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    So just for kicks ‘n’ giggles I was looking at the team salary cap page over on sportrac and it’s…very un-Bengal-like this year. I’m sure everyone knows they’ve been a bit more aggressive this off-season but it really shows up here. Biggest cap hit on the team? Trae Waynes at nearly $16 million. Now, I haven’t looked but I’d be willing to bet that the top cap hit being a FA has happened before…but how about the top 3? Next two guys are Reader at $13.5 million and Hendrickson at $12.5 million. Between those three that’s more than 21% of the total cap And we’re not done. At No. 9 you have Ogunjobi, then Bell, Hilton, Reiff and Awuzie at 11, 12, 14 and 15 respectively. And of course Reiff would be more like 7 if his deal was straight up and not fudged with a void year So in total, 8 of the top 15 cap hits this year, including the top 3, are all FAs. They amount to around 35% of the cap. I don’t know if it will work but it’s tough to say they aren’t trying.
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    Guy Fieri is out there, on the market, available no strings attached. The Bengals didn’t even try. Fuck Mike Brown. Now, instead, they’ll sign some one-time Iron Chef contestant with a YouTube channel. Well, we fans won’t fall for this shit anymore.
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    Couldn't he have just borrowed Mike's dentures? splack
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    Can absolutely find 53 NFL players on this roster, good job of re-building this roster, now to find more good/great players but I think we have a chance with the folks on this roster to have good to great players on every level of the offense and defense, very exicted for the future which is not something I said two years ago.
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    How much of a benefit will it be to get to the vax threshold? This just out:
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    The two originals must be pissed. They had it made sharing space in the office mini-fridge. Now this guy is going to need real estate.
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    I think it is playing surface and what they are practicing on. Burrow raves about how good the training staff is, so if we are to believe him then it almost has to be the turf they play on. Most of it is lower leg injuries, knees, ankles, though Jonah Williams was a shoulder.... It is also odd that we can pick guys like Jonah Williams or Billy Price who never missed a game in college due to injury and when they get to the Bengals poof, brittle as glass.
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    Holy shit we get our own couple paragraphs in there. Worst team in the last ten years in terms of impact of injuries. Also that first round draft pick thing is discouraging. If I were running the Bengals I’d look hard at everything - training staff, the turf, medical staff, how they warm up, everything.
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    I opened this thread in a panic , joisey.
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    Shit, man, you had me scared that we lost someone important to a terrible knitting accident or something,
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    I really dont know what they say about Thursdays, but ok
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    Great write up from Paul Dehner Jr. on Michael Jordan. It is locked behind the pay wall but the jest of it is the guilt Jordan felt about getting beat by Johnathan Allen to cause Joe's injury and the work he has put in to make it right. the best part is this bit. “First thing I did was I apologized to Joe,” Jordan said. “I told him he was not going to hear any more words from me. Just actions. I can tell him I’m going to do better. He doesn’t want to hear that. He wants to see it. I’ll prove what I’m saying and my convictions this upcoming season. Not a whole lot of talking; I’m just going to show it.” When the text from Jordan dinged Burrow’s phone in the days after the quarterback’s ACL surgery, it went between two players who have known each other since Jordan arrived at Ohio State in 2016. Burrow was a class ahead of Jordan and one of the players he knew best when Burrow arrived in Cincinnati as the No. 1 pick in 2020. “He really just said thank you, I appreciate it,” Jordan said of Burrow’s reply. “He told me he loved me, and I told him I loved him too. There’s always love between me and Joe Burrow. He’s a great guy — hell of a guy. I just really don’t have anything else to say to him; I just want to show him. That’s all I want to do.” It is a really good if you have a subscription to the Athletic (and I really encourage that), very much worth reading. https://theathletic.com/2642752/2021/06/10/i-took-it-really-personal-bengals-guard-michael-jordan-motivated-to-move-past-his-darkest-moment/?source=dailyemail&redirected=1
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    My understanding is the team is one of the ones at 85% compliance.
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    I am here to ask this because I have read news where team is struggling to get their players or coaches to take vaccine. and news where players say they wont take vaccine. I haven't heard anything from Bengals side at all. and OTA is full attendance does it mean everybody already take vaccine on Bengals side? THANK GOD Bobby Hart is not Bengals player anymore for this.
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    From that same article - this is a great quote and a source of hope: Yes. YES. Yes. About time. Our line has done way to much reacting for too long. Time to set some terms.
