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    How much of a benefit will it be to get to the vax threshold? This just out:
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    The two originals must be pissed. They had it made sharing space in the office mini-fridge. Now this guy is going to need real estate.
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    I can cut Taylor something of a break in the first year. He was hired late and was a totally untested young guy coming in to coach a historically bad franchise. That combo made it hard to put together a staff and yeah, in a lot of cases it was grab whoever said yes first. And Turner was a family friend. But there’s no excuse for last season. It was obvious even to dummies like us here that it wasn’t working. But Taylor let the situation drag on and it arguably ended up costing Burrow his knee. Hopefully Zac learned something.
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    Nothing looks good from Turner’s time here. Wins and losses, performance metrics from his position group, turnover as guys bailed, anecdotal tidbits regarding his personal style (abusive), absolutely everything is a negative about this guy. Taylor must have been so far over his head that he grabbed the first available guy with any type of experience as an o-line coach. Grotesque.