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Can the Bengals win the division


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With two loses, the first one was horrific, the second loss showed something the Bengals havn't possessed in years...competition. I feel that if the Bengals keep the same level of play that they did against the Raiders they have a very good chance of going 10-6 possibly 11-5, and win their division. How great would it be to see the Bengals back on top and have a first round bye in the playoffs? Am I just dreaming or do you think they possess the talent and the will to do it? Theirs only one way we'll know for sure, check their standings after week 17, lol.

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I feel that if the Bengals keep the same level of play that they did against the Raiders they have a very good chance of going 10-6 possibly 11-5, and win their division.

I just can't see 10-11 wins. Maybe 10 if they can take another step up -- like they did last Sunday compared to the previous outing vs. Denver -- and then maintain that for the rest of the year. And there are no key injuries. And they get some breaks/calls/catch some teams while they're napping, etc.

That said, I don't think it's going to take 10-11 wins to win the AFCN. The conference collectively blows. Two weeks in and it's the worst conference in football at a mere 2 wins vs. 6 losses. And both those wins have been generated in interconference games. All four teams have big issues: the Bengals are trying to rebuild on the fly, Cleveland doesn't have an offense or a defense, the Steelers have coughed up more points than us for heaven's sake, and the Ravens only wish Jamal Lewis could pass, too.

Doubtless someone will emerge (hopefully the Bengals B)) but right now 7 wins might take the AFCN. If not fewer!

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Even though I say this every year I still feel that they have a shot at winning 10-11 games, lol. If they win that many it will be well earned because they won't be blow out games, they will be decided in the fourth quarter of a hard fought game. Maybe if we all collectively wish and pray it's possible that a miracle will unfold before our very own eyes. :D

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If they continue to improve every week and cut out some of the stupid mistakes, I can see the Bengals winning 9 games this season.

Like JoiseyCat said, it's not going to take a whole lot of wins to win the division this year. They could end up with the division.

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My heart says 11-5, my gut says 9-7, my head says 7-9.

The North will be won with 10 wins. Pitt or Cincy could take it. Baltimore and Cleveland are bottom feeders that are in alot more trouble than their fans will admit.

For the bengals to take the North, they need to play put-up or shut-up with the Squeelers this weekend. It starts with the first win.

How I predict it playing out.

Sep. 7 Denver Loss 30-10

Sep. 14 @Oakland Loss 23-20

Sep. 21 Pittsburgh 1:00 PM ET >>WIN 27-16

Sep. 28 @Cleveland 1:00 PM ET >>WIN 31-21

Oct. 5 @Buffalo 1:00 PM ET >>LOSS 35-31


Oct. 19 Baltimore 1:00 PM ET >>WIN 17-10

Oct. 26 Seattle 1:00 PM ET >>WIN 28-13

Nov. 2 @Arizona 4:05 PM ET >>14-10

Nov. 9 Houston 1:00 PM ET >>WIN 37-17

Nov. 16 Kansas City 1:00 PM ET >>LOSS 34-24

Nov. 23 @San Diego 4:15 PM ET >>WIN 40-29

Nov. 30 @Pittsburgh 1:00 PM ET >>LOSS 27-10

Dec. 7 @Baltimore 1:00 PM ET >>WIN 20-19

Dec. 14 San Francisco 1:00 PM ET >>WIN 26-24

Dec. 21 @St. Louis 1:00 PM ET >> LOSS 24-17

Dec. 28 Cleveland >>WIN 19-14

If we win any of our tough road games. PITT, STL, BUF and stay consistent at home we should be 9-7 or 10-6. 11-5 if we pull out a win vs KC. That would be so incredible. Coah Lewis would be a lock for coach of the year.

I'll be with my 16 month-old son Garrett (we were going to name him Ickey, but my wife wouldn't have it) and one of my co-workers (From Pitt) at the Fox Sports Cafe in Irvine, CA to watch the black and yellow carnage.


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Well, I also think the Bengals have a real shot at teh division. The Browns suck. The Steelers are only average, with a QB prown to turn the ball over. The Ravens...decent defense and (overated)running game, but their QB situation is all bad, and that's funny cause I am about sick of hearing about Brian Billick being such an offensive guru, PUH-Lease...The only reason that the Ravens won the Super Bowl is because of OUR HEAD COACH!...How many QB's has Billick brought in, and how many have actually manged to do anything??? Give me a break...Plus Kyle Boeller is a joke really. What did he ever do in college? He had an impressive workout in the combine and whammo, first round pick....The Ravens are gonna regret that give away next year when they realise that they gave a top ten pick in the deepest draft in years.....LOL

Also I think Kingwilly is giving the Bills a little more than they deserve. Bledsoe ain't all that, and who did they beat so far this year? A very bad Jacksonville team and a Patriots team that is overated plus the Bills were really ready for them. Also, the Arizona call....No way do the Bengals only score 14 points on the worst team in the league....


ps...If you get the impression I don't like the Ravens you'd be right....I see them and I see Brown...UGH, I don't care what the team in Cleveland is called, the Ravens will always be the Browns to me......

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