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    Hard to put it all into thought. My son and I were there, it was his first playoff game. A big smile on his face hearing just how fucking loud that crowd was and we were at 4 games this season. Standing and screaming the ENTIRE game. Game ends and he jumps in my arms screaming for joy !! Everyone around hugging everyone else. No one leaves and just dancing, cheering, high fives all around. The walk back to fountain square parking and the streets are packed. Horns beeping, hanging out of sun roofs, WHODEY chants, insanity. Then we end up at Smoke Justis in Covington, we walk in and stir the crowd and it’s nothing but deafening WHODEY !!! Much like Stripes, voice sounds like I’ve been gargling on glass chips after drinking gasoline all day. FUCKING WHODEY MY BROTHERS !! WHODEY !! BRING ON THE TITANS !!
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    We did it And I was there to see it!!
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    After some time to reflect, here is what is rattling around my head this morning: ---the play of our D-line was outstanding. Lining Shelvin up at nose and flanking him with Reader and Hill and then Hendrickson and Hubbard outside them was a really excellent coaching move and gave them the approach they needed to slow up the Titans run D enough. That's yet another props for Anurumo. ---That Burrow could take that beating and still STILL complete 75% of this throws and have the only pick be the Perine screw up is just incredible to me. I don't know how many other QBs could still perform like that in those circumstances - and have the confidence to anchor and deliver the last pass to Chase to get in McPherson's range. Like none of the rest of the game had happened. He's just different. ---Speaking of different, not only is McPherson leg talented, but a supreme bonus that he comes equipped with the kind of mindset you want from your kicker - and he's just 22. I can't get over Burrow's story about McPherson taking one more warm-up kick on the sideline before going out and saying "looks like we're going to the AFC championship". I mean...damn. ---Back on the defense, the LB play from Pratt and Wilson was as good as we have seen from that group in a big spot on this team in decades. DECADES. Hell, that Johnston play stopping Henry on the 2-point conversion probably was a game saver as it turned out. Add in Bailey on the 4th and 1 stop (w Reader anchoring) and the LB corp was exemplary. ----I know Chido had a rough game in coverage, but...the tackle he made on the last Titans drive to avoid the Henry stiff arm and keep him from the edge on the first play of that drive may also have been game-saving. ---I still hear ZT take a ton of shots and skepticism from national commentators but...damn. How can anyone look at where this team is and seriously question him. It occurs to me that his play calling may look uneven maybe because of (checks notes) the line he is calling plays with? ---Same comment on national types - but---has everyone forgotten that playoff football very much looks like what we saw yesterday? Cold, defense, special teams, turnovers, etc. Brady, Manning, Rodgers, name a great QB and check their playoff histories and you will see plenty of games that were defensive struggles that had to be managed to move on. Burrow played exactly that kind of game yesterday and took care of the ball. ---I can't believe we are here. It is literally at least one year early. Roster re-build not complete until line is addressed. And yet, we are in the AFC championship game. Gonna be strong underdogs, but who the **** cares. With this QB and these receivers and big plays always a possibility you literally never know. add in an under-rated defense and I don't put anything past them anymore.
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    I am so glad I got to come back to the boards this year, missed you guys and it couldn't have happened during a better season!
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    I followed COB’s suggestion, got hammered outside a Cleveland convenience store adjacent to a discount laundromat, slept outside on a steam vent, and waited for Jimmy Haslam to leave (he has to make his morning runs to clean the lipstick off of his trousers before sweet Dee finds them in the hamper). I clawed at his leg, wide-eyed and full-teethed, and rasped “Keep Baker Mayfield forever, James, keep Baker Mayfield forever.” Then I bit deeply into his ankle and ejected my venom to ensure he must obey.
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    The average NFL fan is… not very smart. It really shows on massive high-traffic forums like that one, and I’ve seen it on the biggest Bengals boards. That’s why I never post links to Bengalszone anywhere else. People might actually click them and register. We have a good thing going here.
