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Now, This is what I call a "MOCK" Draft

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I love the analysis under the Steeler's pick:

"The Steelers may be looking to replace Antwaan Randle El here, but they’ll be hard pressed to find someone as overrated. Redskins, for $11.5 million up front, you get about 2 or 3 big plays a year and a whole lot of running around in circles. Amazing that such a cost-conscious team would make such a move."


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Kiwi to the Broncos - Oh what's the point of drafting anybody? The ***damn polar ice cap is melting and we’re all going to be living in Waterworld pretty soon and no draft pick is going to change any of that. Here. Here’s a defender. Now go repent.

My 2nd favorite had the Ravens selecting a smart player so they can try him out as a head coach.

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My 3 Favorites:

#9 DETROIT: The Lions have a lot of holes that need to be filled here. Safety Michael Huff would be the safe choice. Actually the safe choice would be packing up the team, driving it to the east coast and dumping the whole thing in the Atlantic ocean. Then again, there’s a chance someone could still find it.

#10 ARIZONA: The Cardinals had a passable defense last season, if you define passable as “able to pass on them.” They’ll draft someone on offense anyway, because Denny Green doesn’t want to win. He wants to score a lot of points.

#15 ATLANTA: Right now the Falcons need some safety help, and somebody like Tye Hill would fit the bill. Hill is a cornerback, but I think he can learn to walk 20 yards to his right

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My Favorites


With the 2nd pick in the draft and Matt Leinart available, it might be time for the Saints to part ways with Drew Brees. I hear San Diego may be looking for a backup quarterback.


The ‘experts’ say the Rams will use this draft to shore up their defense, but consider this: the Rams are stupid.


The Eagles should grab a linebacker, like what’s his face from Ohio State. The Hawk guy. He would be perfect for Andy Reid’s system of signing people to long term deals and then releasing them as soon as they reach all-pro status.


The Chiefs need a defender who understands the concept of wrestling the ball carrier to the ground in order to prevent touchdowns. It’s an old technique but it’s been proven effective.

And my favorite....


The Broncos will probably take Sinorice Moss here, which means they’ll have a receiver named Sinorice Moss and one named Ashley Lelie. And one named Rod Smith. That’s not a receiving corp. That’s a threesome in a porn movie.

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