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    Big ovations for Chase and Uzomah stepping out. This doesn’t feel like a 6-25-1 fanbase.
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    Re: the above link --- The three players who have initially jumped out at Lap from a few days of no pads practices are: 1. Trae Wayans (looks the part - long and fast) 2. Trey Hendrickson (went on and on re: his physical and fluid approach - thinks he and Hubbard will be a handful) 3. D'Ante Smith - Lap was pretty effusive here. Said he is popping out already - that the arm length and quick feet are really noticeable. Said Smith has attached himself to Reif and is soaking everything in. This was a pretty fun thing to hear, frankly.
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    A few tidbits in Hobs’ latest mailbag: — From what I can gather, most of the injured guys are going to be ready to go on the first day of training camp. Center Trey Hopkins (ACL) may need a little more time, but veteran Billy Price is ready to go in his place until he gets back and it sounds like Hopkins has a shot to play the opener or somewhere close. — Thinks they’ll go with only 5 LBs. — They want to extend Bates and Hubbard before the season starts. — The fans' training camp schedule has yet to be released, but the NFL has said each team is going to have some kind of Back Together Again event on July 31 and that will be open to the public. Look for more details later on Bengals.com. — From what I hear, nothing from here on the Geno Atkins front right now. That could always change and you never say never. — We won't be able to see the fruits of offensive line coach Frank Pollack's work until preseason, but you could see the evolution begin this spring on the field. Pollack has demanding workouts when it comes to repping drills and he does it so many times and is so exact that players have said it makes Sundays seem easier. The repping and the detail are a big part of how Pollack can transform a guy's self-confidence. And the biggest impact may be on play calling. Every offensive line coach likes to establish a run game (and every offensive lineman loves to run the ball) and Pollack's influence on the play calling will be intriguing. — Michael Jordan completely re-made his body this offseason
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    Colts lost Wentz for 5-12 weeks due to a foot injury too. Every day we get through healthy is a good day.
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    I really hate it that anyone would say bust at this point. Seems massively like an over-reaction?
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    Morrison's rising and falling column this AM on The Athletic (take it all w/ a grain of salt - we are not even to pads yet...): https://theathletic.com/2745468/2021/08/02/bengals-stock-report-whos-up-and-whos-down-after-the-first-week-of-camp/
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    Thanks Stripes. The buzz of hope from the fan base is fascinating to me given the last several years. Maybe we are all trying to will good things for a change. I am out of likes for the day or would give you another one. here’s lap on day 4:
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    Burrow and Chase can’t connect on a 20 yard corner. Chase looked like he turned his head a smidge late to find it. Slight overthrow maybe.
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    Great redemption toss from Allen to Tate. Had to be perfect and it was.
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    Logan Wilson had solid coverage on Irwin (7 on 7) and Burrow gunned it in perfectly for a completion.
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    Burrow to Chase for about 25. Really nice contested catch over Awuzie.
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    Mixon torches D for a long gain and maybe a generous 70 yd TD.
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    Mixon outside pitch for no gain. Burrow to Tee for 15.
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    Obvious anticipated fan eruption when President Joseph Lee Burrow arrives is complete. I’m amped.
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    Lap day 3: ---said Jonah Williams looks much different physically - confirming what Pollack talked about in terms of challenging Williams to add weight to anchor against the bull rush - gushed again about Williams' football mind -excited to see him in this kind of shape married to his intellectual approach ---talked about what it is like to have Frank Pollack back around the team. Not surprisingly, Lap super SUPER pumped to have Pollack back. More chatter about how hard Pollack is working the o-line in practice etc. Lap gonna have Pollack on his longer pod in a few days. ---last bit was on tight end room. Nothing really surprising.
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    PS - you all should be following Mike Petraglia if you are not already.
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    This kind of feels like the 2011 camp/pre-season period. The rest of the country had no idea what was going on here and penciled the Bengals in for about two-four wins based on 2010. Many of us could sense something was brewing though, and within the fanbase the eventual playoff berth wasn't that surprising. Doesn't mean much of anything, or that this is a playoff team. I dunno. But I do sense a little something something.
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    Fair. Course, panic is never far away. Wren was on PUP Sunday and off now, so...that's a recent positive development.
