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Andre Smith makes the active list

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Finally we begin to prepare the $30 million dollar man for the playoff run. who Dey!


Rookie right tackle Andre Smith made his NFL debut on the game’s second snap when the Bengals went with right tackle Dennis Roland at tight end.



Offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski unveiled what was probably his biggest use of the unbalanced line this season and it was a good way to get No. 1 pick Andre Smith into his first NFL game. He was on the field for about 10 snaps at right tackle and for all but one he was either next to Whitworth or right tackle Dennis Roland lined up as tight ends. It looked like Scott ducked behind Smith on an 11-yard run in the Bengals touchdown drive.


Certainly it was the first time anyone had seen 6-9, 350-pound right tackle Dennis Roland go in motion and first-round pick Andre Smith line up at right tackle. After $30 million, a month-long-holdout, and a broken foot, Smith made his NFL debut on about 10 snaps and helped the Bengals move the Browns in the unconventional fronts. ...

Bengals run to perfection

Bengals solve division problem with run

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