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    My understanding is the team is one of the ones at 85% compliance.
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    I am here to ask this because I have read news where team is struggling to get their players or coaches to take vaccine. and news where players say they wont take vaccine. I haven't heard anything from Bengals side at all. and OTA is full attendance does it mean everybody already take vaccine on Bengals side? THANK GOD Bobby Hart is not Bengals player anymore for this.
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    So just for kicks ‘n’ giggles I was looking at the team salary cap page over on sportrac and it’s…very un-Bengal-like this year. I’m sure everyone knows they’ve been a bit more aggressive this off-season but it really shows up here. Biggest cap hit on the team? Trae Waynes at nearly $16 million. Now, I haven’t looked but I’d be willing to bet that the top cap hit being a FA has happened before…but how about the top 3? Next two guys are Reader at $13.5 million and Hendrickson at $12.5 million. Between those three that’s more than 21% of the total cap And we’re not done. At No. 9 you have Ogunjobi, then Bell, Hilton, Reiff and Awuzie at 11, 12, 14 and 15 respectively. And of course Reiff would be more like 7 if his deal was straight up and not fudged with a void year So in total, 8 of the top 15 cap hits this year, including the top 3, are all FAs. They amount to around 35% of the cap. I don’t know if it will work but it’s tough to say they aren’t trying.