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    Time will tell on the penalties/turnovers. Last week wasn't bad, though. 7 penalties and only 1 on the o-line. 7 puts you right in the middle of the pack of the NFL per game. 5 per game puts you among the best. So, we didn't see anything offensive last week in this regard. The Dre penalty is the one that concerns me, because that lack of composure was always a problem under Lewis. I'd love to know how Taylor handled that one with Dre. 3 TO on paper, but I credit them with one (Erickson fumble). The Dalton fumble in the rain is a clear fluke and his "fumble" at the end of the game was an incomplete pass.
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    I wasn't interested in his comments as a literal prediction, but simply an indication of how he feels about the new regime. Sure, Chad probably said similar things, but that's Chad. I love the guy, but he never shut up. When AJ talks, I'm more inclined to listen