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    Guys I fking cried real tears as that fG went in. Too may of us fans give up on this team me included at times within 2 quarters, some after the first defensive series. This is different team and yeah we have all heard this time after time but this is the real deal. I can see a long reign for this team in this league. They just need to do one thing(this is for TJ) GIMME A LINEMAN WHODEY GONNA BEAT THOSE BENGALS NOOOOOOOOOOBODY
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    We’re going to win this game. The defense will be the difference. 2 INTs.
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    Swept the Steelers Swept the Ravens Swept the Raiders The Chiefs are clearly better than those teams. So we’ll have to complete the sweep by 3 points instead of 24.
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    Think we would be here if we took Penei Sewell? Think we would be here without Money Mac? All the folks at ESPN can suck my big toe.
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    If he wins a Super Bowl, the name of the next stadium will be Big Dick Joe Field. And there will be a giant phallus statue with his head on top of it outside.
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    Man, Andy Dalton got old while I wasn't looking.
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    I'm about to get pretty cheesy with y'all, but you understand why. Those of us attending the game all have a unique responsibility Saturday at PBS. Given that we regularly post on Internet forum(s) dedicated to Bengals football, it's safe to assume that we're as dedicated to our fanhood as anyone. Not everyone has quite the same passion, obsession, or desire that we have. To the best of our ability, we need to command our sections and keep the more casual fans engaged. That might sound snooty, but these are the playoffs. We have to do what we have to do. Break through those barriers of social awkwardness, and be a leader of people in your immediate seating vicinity. Get them standing and making noise on defense, especially third downs. Congratulate them for their contribution when the Raiders false start. Make sure it's clear that every snap is critical, and that our continued engagement even and especially during periods of adversity makes a real difference that can help the team win and this playoff win drought end. Maybe this is less necessary in the lower sections where the most engaged fans tend to congregate. But it applies as much to the canopy level and everywhere else. That overpowering drone of noise needs to deafen the Raiders and make them know without question that they will find no quarter in Cincinnati.
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    Chase vs. the Chiefs. Down 14-0 Ja'Marr cuts off his route and sits in a hole, Burrow reads his mind and puts the ball on him the second he breaks off his route. Ja'Marr puts on a move that makes the Chief defender give up football and join a Monestary and then out races the entire Chiefs defense. Turning a nice 12 yard completion into a 72 yard TD. Mind blowing. Nuts.
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    Preliminary disclaimer: none of this has any bearing on Saturday's game against the Raiders. I am aware. Nonetheless, it's a bit of a bugaboo that sticks in my brain and something I would love to exorcise beyond just "no playoff win since Jan 1991". 2009 Bengals AFC North champs at 10-6 7th against the run at 98.3 yards per game T7th in yards per carry allowed (3.9) Wild card game vs. Jets: Shonn Greene and Thomas Jones combined for 36 carries for 169 yards (4.7 ypc) 2011 Bengals AFC wild card at 9-7 10th against the run at 104.7 yards per game T8th in yards per carry allowed (3.9) Wild card at Texans: Arian Foster and Ben Tate combined for 33 carries for 190 yards (5.8 ypc) 2012 Bengals AFC wild card at 10-6 12th against the run at 107.2 yards per game T12 in yards per carry allowed (4.1) Wild card at Texans: Arian Foster had 32 carries for 140 yards (4.4 ypc) 2013 Bengals AFC North champs at 11-5 5th against the run at 96.5 yards per game T16th in yards per carry allowed (4.0) Wild card vs. Chargers: Ronnie Brown, Danny Woodhead, and Ryan Matthews combine for 36 carries for 183 yards (5.1 ypc) 2014 Bengals AFC wild card at 10-5-1 20th against the run at 116.3 yards per game T18th in yards per carry allowed (4.2) Wild card at Colts: Daniel Herron and Zurlon Tipton combined for 23 carries for 96 yards (4.2 ypc) 2015 Bengals AFC North champs at 12-4 7th against the run at 92.3 yards per game T23rd in yards per carry allowed (4.3) Wild card vs. Steelers: Jordan Todman and Fitzgerald Toussaint combined for 28 carries for 123 yards (4.4 ypc) For each wild card game, I only featured yards rushing from actual running backs. I didn't include quarterbacks or wide receivers on reverses etc, because I don't think that's a standard notion of "run defense". However, if they're