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    Too busy in my life to let football get out of it's proper order spending too much time beyond watching the games, but the problem with this franchise is real simple, actually. There is only one constant with this franchise since 1991, the year he took over, Mike Brown. Coincidentally, they have not won a playoff game since then, let alone made a SB appearance. Coaches and players have come and gone and the only coach that may have made a difference was fired by Brown the year he was handed the baton. (Sam Wyche) Nothing will change until he passes the baton on to someone else, and even then, it's no guarantee depending on who ends up with the baton! Pick apart and analyze all you want until the cows come home, but it is, what it is! No 'fix' until/when he steps down!
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    The biggest coaching failure was not going for it on 4th and short with about 4:30 to go. That's the classic do nothing move from Marvin. Oh the horror! What if we don't make the 4th down, people might want me fired. If you back it up to 3rd and short. They should plan for 2 plays to get it. Instead they (once again) put all their chips on getting it on 3rd down. Why would you in that situation consider giving them the ball back with the way they were having success running? As predictable punting it took their timeouts and 2 minutes and put them on the 15. Just completely clueless in game situation.
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    To use a term I generally dislike but which I think fits in this case, the problem with their defensive drafting is that they got away from their identity. What made this current D successful in recent years was the front four and, more broadly, the dline rotation. A ferocious line let them get away with an average back 7. But then they got on a CB kick with those premium picks and let the line decay. I think they got a little overconfident in their ability to find later round dline help after Carlos and Geno. And as COB once suggested they started eyeballing the high price positions like corner and thought they could get a cycle going where they would never have to pay that second contract thanks to the rookie salary slotting system. But the corners haven't panned out like they hoped, the line has atrophied, and the LBs have been patched with the bad old system of poor character guys and old washed up dudes. This draft would be a good time to get back to buffing the dline and pass rush.
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    3 Sidebars: 1. I saw a post where Mike Brown went bonkers because 15 hot dogs were given away to hungry vendors!! 2. Glad to hear Green will make it back for no other reason to get the 36 yards he needs to hit 1000 for his first 6 years tying Ross and with a chance to do 7. 3. Marvin Lewis is a good man and a good DC, just not a good HC.
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    Yea starting to think this way as well. They have yet to learn to run a franchise, and I'm starting to think they never will. Really how much pull does Marvin have? I thought for years this was pretty much Marvins team, making most of the desicions, but I wonder anymore about that. Really does Marvin believe in some of these coaches like Zampese, or Paul guys who have been here before Marvin? I'm starting to wonder if Marvin went to Mike and said we need a change, and he turned him down? Not really sure what to believe at this point. Will a coaching change even matter at this point, or will Mike continue to tell others they are not changing his franchise around. All I know if watching this team sucks, it's boring and not fun at all. They are 7-10-1 since the end of last year, so it's been going down hill since then. Depressing times for bengals fans again, and not sure it's going to change
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    I'm right there with you. I've been thinking about that upcoming game against Cleveland. There is no way that team, which basically is a shell of the complete crap outfit they had the last couple years, beats the Bengals. Which is probably exactly what is going to happen. New Coaches needed.
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    It's amazing how the bengals are afraid of change.
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    I would be willing to donate a few bucks to the Gimme a Lineman Foundation. Paul Alexander though. No faith.