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  1. Cambell Soup-Click for Cans contest

    I'm taking arizona as a long shot
  2. Palmer wearing Glove on Throwing Hand Now!

    lol...cents or sence???? BENGALS4LIFE
  3. Kirwan pimps Bresnahan

    That's because this is the first time the defense has held its own...lol.
  4. Ahmads Sack

    If he is killing kittens then keep mentioning it I f*cking hate cats.
  5. found these tidbits from len pasquarelli

    Odell will be here because he is rather inexpensive to keep they would never let him walk because they know he would have a contract somewhere else within minutes.
  6. Jonathan Joseph?

    i think he starts next week. Did you hear keyshawn and chad arn't really cousins?
  7. Free Agent's in 07.

    I would love to have Eric Johnson. Look at his numbers last year. TE Eric Johnson, UFA, San Francisco 49ers The tight end free agent options are appealing. Johnson tops the list because it is almost absolute that he will be on his way out of San Francisco. The 49ers drafted Vernon Davis early in the first round, and Johnson won’t see the field once Davis proves he’s ready to start and play every down. Davis’ freakish athletic ability will make that a quick process, so Johnson is going to be looking for a new place to play on Sundays. In 2005, Johnson caught 82 passes for 825 yards and a pair of touchdowns, so a team looking for a pass catching tight end will take a chance on Johnson in the hopes that he can repeat that production.
  8. Finally?

    Ghiaciuc does suck and yes to some point I do blame a speed rush to the outside on him. I know the line is not getting as much spread since braham went down due to the fact every blitz from the inside was getting through. Melvin Tuten that was great possibly the worse line men I've ever seen...lol.
  9. start em??

    One more question... I have Steve Smith, T.O., and Roy Williams. I think I have to go with Steve and T.O. but damn Roy has been tearing it up. What do you guys think.
  10. start em??

    Thanks guys. I am going with one of those two I just can't decide which one but I've been leaning towards hell I don't know. I just decided to go with Kitna. I gave up on Culpepper and dropped him.
  11. start em??

    QB Chad Penington vs. JAX Donte Culpepper vs. NE Jon Kitna vs. MIN Brad johnson vs. DET ?????????????????????????????????????
  12. Would you pick up Ahmed Carroll?

    Didn't look that bad?? I've never seen a grown man get picked on so bad. I wouldn't bet against it if someone said that he was crying during the game.
  13. The Bengals are the team to beat...and...

    I'm going to cheer him we traded an aging RB with a few good years left for a defensive star in the making M. Williams. I'll take that any day thanky Cory plus him team is falling apart...lol.
  14. Ex Bengal thread

    Actually I do remember you (TJ) saying he was going to be a probowler just like Folley you were almost right...lol.
  15. T.O. Hospitalized merged topics

    ESPN radio is reporting that T.O. reportedly tried to kill himself.