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    Who Dey vs. Who Dat. Next... Canopy Crazies or Cameron Crazies...which came first?
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    Absolutely, but, if Sewell is gone do you want to reach for a tackle and pass up superior talent at another position? Sewell because of his youth, size, length and athleticism is worth the #5 pick. No offense to Slater or Darrisaw but their skill set is not nearly as rare and thus, they are not worth the #5 pick IMHO. Slater is a top 15 guy, Darrisaw is top 20. Radunz from North Dakota might be a better prospect than either of them. Sam Cosmi is a starting caliber guy that can be had at the top of rd. 2 and might turn out just as good as a guy you reach for at #5. Same is true for Carman, or Jenkins, or Leatherwood and some of those guys (more than one) will fall to us in Rd. 2. The difference between Sewell and 5the rest of the tackle class is stark because he is young and long and suberly athletic. Slater has none of that, he is a great technician and is very smart but those are traits you also get from Liam Eichenberg in the top of the third round. Winning the draft is not just about drafting good players but about maximizing your draft position. At #5 you need to draft a superstar because you hopefully won't have that ability next year. Chase is a WR who has no limits or deficiencies in his game, we have an added bonus in that he is comfortable with our starting QB. Pitts is a generational talent and it is hard to find those guys at TE, a position that is getting increased attention due to the success of teams with those guys in the last 10 years (seriously match Super Bowl participants and Pro Bowl or All-Pro TEs it is really amazing what a superior TE can do for your offense). Either Sewell, Pitts, or Chase will be there at five you can almost write that in stone and the Bengals HAVE to walk away with one of them. In the second round you still have to evaluate the draft board, if you grab Pitts or Sewell in Rd. 1 and you know that you are desperate for a field stretching WR (because none of your guys can get separation on deep routes effectively) then you have to get a rd. 2 WR particularly since this is a VERY deep Tackle draft and you know you will be able to pick what would usually be a first round talent at that position at the top of rd. 3. There are only 9 guys in this draft that can get separation on deep routes (either due to insane initial quickness or flat out topline speed) all of those nine guys are gone by the time we pick at the top of rd. 3 you can bet on it. and we need that ability....now if you want to fill that need in free agency great, it opens things up to draft BPA in the first and second round.
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    Chase does look amazing, but only if we get a quality starter at tackle in FA. If that doesn’t happen, I’m all in on Sewell. Joe has Boyd, Higgins, and whatever reclamation project Tobin pulls off the scrap heap and brings in here. Not shabby at all, especially if he’s got time to go through a few progressions.
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    Insert [everything depends upon FA] here. In a vacuum though, I take Sewell. I just think a top OT is a much bigger impact than a top WR. If it's Chase, sure fine. I'm sure I'll come around by the 3rd TD pass.
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    I find Hobson pretty unreadable in general. He loves to invoke such cheesy metaphors and turns of phrase, and it's just one continuous cringe.
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    he claimed they had no money to spend last off-season and then they spent $126 million, so hopefully this just him being an asshole.