included, the Colts and Steelers games get worse. For the Bengals of Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer/Paul Guenther, this problem was epidemic. It was, as far as I am concerned, the most confusing and disappointing trend of the 2010s playoff period. Even when the Bengals were a good run-stopping team, they completely shat the bed in the playoff game over and over against the run. This absolutely cannot be allowed to happen in Saturday's game, especially with the temperature and weather situated to facilitate a run-heavy game. The Raiders are probably going to lean heavily on Josh Jacobs, and we cannot afford a performance resembling anything above in this post. 2021 Bengals AFC North champs at 10-7 5th against the run at 102.5 yards per game T15th in yards per carry allowed (4.3)
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    Flights booked, though it’s a 5,000 mile magical mystery tour via London and Miami. Just need to pass a pre- departure COVID test now. Pray for me
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    Beginning of this season: The AFC North has 3 very good quarterbacks and a 4th, Burrow, who is developing into one. End of season: Ben’s a straight up bum, Lamar is inconsistent and injury prone, Mayfield has completely lost it and is the reason a good roster can’t win, and finally, Joe Burrow got his teeth fixed and has turned into fucking Godzilla.
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    Guys. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier as a bengals fan. i love you all. Seriously.
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    I’m in the glass half full camp as well. They’re a year ahead of where we thought they’d be. It’s hard to believe the pre season prognosticators had us last in the North. And the amount of “The North will continue to go through Pittsburgh” takes were nauseating, and completely without evidence or reason. The Browns? They’re a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an anonymous sex act in a strip mall Olive Garden parking lot.
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    How many years of futility is that Michigan USFL team willing to tolerate with Fisher before they throw in the towel ??
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    Whenever I see those dollar signs, I always think I should have gone on and played more football instead of joining the Army. My cousin always rubs it in my face since he and I both played tight end and he won a national championship and played ten years in the NFL while I went to Kosovo and Iraq. I could use 4 mil a year right now!
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    I think you are dead on. IF Chiefs choose to rush 4 and play coverage then I think we see a rebirth of Mixon. I really see our defense feeling disrespected and comes up with a better game than the nation expects with portions of the game being ball controlled by Mixon. Bengals pull the shocker.
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    Now I have slept and it's all come to a realisation that we fucking beat the Oilers with their 4 best offensive weapons I might add and on to our 3rd AFCCG. For a young Brit to catch a Bengal's game highlights in 1988 vs the eagles when we went 6-0 on the season to become a fan of that team and to stay a fan through all the pain of the 90's now at 49 after a long long wait we are so close to the promise land I can taste it. I love this board and I love all you guys especially when you are loosing your shit over bad play but we win in the end its awesome. IT IS US LETS FUCKING DO THIS!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm watching the local news Titans post-game show and it's amazing. So much sadness bringing me so much joy
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    Well, this post aged like milk. I'm glad it didn't matter though.
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    Just glad they could reclaim a little field position
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    It’s a little after midnight here in Cincinnati. IT’S GAME DAY, LET’S GOOOOOOOO !!!
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    Wink Martindale came for Burrow and...Wink Martindale no longer has a job as DC in Baltimore
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    So apparently the Bengals D line is decimated. “The Bengals lost 3-4 starters for this game.” That’s what all the media is talking about. Larry O is out and he’s our BEST run stopper. But not only that our 4 time All Pro DT Mike Daniels is out. Also, Josh Tupou was killed in a freak accident 2 weeks ago while Trey Hendrickson is out with a recent brain surgery. I don’t think we can win, guys.
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    Zac and Lou know Tannehill is afraid of clowns. So expect the Bengals to be introduced pre game via a small car driving out and them all jumping out of it with big red shoes on.