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    Gotta appreciate Mike Daniels’ enthusiasm.
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    So another Hopkins, maybe a tick better. Seems like there's real emphasis on interior pass blocking - for obvious reasons. I don't know that they have an OG who excels at it, yet any ways. So, can't fault the logic. At this point, I'd welcome Reiter if they sign him and he's not lost a step or hiding an injury. Seems like a slight upgrade to Hopkins. If nothing else having some quality depth on the interior o-line of some sort would be nice for once. I know Marvin constantly tried to do that here and had a hard time with it, for whatever reason(s). I'm guessing money.
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    Fwiw pff did a piece ranking the top 32 centers about a week ago. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-center-rankings-2021-nfl-season Hopkins is at 17. They only ranked centers who were on a roster but did add this note at the end of the article:
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    The NFL bringing the big sticks. Good.
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    The first class is official. Anthony Munoz, Paul Brown, Kenny Anderson, and Ken Riley. There's probably 3/4 retired Bengals I would have went with for induction over Ken Riley but not a bad class. Issac Curtis, Boomer, Willie Anderson, Parrish and then maybe Riley, IMO. Many former coaches and teammates have concluded Parrish was Deon before Deon and Curtis was Jerry before Jerry. I think Riley gets over hyped by the fan base because of his impressive all time INT ranking.
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    I have YouTubeTV, Netflix, and Amazon prime video. That’s it, threw DirecTV out on their ass a year or two ago.
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    I remember a time when Bengalszone was inundated with signatures that made it like soft Pornhub.
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    IMO, some good small game experience things being emailed out today. As a former season ticket holder that participated in multiple fan surveys; finally some the ideas mentioned by me are being implemented in some form. So they are listening somewhat as these ideas were communicate a decade ago. 1. Some sort of Throne. Good idea. See how it is executed pre game but sounds like this will be long the line of raising of "12" man flag in Seattle, KC Chiefs war drum, Viking Horn etc. 2. Stripes Squad. Good idea. Reds did this years ago. So basically a propaganda squad to infiltrate tailgate areas and other areas to spread the word of Paul Brown. Which is what you want when you go to a game. I would love for them to bring back the drum core they tried a few years back. One cool thing that the Viking stadium has in it is a mural with every local highschool football helmet on it. I believe they even took the time to put a gold helmet for the current state champions. Ideas will come and go and probably a lot more fail that are successful. Anything that will tap into a fan's inner pride is a good idea, IMO. That's what this fan base that goes PBS needs.
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    Mainly fringe national media types. Kind of trying to make something of a name for themselves, somehow, any way.
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    My comment wasn't aimed at anyone here. Just a general note about those that Hoosier correctly mentions. Plenty of those takes out there.
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    fair eno I know mem wasn't happy with my take about the OLine (ie not that they did nothing, but rather I feel/felt they didnt do enough) so I figured I'd respond. *shrug*
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    I like that take. It is indeed fair. Better than those takes that pretend the Bengals did nothing to help Burrow/improve the line.
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    The scrambler. A fucking 1970s county fair classic.
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    The answer was one, the venerable Scrambler. Almost too fat for it now but I managed to wedge myself in. Had to quit breathing for five minutes but that’s no big deal since my brain died long ago and do no longer requires oxygen. Stopped for tacos after. Beer selection at the yacht club not as good as sky bar but this Four Day stuff’s not bad.
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    Decided to do a second ride on the Cornball Express, mostly because the Hurricane was closed. Absolutely great airtime machine but wow the first drop is a jackhammer at the bottom. Hit up the dodge em cars just for fun and took the lake cruise on the paddle steamer. Now at the sky bar with a beer contemplating which flat rides to hit on the long walk sown the boardwalk to the yacht club bar.
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    On my last day of vacation before returning to the office full time. Currently enjoying a $10 margarita at Indiana Beach while considering which roller coaster to hit next.
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    Rapien seems to be on board with this popular "8 wins is the bar" philosophy. I'm with you, Hoosier. I want a playoff berth, or at least enough wins that missing the playoffs would be more back luck than bad play. Give me 10-7+ or I'm probably going to be disappointed.
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    “Scouts? Why pay scouts when I’ve got a good copy of Street and Smith right there in the downstairs can?” - Mike, probably