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    I just wanted one collapsed place to talk about the division moving forward. Week 7 games: Denver @ Cleveland, Thursday night Cincinnati @ Baltimore Pittsburgh is on their bye week. Tomorrow's game is a big one. Given their extreme injury report and Mayfield's shoulder, I think the Browns might just plain be screwed for 2021. We'll get a very good idea of that when they face Denver at home, a team that I would call plainly inferior on paper if everyone's healthy. If it goes as badly as I think it might, then I think they're toast and Pittsburgh will be a bigger threat in 2021. What a huge break it'd be for the Bengals if a premier division competitor fell off the map, both for their division and wild card prospects.
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    Hey everyone !! Glad to see the lights kick back on.
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    As for the Burrow/Montana thing....I have been making the same analogy, actually I see Burrow/Herbert as the second coming of Montana/Marino and I hope there are similar success arcs because that means championships for Cincy.
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    This game is a measuring stick. I have never seen a QB play better than I saw Lamar play vs. a not terrible Colts defense to win that game. If Lamar plays like that they are very tough (perhaps impossible) to beat. That said there is a blueprint which is to put pressure on them immediately and keep it consistent throughout the game. This is not the 2001 Ravens defense. They have holes that can be exploited. High aspirations, low expectations is my motto on Sunday.