Brown did get love for the Palmer trade... but mostly because the Bengals went to the playoffs without any of the benefits they received from that trade. That's right. Drafting Andy Dalton, AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham, Geno Atkins, Michael Johnson, and Carlos Dunlap had a little something to do with it. Additionally, the Bengals defense was a top 10 unit - in large part because of the free agents/trades Mike Brown executed (Thomas Howard, Manny Lawson, Nate Clements, and Reggie Nelson). None of the 10 players I've mentioned had anything to do with Carson Palmer. So either he's not a blind squirrel, or else Marvin Lewis is running the show. In either case, it's time to stop complaining about him.
  5. Bengals vs. Packers Gameday Thread

    I know it was only a preseason game, the schemes are vanilla, and the Bengals are dealing with a ton of injuries... but it's hard to watch that and not conclude that the Packers are a much better team than the Bengals. The Packers are loaded with veteran talent and were 15-1 last year while the Bengals are one of the youngest teams in the NFL that had many of their best players in street clothes... so that's not exactly brand new information - but it was disappointing nonetheless.
  6. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    If by giving Mike Brown credit you mean saying "He was lucky" and "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while" - then yes. Mike Brown was given credit. Yep. That's the sentiment I'm referring to. You've essentially admitted that you don't judge moves on their own merit... because Mike Brown is already guilty. I know the 90's sucked. Believe me. And I'm not asking you to forget about them - but they were over a decade ago and they bear very little resemblance to what the Bengals are currently doing. Under Mike Brown's direction, this franchise has been to the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years (and 3 of the last 7). Very few teams in the NFL can boast better. We'd all like to end the drought and get a playoff win... but analysts applaud Mike Brown for the current direction of the team (Hell, Mike Brown was named executive of the year by Peter King, Michael Lombardi, and Mike Florio among others last season), and suggest that he's done a very good job over the last several years. So the question remains... why is that so damned difficult to admit?
  7. Reds vs. Cardinals

    Might as well just bump this thread... keep the sweeping the Cardinals luck alive. A nice sweep here would put the Cardinals 10 games back of the Reds with only 33 games left in the season. That would be pretty insurmountable. Side note: As of this morning, the Reds magic number is 31. Too early for that?
  8. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    Well, "large numbers" is subjective. But it's a very vocal group who would die before admitting that Mike Brown did something smart. And there are plenty in that group that come to mind immediately. ShulaSteakhouse,, CheeselandBengal, KingWilly, TJJackson, and BengalPimp all come to mind pretty quickly in addition to the guys you mentioned that you have banned. And I'm sure there are plenty others I'm forgetting. So whether or not you consider that a "large number" or not, it's at the very least a vocal minority whose toxicity has worn thin over the last 8 years or so. Why don't I just leave if I don't like it? That's a good question... and an option I have found myself considering more and more. But I enjoy a friendly Bengal debate - and for the time being I guess the enjoyment I get from that slightly outweighs the annoyance I feel toward the one-note song that is so often sung around here.
  9. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    Did you actually read the Whitworth thread? There were several people continuing to mock Mike Brown's approach, arguing that Whit would never see all of that money and that Mike Brown still runs his team like it is the 1950's. Yes... these are the first things that come to mind when a franchise LT is locked up long term. Also... if you look in places other than just the thread bearing Whitworth's name, you'll find Cheeseland arguing that the Bengals overpaid for Whitworth - and using it as proof that Mike Brown continues to build a perennial loser. The Leon Hall thread caused several to lament the loss of Jonathan Josepth rather than enjoy the long term signing itself... and again, if you look elsewhere, you'll find Cheeseland arguing that Mike Brown continues the status quo of letting star players walk while extending mediocre players to overpriced contracts. As for Kyle Cook... yes, I was disappointed that he was being retained as the starter. And while I still wouldn't complain if the Bengals had an upgrade, I'll gladly admit that Cook has surprised me as a solid starter - something I didn't believe he could be at the time. Shula, on the other hand identified this as "typical, silly Bengals contract" and suggesting that there was nothing commendable about it at all - which is not what I said at all. But that kind of proves my point, right? I'm willing to call a spade a spade when I see it that way. But some people around here have never seen the Bengals make a move they approve of. They look for the s**tty lining no matter what the headline says. So yes, there are plenty of guys around here that will complain when Rucker leaves via free agency... but if they would have locked him up long term, they would have called it "a typical, silly Bengal contract" that proves that Mike Brown will never build a consistent winner.
  10. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    He's already a step ahead of you. He has already missed the first two preseason games with a knee injury.
  11. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    I think what frustrates me is that this thread screams of the double standard that so many Bengalzoners seemd to have. Last year Whitworth, Cook, and Hall were extended. There were a large number of members here who bashed Mike Brown for overpaying. Fast forward to this year when he chooses not to overpay for two role playing back-ups… and he gets bashed again. You can't have it both ways. Many “fans” around here have already predetermined their opinion about every move the Bengals will ever make. These “fans” don’t evaluate moves on their own merit. They have already judged that any/every move made by Mike Brown is a dumb one. I’m sure I could be accused of being a Mike Brown apologist… and maybe I am. But I criticized MB when Joseph left. I’m also quick to point out when I don’t like a decision (just in the past few months when Derrick Harvey was signed and when Dre Kirkpatrick was drafted). But I like to think I judge each decision on its own merit – which is what it seems like many people around here refuse to do. I understand the disappointment with Fanene. He has always been a fan favorite (for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me). It’s not fun to see one of your favorite players leave (even if hindsight proves that it was the right move). Rucker on the other hand… this guy was ragged on by fans for his entire career. People hated that guy. People were calling for him to be cut at training camp last season. God only knows what the outrage would have been if Mike Brown had brought him back on a 5-year $20.5M contract. So it just strikes me as hypocritical. Mike Brown let Rucker walk so he’s cheap. If Mike Brown had brought Rucker back, he’d be dumb. *sigh* I’m tired.
  12. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    Not so sure about that. I'm willing to bet that Mike Brown offered them some kind of contract... but the Bengals were rumored to be in search of several other FA DEs prior to the free agency period even starting. If those rumors are true, (and the Bengals did schedule visits with Langford, Anderson, and I think Mincey... among others) then it seems like the Bengals had made a decision to move on. At the very least, Rucker and Fanene were not a priority and were seen as replaceable.
  13. Bengals Defense line getting alot worse.

    They only used one draft pick. Devon Still. Brandon Thompson is not a replacement for either Rucker or Fanene. And are you saying you'd rather have Fanene than Still right now? I don't get you people.
  14. Reds vs. Phillies

    The Astros are an amazing 6-32 since the all-star break. That's a .158 winning percentage. That's historic. With only 38 games left in the season, if they were to go 6-32 again, they would finish the season with only 45 wins. Only the '62 Mets (40 wins) and '03 Tigers (43 wins) would have a worse record in the last 50 years.
  15. Reds vs. Phillies

    Unfortunately the Cardinals didn't lose. I don't think it's even possible to lose to the Astros right now. The Nationals did lose though... so the Reds are only 1.5 games back from the #1 seed.