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    I had a bunch of long snappers in a storage space but my ex-wife stopped paying the monthly bill and didn’t tell me so we’re out of luck on that front so let’s all hope like hell Clark Harris stays healthy or Brad St. Louis decides to PED himself back into shape for one last ride on the dragon.
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    There is some good news. I bought a pickup truck at Matthew’s Ford in Heath, Ohio, in 2004. I shrewdly negotiated an 8 year power train warranty (normally only a 5 year warranty), and a lifetime supply of long snappers (normally no long snappers were included with the truck). So the Bengals are covered, thanks to me. And that somewhat naive salesman.
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    *Bengals fans furiously dig through their cognitive closets looking for something to complain about* Good offseason.
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    On this board, we are gonna practice good message board discipline and not follow stupid reddit shit and/or Ben Baby trolling down various dumbass rabbit holes. Eyes on the prize.
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    One of the things I worried about in the pre-draft process about Sewell is that his workout at the pro day did not look like the beast that we saw on tape. After taking a year off football you wondered about how hard he was working at his craft, never had any similar concerns about Chase not only because videos of his workouts were all over the internet but also he showed up at the pro day workout ripped and extremely athletic. Whereas Sewell's numbers were significantly worse than I expected, Chase's were much better. It would not shock me if we look back in five years to find that Sewell has "big daddied" his way to a mediocre NFL career while Chase and Slater are perennial all-pros.
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    They also need camp bodies - as TJ notes - they are still short of 90.
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    I think its the new practice jersey making his teeth looking so good. If you want better looking teeth go to the pro shop and buy a new jersey.
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    Bachie- 8 games into his senior year at Mich State he tested positive for a PED and was suspended for the rest of the year. I’m not encouraging the use of PEDs but at least this dude has shown some dedication and effort.
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    You mean he did something other than fooootballll....whaaat??
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    Good for him getting his teeth fixed. He can afford it and he’ll likely be doing a lot of ads, endorsements, etc.
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    Look, the logic is inescapable. Burrow went to the dentist, so the season is over. Done, dusted, no hope, time to look at QB in the 2022 draft.
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    all I know is that winning in September was gonna be a LOT harder if we got to yesterday and half the team wasn't there and burrow's rehab had hit some bumps... For those of us holding out hope for this year, yesterday was as good as it gets on all levels.
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    Burrow throwing has me pitching a tent.
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    Man, leadership matters. Rodgers is screwing up. Those receivers are taking their cues from him. Burrow is a huge positive for us.
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    Heh, was just coming here to mention that, Joisey. Here's the back-up to that from Hobs...
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    we would have accepted an answer that includes serrano in place of Jalapeno as well
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    Real nice usage of that pick, Houston.
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    Adeniji as possible guard is an interesting suggestion by Hobson, that's kinda a new statement.
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    The 6 reasons for signing Moses 1. He is a high quality veteran OL, which this shoddy 2020 OL desperately needs 2. He would not count against the compensatory picks formula 3. He can (unlike Reiff) be signed beyond 2021. Said another way, we could solidify the ORT spot for 2-4 years 4. He provides insurance against Jonah's near inevitable injury......in such a case, Reiff would move to his natural spot of OLT and someone else (probably Carman) would come in for the open spot 5. He should not be expensive, given that most teams have all their 2021 cash spent , while we can still afford 5M or so a year for this guy 6. Reiff has said he will play any spot on the OL he is asked to play, so Moses can take ORT and Reiff probably ORG, which will allow Carman time to get groomed for that spot
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    I can cut Taylor something of a break in the first year. He was hired late and was a totally untested young guy coming in to coach a historically bad franchise. That combo made it hard to put together a staff and yeah, in a lot of cases it was grab whoever said yes first. And Turner was a family friend. But there’s no excuse for last season. It was obvious even to dummies like us here that it wasn’t working. But Taylor let the situation drag on and it arguably ended up costing Burrow his knee. Hopefully Zac learned something.
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    Nothing looks good from Turner’s time here. Wins and losses, performance metrics from his position group, turnover as guys bailed, anecdotal tidbits regarding his personal style (abusive), absolutely everything is a negative about this guy. Taylor must have been so far over his head that he grabbed the first available guy with any type of experience as an o-line coach. Grotesque.
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    He is underrated in the grand scheme of things. Great to have him back.