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    No, shut up YOU’RE crying !! My dad died last year and the only thing that would have made it better would have been to share it with him. He’s the reason I’m a Bengals fan !! Glad I was there with my son !!
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    My first guess for Mystery 62 is that they've finally gone and made the big signing. TJ's gramma.
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    I swear TJ Watt after every play looking at the ref and says “Do you know who I am, what do you mean no flag”
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    The good news is that it forces the Bengals hand. The best defense is a good offense. Time to take the regulator off again and let it fly. Win this one and see who can come back healthy on the D line for the AFC Championship game.
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    Man Collinsworth is extra Horny tonite for his Steelers
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    I’m descending the ramp in tears
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    It’s my son’s first playoff game as well and is he fucking amped beyond belief. That’s going to be cool to share with him. Along with that, my buddy who is retired Navy is coming in for the game as well. He’s 46 and he’s a Raiders fan. However, he’s never seen a football game EVER, so this is going to be good. I’m crazy excited about the whole damn thing !! Oh yeah, we ARE going to fucking win.
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    Seems like a decent Bengals fan showing for Backups by the Lake
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    YES, play the hell out of Trae Waynes. Every f*cking snap. Let him line up on offense as well. Seriously with the decision to sit Burrow, I think dominoes should fall around the decision. Sitting Burrow ?? Mixon, Chase, Higgins, Boyd, CJ and whatever o-lineman needs a break should as well. On defense, go ahead and make the call. Burrow sitting would make that call easier for me.
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    Something I noticed pertaining to the OROY race… Mac Jones in 2021: 16 games, 332/491, 67.6%, 3,540 yards, 7.2 yards per attempt, 21 TDs, 12 INTs Andy Dalton in 2011: 300/516, 58.1%, 3,398 yards, 6.6 yards per attempt, 20 TDs, 13 INTs Can anyone look at a Bengals fan with a straight face and say “slightly better rookie Andy Dalton deserves OROY more than the greatest rookie wide receiver season of all time”?
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    Yeah. NOBODY do anything different at this point in the season. Everything is going good. I trust everyone is still wearing the same underwear from Sunday.
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    You guys deserve this. I've been a part of this message board for 18 years. We've seen some shit. Good and alot of bad. You all are true fans.
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    what an amazing game took a nearly perfect game - and the greatest rookie wr performance ever - from the offense to pull it off against a legit super bowl contender when our D couldnt get a single stop for most of the game, I was sure we'd lose. even with Jamaar going off. then they started getting some stops......when KC had that second punt, it was only then that I thought we had a real chance of winning (yeah I am absolutely that jaded from so many years of Bengal fandom) even more amazing was how it ended. I wanted the FG at 58 seconds, honestly, and I think we still would have won Cannot be understated how clutch that last FG was/is. A chipshot by distance, but.....one kick for the win and the division? One kick to rule them all? McMoney almost certainly has never been under so much pressure. If they can play like this in the playoffs, I can see them beating anyone One last thing.....when you saw Burrow limping off the field, did you hear the not so quiet whisper in the wind? GIMME A LINEMAN The man needs protection. Spend the cash in the offseason, and the draft capital a month or so later as well. But for now, I will sit back and bask in the glory of the 3 seed question: is the three seed locked in, or can we rise to 2 or fall to 4? question 2: does mem even love me? Me? really? seriously? this is a Festivus miracle, for sure
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    Who Dey, good vibes coming in from the very frozen north (-17 this morning on the thermostat)
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    It's not a big deal and will probably make no difference, but I will describe a bit why it irritates me: 1) I don't think it's behavior becoming of a winner. Being perceived as "the team to beat" isn't actually worth anything and shouldn't be the goal. 2) The rest of the NFL doesn't give a single crap about being sent a "message" or about being "shown". The Bengals themselves certainly shouldn't care about whatever messages other teams think they're sending with their "statement wins". 3) It's a soundbite squeezed from a media goof that can, at least feasibly, turn into new motivation for the opponent. Again, I don't think this is a *serious problem*. It's just something I could do without.