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Simulation Football League

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I am currently recruiting owners for a simulation football league. We are hoping to get different fans of NFL teams involved.

Owners draft an entire 53 man roster, manage a salary cap, choose their team name/stadium.....you can even choose your coaching staff. Its very intense.

Games are simulated using specific software (Action PC Football software).

The league is a TON of fun. It requires a few hours a week to start. After the initial fantasy draft things slow down a little and dont require as much time.

The league does require dedication. Nothing worse then an owner who picks his team then dissappears for 3 months.

The league costs $5 to cover hosting/software costs.

There are 24 spots available. We only have 5 left.

Again this is an intense league so if your unable to devote 1-3 hours a week at it you probably shouldnt bother.

If you'd like to join, just message me for details.


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