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  1. Derek Harvey?

    No he is a terd. But I can see Mikey playing redeemer and ovrpaying him
  2. Overall Draft Grade

    I will put $10,000 on Chad staying with the team this year.
  3. 7th Round #2: Jay Finley, RB, Baylor

    You draft for value in rds.6-7. Every once in a while you find a diamond in the rough but usually these guys can contribute on ST's. Now I disagree with this pick because there was better value on the board, but our coaches valued this guy a lot higher than he probably is.
  4. 7th Round #1: Korey Lindsey, CB, S. Illinois

    I heard he has "Chris Perry Disease" He also runs a 4.56 40 ??? over a tenth of a second slower than the LB (Moch) they drafted Yeah and you forgot about that reciever we drafted in round 1. He is slow too. I like the pick because I believe this guy can be a starter in this league if he stays healthy. This is a really good football player. This guy should of been an day 2 pick.
  5. Overall Draft Grade

    Watch the Rose Bowl again. That is why Dalton is the best QB in this class. I don't think he is the savior, but he can play.
  6. 5th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    He's too small and not very physical. Not Zim's kind of SS. Yes he is small. Not Physical? Wrong. He is a big hitter and also stout against the run. Out of all of the safeties in the draft he is probably the best against the run.
  7. 5th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I want Ahmad Black. He is a football player. Nevermind the speed issue, he plays faster than he tests. I think he will be the steal of the draft.
  8. 4th Round: Clint Boling, OG, Georgia

    Will struggle early against 3-4 lineman. But, can come in and start right away and is versatile. He could be great over time with a little coaching. GOOD PICK.
  9. 2nd Round: Andy Dalton, QB, TCU

    What impresses me even more about Dalton is his girlfriend. Definitely Boobiemiester approved! Dude He is a starting college quarterback, of course he gets the hot ladies. I bet ya the kicker gets some good ass as well.
  10. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Pettis taken by St.Louis I think this next pick will be BPA.
  11. 3rd Round: Dontay Moch, OLB, Nevada

    This is such an important draft where you need to get at least 3 starters and I just don't like this pick in general. I dont like our coaches ability to develop players because they often fail miserably. Martez Wilson would have been the prefered choice just because he could play right away. I like Moch, and hey if he can play ST that is good.
  12. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Word is Boling struggles against power run defenders. With a lot of teams in a 3-4, could be why he is falling.
  13. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I really like Bilal Powell RB out of Louisville. He is a good player. But we were 27th agaisnt the run last year, DL needs to be addressed.
  14. 4th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    Pass on Marcus Cannon. I think he has some type of tumor or something abnormal in his lymph nodes. I do not know for sure but he might not be able to play this year. Sad story actually because he should of been an early round 2 pick. Ten bucks we dont take Boling.
  15. 2nd Round: Andy Dalton, QB, TCU

    god I hate Hobson so much. Anyone listen to the Conference Call on the website? Everyone is asking football questions and Hobson is asking him about the Royal Wedding. What a douche